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  1. RUM, I have been looking at the same bottle rinser, haven't received a call back from CCR, Question, what is the compressed gas u are using and how big is the recommended 30 gallon tank, oh and approximate cost for the gas? Thanks, L
  2. Laguna can the equip table be fitted with wheels ? Where are you located.......
  3. Thanks for the link foreshot, although our distillery isn’t open yet, we started with the notion of becoming a destination, as we are located near the Second largest cruise port in the Southeast,which hopefully will bring us visitors for our tour/taste adventure ! Lorenzo
  4. Jake, I feel for you we almost became a victim of the Corson group, in conversations with them something just didn’t feel right so my business partner started checking into there business, that coupled by all of the red flags that went up on this forum we may have lost our butts ! If they succeed in filing chapter 11 bancruptcuy, you may not see a dime of your hard earned money, that is not a reorganizational filing its liquidation. I’m by no means educated in bankruptcy law but from what I have read ,There may be a long list of creditors, vendors or banks that have a first class seat to pick the bones of what money or assets they have left. Best of Luck
  5. One would think that the state attorney general would step in, if this company is taking orders, not delivering, threatening customers seems like some serious legal issues, I read the past post on this company and seems like there are already several law suits pending or settled but it doesn’t seem to stop consumers from doing business with them.
  6. Please send us your contact information,I may be able to move some of your barrels.....Lorenzo
  7. Hey there, i had the chance to read someone’s Shanken Report, most of the information seems to be a reliable but very expensive , you can obtain lots of the same statistics and information from most of the free subscriptions. Market Watch, Wine Business, Discus, and a host of others, and don’t forget ADI Distiller Magizine. Lorenzo
  8. Kris, Are you like pumping the GNS into the bottles, using your filler for a few seconds or what ? I looked at TCW system, has a tank for I assume water, and a filter mounted to its stand, just a little out of my price range right now, I've been thinking about straight CO2 hooked up to a typical air nozzle with at least a 1/4 inch by 10 inch copper or ss tube sort of like an ice maker line. After some experimenting not sure if its just scattering about the dust and micro debris.if I remember my chemistry Argon is heavier and may make a difference but cost is nearly 3 times LOR
  9. Silk, just to remove dust particles, new bottles that do not come in 6 bottle cases seem to have static type dust in some of them.
  10. Hey everyone, looking at several processes to clean bottles before filling slowest but most economical way is to sparse with either Co2 or Argon gas, the latter cost more but have been told it does a better job. Water and drying on a rack or tree is an option but more time consuming. Anyone doing the gas method. Thanks, Lorenzo
  11. Hey Mead, No the whiskey is being sold in poly totes, I still suspect additive and no disclosure, I contacted the seller but of course no response, not buying it to say the least. Thanks for your question...Lorenzo
  12. Tailwinds, Have you sold the Still and the other equipment, no post to the contrary. Thanks.........
  13. Hey Silk City So is the 1000 gal chiller excessive for our proposed application ? This capacity came via Carrier Commercial Chillers. Fermenters are 500 gallon, square tanks with 2 cooling jackets probably only two active ferments going on at any give time. Any suggestions. .
  14. CaptnKB Thouhgt about using it in process just haven’t implemented a plan yet, wouldnt I need two tanks ? Glycol wasn’t suggested by the mechanical guys I bought the chiller from have been considering how to add it to system what temp are U maintaining for fermentation? L
  15. Hi Everyone, Well as I'm new to Fermentation and the distillery business in general, I have found great information on this Forum and in communicating with some of you followers in the past. Here are my question(s) I'm designing the chiller process for my fermenters, will I need the temperature to remain constant +/- a degree or two or would the process be harmed if I have a +/-10 degree fluctuation between that range.? I'm located in Florida so far the measurable ambient temp inside the distillery process area with out the exhaust fans son has been about 83 degrees July/August. My chiller manufacture recommended that a total chilled water system volume of 900-1000 gallons to keep the chiller from short cycling, my idea is to maintain the chilled water temperature in the tank by constantly recirculating the water, and then have a separate pump(s) that would draw off the water and send it to the fermenters cooling jackets, If I have a larger temperature control band in the vessels we could just cycle the pump(s) on and off and allow the temperature in the tanks to fluctuate +/- 5 degrees above and below the temp set point. If I need tighter control the secondary pump that serves the fermenters would need to run continuously and we would control the flow of cooling jacket with three way valves to maintain a much tighter tolerance. Comments on my system ? What have many of you found to be the most efficient way ? THANKS Lorenzo
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