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  1. Give it time for the temperature to settle. Blending is exothermic and temp rises.  As the temp is crashing back to room temp it will make your gauging go all over the place.  Also, allow for all the air to dissipate from the liquid after you stirred it.  The air bubbles will make the hydrometer sink just a tad lower.

    Also, if you are in Ohio, make sure you have your State Permit before producing.  Common misconception that the Federal permit will allow you to produce, and may be true in some states.  But in Ohio, you gotta have your State permit in hand before distilling.

  2. Without doubt the hardest label I have done has been for our unaged bourbon, a white whiskey if you will.  Had to do formula for it.  Had to jump through hoops with the label for it.  Now, had I stuck it in a new barrel for 1 day it would have become sooooo much simpler.  Same distillate, but no formula required and the label is about as straight forward as it can be.  Go figure.

  3. Steam injection is using live steam from your boiler an injecting it into the still to heat it.  No condensate return is required with this, but your boiler would have to be sized to handle the makeup water needed to produce that much steam.  The other option of heating with steam is to circulate steam through the jacket.  This will require a condensate return back to the boiler.  A little more expensive to setup, but less expensive to operate.

  4. Oh we went full bore on getting our building ready that we are also renting.  About the only thing we have left to do is get the base in for our bar and that portion is done.  The contractors will be finishing up the boiler, plumbing and electrical next week.  Got a couple minor things to tweak on the labels on our first products and they will be ready to submit for COLA as soon as the DSP comes through.  Our state application is in.  Ohio will work on your state application without having your federal in hand (wish we would have known that a little sooner).  We were anticipating another month or so for the state permit after getting our federal.  Hopefully this is now not quite so long.  Been paying rent and utilities for 9 months now with just a few t-shirt sales to offset it all.

  5. Any updates from anyone out there?  We've had our application in since Sept 19, 2016 with not the first phone call from the TTB.  Contacted my Congressman last week to ask for his help in pushing this through, but still nothing.  Awfully frustrating paying rent and utilities for over six months and the biggest hurdle to starting your business is the very entity we will be paying outrageous taxes to.   We are at 28 weeks and counting.  They will have us dead on the vine.

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