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  1. spiritedPDX

    Bulk Craft Spirits for Sale - Whiskey, Rum Brandy

    Does this mean your alembic still is for sale as well?
  2. spiritedPDX

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    interested in samples - please contact mheim@eastsidedistilling.com
  3. spiritedPDX

    $0.40/bottle 750ml and 1L

    How many pallets do you have of the 750mL?
  4. spiritedPDX

    Pulse-air for whiskey blending

    Thank you, that is our alternative as we're hooked up for canning with nitrogen also. Curious if others used bumping without inert gas.
  5. spiritedPDX

    Canned Cocktails?

    Our facility is the only DSP on the West Coast with a slim-line canning line specifically for RTD's. If anyone is looking for co-packaging their products we have the capacity and compliance to do so. Eastside Distilling, PDX DBA, Motherlode Beverage Co.
  6. spiritedPDX

    Pulse-air for whiskey blending

    We're having a bit of internal debate as to the benefits of using bump air to create large displacement bubbles in the spirit holding tank versus impeller blades. The tanks are 4,000L and conical. The theory is that the 'air' plate will thoroughly agitate any sediments are dense adjuncts (we also produce liqueurs, vodka, etc.). The science is that you are not introducing more air than, say, blasting the spirit through a a pump at 40PSI to the filling machine. Certain parties believe this method will deteriorate the whiskey so I'm calling on anyone with pros or cons to this method. Otherwise we'll have a different problem with the impeller blades not circulating the liquid in the tank's bottom. Thanks so much!
  7. spiritedPDX

    New-Make Bourbon for sale

    Is this product certified as non-GMO? Thank you!
  8. spiritedPDX

    Mono-block bottling system

    Right on - I wish there were more domestic suppliers. Borelli routed my to Vintners Vault who then routed my back to Borelli. 120 day lead on a small unit. YAY!
  9. spiritedPDX

    Mono-block bottling system

    Anyone else graduate from a gravity fill to automated mono-block filler/capper? I use screw caps and bar tops which are both applied singularly with an ROPP capper. I also use a 6 spout gravity filler. Any recommendations for a manufacturer? I've contacted Borelli and Arol with no luck on an 'inbetween' system. 9,000 BPH is extreme and expensive, but 500 is not enough. Any leads are useful; thanks friends!
  10. spiritedPDX

    Hello from PDX

    9 year industry alum emerging from the depths. Glad to know you all!