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  1. Paul, Great looking still, just forwarded it to business partner, when will you have pricing and delivery dates? lor
  2. Hi Paul Nice looking equipment, I heard that you were coming out with a new Still design called the Signature Series, are you launching those products soon? I’m one of a few that are very interested ! Lor
  3. Lorenzo

    NY NGS and Vodka

    Nik Interested can you send me a contact # please Lor
  4. Lorenzo

    Barrel Filling Cane

    Hi All, I have been searching for a stainless barrel filling cane that can be connected to an air pump to fill barrels, only finding the fuel type fillers with small pump mounted on top of cane. What most distillers using...? lorenzo
  5. Hi All, Trying to decided what will work best for our new distillery, we haven’t purchased Fermenters yet , but some of the feed back we are getting is open. VS closed top, being new to distilling I thought I would ask the forum about this as it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, but there seems to be some discussion on Wild yeast, bugs and other things contaminating the ferment, from the companies trying to sell us the tanks,do a majority of you, (distillers) have closed tanks, we intend to produce Whiskey , Rum, and Brandy. I have seen lots of the open cypress tanks, both in the South and of course in Kentucky, and really would like the open type what’s the consensus? Please comment, Thanks. Lorenzo
  6. Lorenzo

    Fermentation Open tank or Closed?

    That was great information Silk & Paul, my lack of experience in sourcing the proper tanks is showing, wasn't sure that you could harvest and reuse the yeast form a Rum wash, thought that it was done once the ferment was over !! Like the implied savings , haven't checked out the conical fermenters price wise, thanks so much for pointing me in that direction.
  7. Hi  

    Send me your email so we can discuss Insurance for our new distillery




  8. Lorenzo

    Bottle Rinsing-Sparging

    Hi All, Trying to find the best way to clean bottles before filling, during my research to source a system ,came across several options, Water, Co2, or Argon gas, what is the most used system in your distillery(s), the water option seems like it would take more time to rinse and dry and if you have a lot of product to bottle you would need a good size drying rack . Thanks ! Lorenzo
  9. Lorenzo

    Bottle Rinsing-Sparging

    Marc, interested in building an ionized air cleaner can I contact you for a parts list ? Lor
  10. Lorenzo

    Bottle Rinsing-Sparging

    Silk it would be dust for the most part
  11. Lorenzo

    Chiller sizing

    Rum and Thatch thanks for the feed back didn’t see the centigrade ! When I saw the post on my phone time for new Glasses🤓 Lor
  12. Lorenzo

    Chiller sizing

    Hi Rum, As a beginner I’m courious, why the crash cool down to 33 overnight? 85 deg to near freezing is a big jump. Lor🥃
  13. Lorenzo

    LP Boiler

    Hello Everyone, Business partner is shopping for a 15 Hp boiler for our start up, and has been getting so much information that it is now starting to get confusing, one product that stands out is the Sellers Boiler that has many features, the big one claims that no chemical treatment is required, in addition to other features that some of the major manufactures don't have. Is anyone on this Forum using this boiler ? lots of questions, like are there spare parts recommended to purchase ahead of time? does the spare parts come under this thing is going to break down in the middle of a spirit run ! Some manufacturers we have quotes from have a list of 14 items that up the cost to over $2k ! Thanks Lorenzo
  14. Lorenzo

    LP Boiler

    Hey HottyToddy Thanks, quick question, does the BDS separator that is specified on Sellers equipment take the place of a blowdown tank, does your system have this or a larger separator ?does it in fact cool the blowdown to enter a normal sewer drain.
  15. Lorenzo

    LP Boiler

    Silk, I agree most of the spare parts are available overnight, the vendors are seeking extra $$ at time of sale, Which doesn’t surprise me. Thanks everyone 😄
  16. Lorenzo

    What is everyone using for proofing?

    Hi Everyone Is anyone using a Anton Parr SNAP, , company claims this device replaces hydrometers....... Thanks
  17. Lorenzo

    German Still and Equipment

    Hi please send me some pic's of the still and other items.....thanks. Lorenzo
  18. Hi everyone, We are a startup and have now gotten serious about sourcing our distillery equipment,several people A vendor we have talked with suggested a combo mash cooker and stripping still,can anyone chime in on the advantages other than some initial saving from buying one less piece of equipment, my concern is this unit will not achieve a high enough abv for the spirit run. Would a still just for stripping be more advantageous?Thanks, Lorenzo
  19. Lorenzo

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    Hey Paul Thanks for posting that information on the man ways AND the Import Records.........Very Interesting.
  20. Lorenzo

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    Hi jo-el-eo Our start up distillery is strongly considering Corson to purchase our distillation equipment from, would you please email me at oceansidedistillery@outlook.com I would like to touch base with you on that subject. Regards Lorenzo
  21. Lorenzo

    Combination mash tun and stripping still

    Hey Adam, Thanks for the response and info, I would like to call you, checked your web site, should I use the number associated with Stumpy's ? oe do you prefer email. Regards, Lorenzo
  22. Lorenzo

    Steam Boiler Requirements

    Boiler Guy I'm new to distilling and hav began sourcing equipment, the we have decided upon a 300 gal pot still and a 500 gal Mash cooker, the proposed still manufactuer states that we will need at least a low pressure, 800,000 btu boiler. I have been searching the net for references coming up dry we don't have plans to run the pot still and the Mash cooker at the same time, would the recommended btu be somewhat excessive
  23. Lorenzo

    Distillery Equipment

    Hi copperhead Interested in stills and other equipment will you post or send pics and prices Thanks
  24. Sue Lei it is a nice looking still are you trying to sell it on the forum? If so what is your asking price lorenzo
  25. Lorenzo

    Adjusting Proof in Liqueurs

    Hi Everyone following this topic, I limited experience with distilling and proofing from college days but I have seen other attempts of software for distilled spirits relating proofing and I must say nothing I've seen can compete with Katmar. I would like to try it out once it's completed and available.