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  1. Fqu8847

    Rice wine??

    I am currently in the building phase of my operations, and will be doing a strictly rice spirit for all clear offerings, (even flavored). Alternatively our bourbon and whiskey grain bills both contain an impressive percentage of rice as well. Can't wait to get it out into the hands of customers!
  2. Fqu8847

    Hello from Tennessee

    Thanks, y'all! I'm going to be located in Ducktown, TN. Pretty much right on the TN, NC, GA borders. I think I have the equipment part halfway sorted out. (Though only time will tell) Gonna save your info just in case, southernhighlander! Resourcelady, we will have an extremely small batch still for startup. Plan on making a white whiskey smoother than vodka, but with a sweet, floral flavor. Also plan on offering several different flavors of liquor from this same base spirit. Want to start putting some whiskey, and bourbon back to age ASAP! Will update when I'm actually getting closer to starting this haul!
  3. Fqu8847

    How Much Does/Did Your Glass Cost You?

    I am looking into this as well... the prices I'm getting quoted are anywhere from, I believe, $1.38 to well over $2... would like to see some around $1 or less... as far as alibaba... I don't know if the quality is lacking, but the shipping over here definitely will leave you yearning for something to ease that burn.
  4. Fqu8847

    Septic concerns

    Scrounge, do you have an update on this perhaps?
  5. Fqu8847

    Rum stillage

    Stillwagon, would love an update to this!
  6. Fqu8847

    Water use

    I am looking into an area that has well water... any considerations with that I should expect? For me, by my calculations, I could essentially get away with several hundred gallons per month. 4 x 330 gallon fermenters and still be within my expected production cap. 100 gallon still 3 runs per fermenter approx 18 gallons finished product per run. I will also be using a reservoir for cooling water. For me the major cost was heating the water prior to mashing. Either electric heaters in series or all day hearing on a big mash tun. I am proposing to the engineer now that we build a furnace for the propane fired still, and add a flue out for the heat to escape. This flue will have either a heat exchanger or a copper coil wrapped around it (numbers still computing) to achieve a comfortable 165°-170° hot water source for mashing while we perform a run. Mash in the grain, and cold water to decrease temp and finish the process. Should be pretty efficient.
  7. Fqu8847

    Brand vs class and/or type?

    Thanks! I had read all this information until it started to mesh together. I have emailed the state rev. Dept without a reply other than to call their number. I have done that also, and haven't heard anything back yet. I was thinking each brand must be paid for, and each label regustered, but wasn't sure if each label represented a new "brand" for payment requisition. (Seems like they would've) Again I thank you all for the insight!
  8. Questions regarding the registration of "brands". I understand these vary by state, but if a brand is on the label and you have different flavors of that same brand, are you required to register each flavor as a separate brand per the state guidelines? Also... I'm in TN.
  9. Fqu8847

    Self distribution?

    Well. That's what I was afraid of. Know a good distributor that takes on startups? Lol!
  10. Fqu8847

    Self distribution?

    Got a question regarding the three tier system in place in TN. I am currently researching this, and have heard of distilleries doing self distribution. That being said, in TN it is apparently (from reading the regs) prohibited for a manufacturer to have an interest in a wholesale or retail operation. The question... are there any distilleries located in TN that currently do this? And if so, how does that work?
  11. Fqu8847

    Hello from Tennessee

    That place is booming lately! I appreciate the well wishes! The laws passed late last night, and I started this journey today. It's a daunting task, to be sure, but one I believe well worth it. Sent out my letters of intent to the county, and it's municipalities. Next step is to start the business end of this ordeal prior to starting the building. I guess now... I should say hold on tight, y'all! Lmfao!
  12. Fqu8847

    Tennessee distilleries

    Hello there! I'm looking for any distilleries in TN that would be willing to help me make sense of the regulations. While I can understand most, I do have some questions regarding a few. (Quite a few actually) anyone on here from my home state?
  13. I would like to bid you all a fond hello from TN. I have waited a long time for the opportunity to open a craft distillery close to my home, and am currently several hours away from that becoming a reality! Waiting on the local liquor referendums to pass after this election, and if they do I am certified to start the journey. I will be here much regardless of the outcome, and hope to make a few friends along the way. Also... I noticed, from what I've browsed, there aren't many posts from Tennessee. (I may have missed them) I would love to hear from any craft distiller currently operating in that state! Please and thank you!