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  1. Well I got with Max. A very nice and open individual. His knowledge seems overwhelming so he explained about his workshop for individuals such as myself. This workshop will give me the still knowledge so that I can design our own still AND HE WILL HELP. I can even send students to learn the still process and intern with Max throughout the design and build process. He didn't try and sell me anything. He was just great to talk. This was the best news. Anyone out there hear of this class and Max? Is this legit? If so then I think it's what I was looking for. Thank you Jaoa
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    Thank you all for so many suggestions and great pointers/tips. Great forum. Ha. The funny thing is the options are endless! We are starting off with our Whiskey and immediately putting our Vodka and Rum and a couple of others in the pipeline. So one after another. We are now lost in the maze but in a good way. We are looking for a class or workshop on still design, building, equipment, etc....we feel it is worth it to at least try and find a good avenue to gain the knowledge needed on still selection. Any thoughts and/or suggestions on this?
  3. Wow!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME! GLAD I STAYED ONLINE! I caught your post right as I was signing off and quickly found that article. I must have missed it! I can't believe it. I was really unsure about being able to build my own still but reading the article with Max and Joao building their own still sounds like a great direction and one to really get to know about distilling with the right equipment.....and building it myself! Thank you so much. I will be reaching out to Max tomorrow first thing. THIS IS AWESOME! Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I am looking for someone to assist me in the building or just approach at still selection. My hope would be for me to be able to build my own still. Cachaca! Isn't that the next Tequila?
  5. I shared this with my partner to gauge interest. Thank you
  6. Sounds about right! Jumping on the forums now and looking for that class on Distilling! Any suggestions on where I can find a good class? You are right! This business is way more complicated than the simple widget! Ha
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    Thank you
  8. Dellmation


    Thank you
  9. Dellmation


    I will look into Forsyths. Thank you
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    White whiskey 250 gallons per batch right now $15,000 Suggestions?
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    I sure will. Thank you
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    I appreciate the direction. I will look into Dehner Distillery.
  13. Dellmation


    Thank you! I will check out their modular system.
  14. Any suggestions on where I begin? I am a new investor to the Craft Distillery business and I need help. Any suggestions on where I start. This is something that just happened and I usually know everything there is to know about my investments prior to investing. HA. Any tips on still selection, construction, vendors and suppliers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  15. I am looking to find local distribution. Any suggestions about how to find a good distributor. I have never done this before and any suggestions are welcomed.
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