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  1. boilerguy

    Steam Boiler Requirements

    @Lorenzo Since you will never run them at the same time, you will have to size the steam boiler for the masher, since that one is bigger than the still, and if we follow the equation above we can come up that a 500 gal masher equals 635,000 BTU/hr = 668.5 lbs/hr = 19.38 BHP so you will need a 20BHP boiler to take care of the masher, but the boiler will run at high fire during the mashing if you want to save some fuel I will recommend to go for a 25BHP. Just FYI running the entire system at the same time you need is about 1 MMBTU/hr which equals 30BHP, the price increase is really not that much from a 20 to a 30BHP. Let me know if we can help you with a quote. Good luck.
  2. boilerguy

    Steam Boiler Requirements

    @Killbuck Creek for a 200 gal still and masher you need 15.35 BHP, so lets do the example, since your boiler is a 15.7 BHP = 541.65 lbs/hr, and the feedwater temperature needs to be maintain in between 160-180F to avoid any thermal stress to the steam boiler, and your operating pressure is below 15psig, using the enthalpy and steam tables, we get that the gross steam is 15.7BHP * 34.5 lbs/hr * 0.958 = 518.9 lbs/hr. And my previous calculation is done in NET steam.
  3. boilerguy

    Steam Boiler Requirements

    I've helped size a bunch of breweries and distilleries and, if it's a small setup like your case, would be much beneficial of using a low pressure steam boiler (15psig MAWP) and running the boiler at 10-12 psi and using a 2" SCH80 pipie will be sufficient enough to run the steam capacity. Now for your boiler size: Q = mCdT = 200 gal * 8.345 lbs * (1) * (212-60) = 253,688 BTU/hr and since you are using 10-12 psig (from steam tables the latent heat is 950 BTU/lb) Q = 253,688 / 950 = 267.04 lbs/hr Q = 267.04 / 34.5 = 7.75 BHP The next boiler size will be a 10BHP = 337,450 BTU/hr Let me know if you need help with a quote Good luck. Also remeber that most california requires that the boiler needs to be below <9ppm NOx (some areas are <15ppm NOx).
  4. boilerguy

    Used Boiler Recommendations

    Hey, we have an used Miura boiler LX100, is 100BHP, plenty of room to expand, if you need a 50BHP we can get you one, let me know. Thanks.
  5. boilerguy

    Boiler Brands/sizing

    We rep Miura boiler and they can be fixed easily, just like any other boiler water treatment is critical, we at Burner Combustion rep many different options, we have worked closely with many breweries, and distilleries, if you need a boiler we are experts in that subject.
  6. boilerguy

    How much did your boiler cost?

    Hi, are you still looking for a complete boiler setup with install and the works?? We are located in Houston, TX let me know if you still need help. Thanks.