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  1. What is everyone using for proofing?

    Snap 40 or the Snap 50 is not on the TTB approved list of alcohol meters that can be used to replace hydrometers. That being said they are probably more accurate than what a vast majority of people can read a hydrometer.
  2. Jimmy Lee bottles for sale

    Well they were supposed to have sold. I'm going to call the guy again tomorrow and see where he's at with buying them and let you know from there.
  3. Proofing Issues

    Give it time for the temperature to settle. Blending is exothermic and temp rises. As the temp is crashing back to room temp it will make your gauging go all over the place. Also, allow for all the air to dissipate from the liquid after you stirred it. The air bubbles will make the hydrometer sink just a tad lower. Also, if you are in Ohio, make sure you have your State Permit before producing. Common misconception that the Federal permit will allow you to produce, and may be true in some states. But in Ohio, you gotta have your State permit in hand before distilling.
  4. Jimmy Lee bottles for sale

    Pending sale!
  5. Jimmy Lee bottles for sale

    Approx 3 skids worth of 750ml JImmy Lee bottles for sale. Loved the bottles and love our labels, just dont love our labels on these bottles. Packed 6 to a case, $7.20/case plus shipping from 43844. Thanks Rob
  6. Barrel Racks - Northeast

  7. Connections on G70 pump

    You can buy different size fittings for it. We use one and it works really well for us.
  8. Fermentation stops @ 50%

    What temp are you putting your malted grains in and how are you measuring that temperature?
  9. Fed acquired, can we make without State permit?

    We are in Ohio, just got our state permit in late June. Per our compliance officer when she made her inspection, you cannot distill in Ohio without your state permit. Once you get your permit, then you can apply for your listing. This takes 45-60 days.
  10. Labeling D.S.S.

    Without doubt the hardest label I have done has been for our unaged bourbon, a white whiskey if you will. Had to do formula for it. Had to jump through hoops with the label for it. Now, had I stuck it in a new barrel for 1 day it would have become sooooo much simpler. Same distillate, but no formula required and the label is about as straight forward as it can be. Go figure.
  11. After 5 years and Broke

    Steam injection is using live steam from your boiler an injecting it into the still to heat it. No condensate return is required with this, but your boiler would have to be sized to handle the makeup water needed to produce that much steam. The other option of heating with steam is to circulate steam through the jacket. This will require a condensate return back to the boiler. A little more expensive to setup, but less expensive to operate.
  12. Selling off the farm, MUST GO!

    Pics of the 200 gallon tank please. rob@killbuckcreek.com
  13. Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Permit received today. 204 days since submitting application.
  14. Pot still and equipment

    What do you have in the way of hydrometers and other lab equipment?
  15. Steam Boiler Requirements

    Is that gross or net steam? We've got a Weil-McClain LGB-6 which is a 15.7hp boiler. Should satisfy our needs for a 200 gallon still and 200 gallon mash tun. Just curious what others are running.