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  1. Just sent you our info on our process
  2. Have pictures? I am needing a bigger still and that would be great, but it has to be copper. (interior copper anyway) OK, so I did take a look at your site, and this is now off thread, put prices for that still in question look closer to $10,000 with controller and agitator, and it has very little copper.
  3. After using a standard cider press for 8 months, I decided I needed to look into a better way to dewater my grains (took most of a day to do it with the press on 60 gallon mashes) I do on grain fermentation's and have a small electric still so what ever I did, needed to be fairly clean. After much research I finally bought 2 pieces of equipment direct form China via Alibaba, cause US prices were WAY out of reach. For around $5000 (total for equipment and shipping) shipped direct to my door (shipping was almost as much as the equipment) I now have a small screw press that I run all my grain through first (is also a fruit press and we did 3000lb of apples with it this year) and then I run the screw press liquid (to many particles for the electric still) through a 24 inch vibratory sieve with a 200 micron screen. The combination works well for me and is much easier on me. Now I have 2 more pieces of equipment to clean but the trade off I think is worth it.
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