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  1. Pirate’s Key Distillery and Brewpub is searching for the right operating partner to help open an exciting, new venture. We will be a primarily a craft rum distillery and locals favorite brewpub in a tropical, island environment. Sales & Marketing will be focused on a fun and entertaining atmosphere based on popularity of island culture and pirate folklore. The ideal candidate will have the follow qualifications: - Be an investing partner with part ownership - 3-5 years minimum of craft beverage experience - Positive, energetic attitude willing to work hard and play hard - Have a clean background - Be able to run all operations of a distillery, brewery, pub and retail shop - Willingness and preference to move to a tropical island - Self starter - Great communication skills - High level of responsibility - Be willing to travel when necessary - Love to experiment, tinker and create - Be computer literate and social media savvy - Strong desire to have their dream career of living in the islands making beer and rum (or to grow up and be a pirate…) Those interested can personal message me or email me: chucknowicki@yahoo.com. Business plan, location and other information will be made available after signing a non-disclosure agreement. I will be in San Diego for the conference in April. I'd be happy to meet with interested parties who are also attending. Cheers! ~Freshie
  2. Hi Shindig, What are you planning around Traverse City? I'm originally from there and have thought many times about going back. I'm currently working on my own business plan, but might be persuaded elsewhere for the right opportunity. Cheers! ~Freshie
  3. Does anyone have a good number on how much 80 proof rum is yielded from 1 gallon of molasses? Thanks! ~Freshie
  4. Are there some good resources to gain more granular data on market segments (rum, vodka, whiskey), annual craft sales in these segments, state or regional sales, price points, demographics, etc. Thanks All! ~Freshie
  5. Thanks guys! Most of the data for business plan is to make it comprehensive. There are number of friends and family investors that want in on this project. Having a well thought out and complete business plan sets proper expectations. It's also to provide information to the chamber of commerce and city planners where we will be setting up operations. Between the partners and seed round funding, it's highly unlikely we'll have to deal with any banks. :-) ~Freshie
  6. Hi All, I'm in the process of building a business plan. I'm struggling to find hard numbers on industry overview specifics. Key items that would be useful: - Annual sales growth trends. - Craft spirit segment growth for Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, etc. - Craft spirit market pricing. - Overall craft spirit sales. - Regional growths. - Any other industry overview information that may be useful in a business plan. Is there a resource on ADI or else where that would can provide this data? Thanks for the help! ~Freshie
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