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  1. TRD

    Changing pH of wash

    Are you adjusting at the beginning of the mashing process, or before transferring to your fermentation tanks? Are you measuring your PH throughout the process (PH differences with temp), at the beginning, end, etc
  2. TRD

    Growth....Needing another mash tun

    Thanks will give them a call...
  3. I am in the market for a 600-800 gallon mash tun. I prefer jacketed and open top but will look at anything right now. I am also looking new but waiting til 2017 for delivery isnt my top choice. PM if you have been thinking about selling... Thanks
  4. TRD

    TTB stopped our production due to high proof

    Im interested to know what steps are being taken in order to assure your alcohol is walking out the door within these ranges. How many times are you testing during a bottling run? If you fall under the .15% what measures do you take in order to bring it back up? How are you accounting for this on your monthly reports?