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  1. Our white whiskey has been occasionally slightly cloudy after proofing - the first 4 runs did not have this issue. The last two, we've been forced to do a second distillation to get a more clear spirit. We've tried distilled water and DE-mineralized water for proofing, neither have solved our cloudiness problem. We've also done full runs making a cut every 1/2 gallon to ensure we're not getting tails cloudiness in our bottle. Lastly, we've dissembled and cleaned the columns... Even when the 80% distillate is crystal clear, it's cloudy when diluted. I will note it's not SUPER cloudy, in fact we have been arguing what constitutes 'cloudy' but it is definitely not crystal clear like the 'big boys' on the shelves. I just learned about saponification, and our next project is diluting over the course of a few days to see if that helps.... Thoughts?
  2. Packersfan1964

    Whiskey Distillation Efficiency Problems

    I have a distilling efficiency question - although our ferments are going well, and according to our calculations our mash should be about 6.5%, we are only get 3.5 gallons of alcohol out of the still, including heads, hearts, and tails, of the available 6.5 gallons. Let me show you the details. Corn Whiskey Original Gravity - 1.065 Final Gravity - 1.015 Our calculator tells us our starting abv is 6.56%. When we run we get about 6 gallons of 100 proof (heads and tails) and if we run out the tails to the end we get about 1.5 gallons of 60 proof tails. By my calculation we are only getting about 3.5 gallons of our original 6.5 gallons out of the still? We are using a 100 gallon column still, distilling on the grain, and agitating the whole time. What can we be doing better?
  3. Packersfan1964

    Do these cut #'s look right?

    Corn Whiskey - grain to glass - 80 gallons of water 200lbs of grain...Starting ABV is 6.91%. We're getting about 1 gallon of heads, 1.5 gallons of hearts, and 3 gallons of tails. (these numbers are pure alcohol, obviously off the still at a lower abv.... Is 25% hearts on a stripping run pretty common / standard? Thanks, ABV 6.91% 80 gallons of water 5.528 Pure gallons of Alcohol 0.8 Heads 14% 1.33 Hearts 24% 3.33 Tails 60% 5.46
  4. Packersfan1964

    NGS Fermentation keeps getting stuck

    Hey Gents We are making a sugar and corn mash (80% Sugar 20% Corn) and are having a hell of a time getting our batch to complete fermentation. We had a SG of 1.058 on Day 1 On Day 2 we had a SG of 1.066 (not sure how it went up? our only theory is we took a non-representative sample) Day 3 - down to 1.06 Day 4 - still at 1.06 Starting fermentation temp was 90F on day 1. It has dropped to 78F on Day 3 and is now at 80 on Day 4...... We are doing a 100 gallon open top fermentation tank, and it is still bubbling like crazy. What's really confusing me, is this same recipe kicks ass in a 5 gallon carboy - any ideas why a bigger fermentation would slow it down / stop it???? We used Red Star Distiller's Active Dry Yeast (DADY) 1 lb, and a small amount of yeast nutrient. We are at a loss - two batches in a row have gotten stuck.... Thanks!
  5. We are thinking about buying a building and building out a much bigger operation - we would need investors for this. I'm curious how distilleries value themselves? Is it just like any other small business where you look at revenue, assets, and future earnings growth, or is there anything unique to our industry? I assume it's a little bit easier to raise money from mom & pop investors as it's a cool braggable industry. Any examples of valuation metrics or personal stories?
  6. Packersfan1964

    General Distillery Valuation Question

    To clarify - we're not a startup: Doing sales for 6 months, open for 18 months. We've managed to keep overhead very low, as we are primarily filling whiskey barrels and selling our white dog, but we have our lease expire in 18 months and would like to buy a permanent facility.
  7. Packersfan1964

    Do these cut #'s look right?

    We are getting a SG of about 1.075 - does that seem low to you for our grain? We've used online calculators and that sounds about right. Lastly - this batch hadn't completely fermented, thus the 7% ABV. Never had it above 8.5% though - do you think different yeast should be used? Thanks to everyone helping us trouble shoot this.
  8. Packersfan1964

    Do these cut #'s look right?

    yes 2 plates of reflux, we used to be making cuts at 60% but now we've been doing a much more sensory cut instead of simply a proof cut so it's varied every run - our distiller is going to weigh in as well. Thanks for the feedback
  9. Packersfan1964

    TTB Never anwsers or reponds!?!!?!

    Dudes, I feel like I've been at the DMV for 6 months. We have so many questions about our excise tax, TIB forms, etc and TTB has never answered the phone or returned a phone call. The only email I got said 'please call our 1800 number' Not sure what to do? Also, been locked out of our account for months and need a manual reset from TTB..so frustrated. Insert other media
  10. Packersfan1964

    Distillery Production Assistant

    Bouck Brothers Distilling Co. in Idaho Springs CO is looking for part time production assistant. Wages depend on experience. Responsibilities include mashing, fermentation control, bottling, production documentation required for compliance and business efficiency, cleaning, inventory management, barrel filling and loading, engaging with the public at tasting events when necessary Qualifications: High school diploma, ability to lift 60+ pounds, a, 21 years of age or higher, ability to take direction yet work autonomously with your job duties, special attention to safety, sense of humor Ideal Qualifications: Formal brewing experience and/or education (extensive home brewing history is a plus), experience with mechanical maintenance and plumbing
  11. Packersfan1964

    Poor spirit yield

    Check out this thread for possible solutions:
  12. Packersfan1964

    Can we save our schorched Distillate

    Conclusion to our issue - we did a re-distillation, aged in oak for 60 days and it tastes great. Thanks for your feedback!
  13. Packersfan1964

    Can we save our schorched Distillate

    Not sure how this happened.....but in our bain marine still with an agitator we scorched the mash, and now the distillate is pretty stinky and tastes bad. Is there any hope for re-distilling or barreling or are we simply out a batch?
  14. Packersfan1964

    Using bulk distilled spirits?

    I think consumers would rather drink something that tastes good, and they don't really care if it's from Indiana or grain to glass locally. Back to Breck as my example, they buy most of their barrels, blend it until it tastes great, and people love it. No deception, just great product. Now given a choice between G2G and mega-corporation products that taste equally good, most folks would choose G2G even at a price premium. Hate to say it, but many micro-distilleries are putting out mediocre product.
  15. Packersfan1964

    Using bulk distilled spirits?

    "Customers aren't easily deceived for long in an open market place." What do you think of places like Breckenridge Bourbon who sell 100k+ cases per year and buy the majority of their spirits?
  16. Packersfan1964

    Using bulk distilled spirits?

    Great question, right now we only do grain to glass but have been considering buying white whiskey to speed up filling these damn empty barrels!
  17. Almost every presenter said to get slides at Slide Share, but I can't find them. Anyone know where to get slides? Thanks,
  18. Packersfan1964

    Column Still Whiskey Run Questions

    We are making corn whiskey – thanks to all of you who helped us get through our mashing and fermentation issues. I would seriously be screwed if it wasn’t for these forums helping us trouble shoot. By the way, it tastes great!!!!! We ran our 80% corn 20% barley wash @ 5% ABV through our column still with two plates. Run started great, we were able to run it @ 160 proof for most of the run – my question comes in as the run started tapering off from 160 proof and down. Do you typically run it at the same temp and just let the ABV decrease and try to keep the flow steady, or would you be willing to run slower and keep it at a higher ABV? My thought process was that as we will be diluting this to 40-50% ABV, we might as well keep running it down and make cuts as the flavor dictates, but I could also see slowing the run to keep a higher proof distillate. Also, I couldn’t find many column still operation conversations, so maybe this is a good place to have it?
  19. Packersfan1964

    Tasting Rooms

    We started free-pouring tastes and immediately knew it was a mistake, so we ordered 1/4 oz pourers from Magnusson. Basically the pour-spout stops after a 1/4 oz so you never over pour the taste. As I understand CO law, we can pour a maximum of 4, 1/4 oz tastes so that's our distilleries limit. Having a four taste limit has helped us put the kabosh on people who 'over-sample' and we are already planning on doing 4 tastes and a tour for $10, to reduce the free-loaders.
  20. Packersfan1964

    Whiskey Distillation Efficiency Problems

    We are using flaked corn from BSG. With our mash we are using a refractometer and double checking with a hydrometer. Hydrometer can be a little annoying because of the solids present, but we essentially just minimize the solids in the hydrometer. To clarify, we only use the refractometer for OG - the hydrometer for FG.
  21. Packersfan1964

    What do you do with your heads?

    I've heard two predominant themes on how to deal with heads, assuming you toss the inital foreshots. 1) Clean with em, burn em, use for nail polish remover 2) save them and recycle in your next spirits run We've always taken option #1, but seeing all those precious gallons of alcohol down the drain got me thinking about recycling them permanently like we do with tails...what do you all think/.
  22. Packersfan1964

    do you have a bar component to your distillery?

    We just opened 4 weeks ago, and have been selling cocktails, merch, and bottles out of our tasting room. It's going fairly well on the weekends - we usually have a dozen or so folks stop by and they all buy something, sign up for our email list, and spread the word. It's been a good jump start on sales and it allows us to find what consumers want.
  23. Packersfan1964

    Stripping run agititation

    We have been stripping bourbon and corn whiskey and using the agitator is 100% required or we will scorch the distillate. I will say, scorched distillate is one of the most revolting flavors I have ever tasted, so revolting it was almost interesting. Anyway, on the grain I think you HAVE to agitate, otherwise, you will have lauter.
  24. Packersfan1964

    How long does it take for whiskey mash to ferment ?

    We're usually pretty much complete after 5 days, but sometimes we'll wait for seven days to let the mash fully ferment. You can also pitch your yeast at a higher temperature if you're looking for a faster ferment, but you may get some undesirable flavors. But hell, sometimes you'll get great flavors.
  25. Packersfan1964

    Can we save our schorched Distillate

    We redistilled it and it came out much better. Due to the second distillation it's certainly missing a lot of the sweetness and flavor, but we'll find something to use it for. Thanks!