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  1. sinisterdistilling

    Sediment in Brandy (Grappa) after Bottling

    Hello All, We have recently started bottling our Grappa Brandy, it has been aging in barrels for two years and we are seeing some sediment in the bottle after it has been chilled. Does any one have any idea what this is and how we could remove it? We have been thinking about cold filtering the Grappa before bottling to see if that would help. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. sinisterdistilling

    Unaged Malt Mash Whiskey

    Thank you for taking time to respond. That is what I was thinking, but needed to make sure
  3. sinisterdistilling

    Unaged Malt Mash Whiskey

    Hello, I work at a small distillery in Oregon and I have been struggling to find information on how to correctly label a malt mash unaged whiskey. From what I have read on the TTB website we are not able to place "white" and "whiskey" on the label next to each other. Also I seem to have read something somewhere that possibly states we would not be able to call it whiskey because it is not made from corn? Is that correct? What I am wondering is if anyone has tips or knows the direction I need to move in with the TTB to get our unaged whiskey properly labeled? Any information would be appreciated!