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  1. Hi Guys, Just wanted to share some new packaging I have been up to. (I’m a designer) I’d love to work with any of you guys starting up, or updating packaging. I can also help with websites, POS, digital content, and brand standards to streamline and keep your creative needs consistent and easy to use. Have a question about packaging, but don’t need a designer. I’d love to help anyway. More of my stuff: https://www.instagram.com/brendan_tilt/ thanks,Brendan brendanbayard@yahoo.com
  2. Hi Dehner! Thanks, the pricing is all very manageable (or else its wouldn’t happen!). Each label has a foil and a dieline that adds a little to the print job, but if that makes the product look even 25-50¢ more expensive its a win. ( you said $50-70 so its definitely a win ...The varying price points are are right at half that ) For the glass you need to meet the MOQ for the manufacture you decide to go with, (so potentially years worth of glass depending on the size of your operation). Custom glass for a craft distillery ranges drastically from the low cost; long turnaround time Chinese and Eastern European manufacturers to the small quantity short run, super clean crisp, detailed stuff. Glass is the one thing most people hold off on, as its definitely a big long term commitment. We had time, so we went the price route so we could keep the price point lower. As you mentioned. the label application here its definitely more tricky than doing a round bottle pressure sensitive labels applicator, but this bottle shape give a larger facing, intricacies that invite the consumer to pick up your product and investigate and hopefully take your product home and give it a try. Automation can be developed for label application, but as for now they hire a few people to help out with hand application and knock out a bunch of cases. The ends justify the means when your launching and growing your brand. I love working out all the moving parts on this stuff, definitely not for everybody. Best of luck! Brendan
  3. Hi Guys, Here is a more complete lineup of the 73 packaging. I think they all have a nice unique brand that can stand alone, but also look great together. LooLiew, you mentioned beer, and we do a fair bit of that as well. These labels here for DeSteeg are diecut on a matt metallic paper. I think they are a great option for producing a quality looking label without the expense of a custom foil. Hope everybody is doing well. thanks, Brendan brendanbayard@yahoo.com
  4. Hey Guys, Hope everybody is doing great out there! So many exciting things happening in craft distilling right now! We have had some great spirits and beer projects in the shop this past year and look forward to helping anybody who needs any creative assistance! Here is one of our favorite packaging series we have developed for a startup in New Orleans. Each spirit is based on one of New Orleans unique seventy three different neighborhoods. Salut! Brendan brendanbayard(a)yahoo.com
  5. duplicate post / please delete
  6. Hi Guys, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum here at ADI. I attended the conference in Seattle, and had a great time meeting and learning from a lot of you. I am not a distiller, but am involved in the industry. As a graphic designer for the past 14 years. My creative background is mostly in the beer and spirits world. I have handled a broad variety of needs including packaging, branding, campaign look & feel, value added packaging, point-of-sale, trade materials, displays, and account specific programs. I have had the pleasure to work all sorts of brands over the years, from national brands, regional brands and startups. Recently I have left to start my own creative shop after 14 year of being the lead designer of my previous agency. If anybody is in need of any creative from somebody with experience please give me an email and I can share some work examples. I look forward to lending a hand any way I can. Cheers, Brendan brendanbayard(a)yahoo.com
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