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  1. Hi there,

    Did you ever find a place to source tunnels for full bottle shrink wrap? I've only been able to find very high production models and our setup only dreams of that sort of output at the moment.


  2. Thanks for all of the feedback on the dairy tanks.

    Did you use something to restrict flow (other than a solenoid valve) for the cooling of your tanks? I was thinking that the flow would typically be a trickle so that the concerns that MG consulting was raising wouldn't be a problem? I was going to hook up straight to the chiller (although I was going to use glycol and water mix since this will also cool my mash tun) with solenoid valves at each tank to control temp. 

    I already own two and was about to buy one or two more to use for mixing, CLT, etc. as a way to save money. Thanks for any help that you can offer.

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