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  1. Lorenzo

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Hi K, what do you have left we are interested.....thanks
  2. Hi everyone, Well I’m installing lighting in the distillery , on our approved plans we show Class 1 Division 2 ceiling mounted LED fixtures, in all areas, we have an open truss ceiling 14’ above finish floor, explosion proof exhaust fans recepticles etc. Local fire inspector now indicated that the ceiling fixtures will not be approved ! And that the NFPA codes strictly prohibit the C 1 D 2 fixtures. We have tried to reach our engineer of record gone on vaction! And of course know one else will comment within his company. Can anyone shed some light on this for me, what type of lighting do you have in the distillation area, barrel storage etc. are they in fact C 1 D 1 ? as always Thnaks for your comments. Lor
  3. Lorenzo

    Distillery Controls

    bluestar, like yourself I have researched and talked to one of the big Still producers control sources, at this point it doesn’t seem like they are interested in the simple controls i’m Interested in. In fact I was so sure after meeting and discussing controls at the Portland conference With those same suppliers that I would be able to have a reasonably priced basic control system that would let me control temperatures, coolant, agitators ,steam etc.no such luck ! Not interested in the robot automated controls, as I want to be a hands on Distiller. On the other hand I have reached out to others on this forum, who seem to share the same needs, hopefully I will find a solution or figure out how to build a system myself. lorenzo
  4. CDR

    Please contact me reference purchasing / consulting   aspenskier@hotmail.com

  5. Lorenzo

    SOLD: Bottles for sale: Bamboo 750

    Sailorman, How many to the pallet, are they in boxes? Will you sell a few pallets or looking to move all 9.....
  6. Lorenzo

    Distillery Controls

    Thanks Captn and Adam will message you shortly......Lor
  7. Lorenzo

    Distillery Controls

    Hi All, I’m shopping controls for my system, and not having much luck with response from a recommended source, I’m seeking a basic semi automated set of controls that would be intergrated with the agitators, cip pump,steam,, dephlegmator, and temp read outs for condenser coolant,column vapors etc. Oh, and mash tun water pre-heat would be nice.......so how are most of you guys controlling your distillation systems, anyone care to share? Did you purchase a complete system maybe from the company I haven’t be able to contact.? Or build your own? I have been told that I have to spend big bucks, I don’t see that, steam valves, temp probes, nematode 4 cabinets are very reasonable online but I do not have the skills to use them 😄 Any help greatly appreciated ! Lorenzo
  8. Paul, Great looking still, just forwarded it to business partner, when will you have pricing and delivery dates? lor
  9. Hi Paul Nice looking equipment, I heard that you were coming out with a new Still design called the Signature Series, are you launching those products soon? I’m one of a few that are very interested ! Lor
  10. Lorenzo

    NY NGS and Vodka

    Nik Interested can you send me a contact # please Lor
  11. Lorenzo

    Fermentation Open tank or Closed?

    That was great information Silk & Paul, my lack of experience in sourcing the proper tanks is showing, wasn't sure that you could harvest and reuse the yeast form a Rum wash, thought that it was done once the ferment was over !! Like the implied savings , haven't checked out the conical fermenters price wise, thanks so much for pointing me in that direction.
  12. Hi All, Trying to decided what will work best for our new distillery, we haven’t purchased Fermenters yet , but some of the feed back we are getting is open. VS closed top, being new to distilling I thought I would ask the forum about this as it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, but there seems to be some discussion on Wild yeast, bugs and other things contaminating the ferment, from the companies trying to sell us the tanks,do a majority of you, (distillers) have closed tanks, we intend to produce Whiskey , Rum, and Brandy. I have seen lots of the open cypress tanks, both in the South and of course in Kentucky, and really would like the open type what’s the consensus? Please comment, Thanks. Lorenzo
  13. Lorenzo

    Barrel Filling Cane

    Hi All, I have been searching for a stainless barrel filling cane that can be connected to an air pump to fill barrels, only finding the fuel type fillers with small pump mounted on top of cane. What most distillers using...? lorenzo
  14. Hi  

    Send me your email so we can discuss Insurance for our new distillery




  15. Lorenzo

    Bottle Rinsing-Sparging

    Marc, interested in building an ionized air cleaner can I contact you for a parts list ? Lor