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  1. The racks are 44.1 pounds each. They do not need to be palletized per the carrier. That should save some cost. I have a confirmed total of 31 available now and will have another 8 coming up in the next several weeks. If you really wanted the other 8, I can make that happen. Thanks!

    30gL racks.jpg

  2. 30gL barrel racks

    Great! Thanks a bunch.
  3. 30gL barrel racks

    Hi Mike, I am interested in the barrel racks. How many can u fit on a pallet? Dimensions and a weight estimate as well would be helpful to get a shipping quote from oregon to north carolina. Thanks.
  4. Plate and Frame Filter for sale

    What are you asking for this? Thanks.
  5. US-FIP 2X2" PUMP 3hp wireless "SOLD

    Hello John D, I am very interested in the pump. It looks like i am not far from you. Im in Asheville so i would come and pick it up, and maybe see if you have anything else i might be interested in. Please call me at 828-713-5986. Thanks, Rett
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking for a bit of advice. I am considering buying a few items from a distillery that recently had some problems with TCA contamination. They say that none of the items that i am interested in, had come in contact with contaminated spirits. They also say that they have been very diligent in their subsequent testing and all tests have come back negative for TCA. Have any of you had experience with TCA? Can i clean/sterilize these items and be sure that the TCA is not issue? The items are pumps, hoses, a filter housing, and a bottler. I really don't want to risk contamination before i even get up and running, but it could be a good deal. Thanks for your help.
  7. 1000 liter tank stationary- letina

    is the tank still available? I sent a couple PMs with no response. Thanks