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  1. Bartletts Distillery

    Formula approval for Spiced Rum Required?

    We're working on our spiced rum and it will contain less than 2.5% total flavorings and caramel coloring. Will this product need a formula to be approved by the TTB? Also what is required on the label? Is "Spiced Rum" sufficient, or does it need to contain a statement "Rum Flavored with vanilla, almond, and other spices"? I've read through a lot of the TTB documents but still haven't been able to pinpoint a conclusive answer. Another question, does the addition of flavorings change the class & type designation to a "Flavored Rum"? It seems like it should, but maybe not?
  2. Bartletts Distillery

    Heat Shrink capsules for Tennessee 750ml?

    Thanks for the responses. I finally got some ordered through Cortica Benicia USA for $49/1000 for plain capsules. I added my logo to the side and the Texas Star on top for a little extra. MOQ is 7,000 pc. of each color ordered. They should be heading this way either today or tomorrow. Cheers Van
  3. Bartletts Distillery

    Heat Shrink capsules for Tennessee 750ml?

    I'm looking for a source of heat shrink capsules to use on our bartop 750ml Tennessee bottles. The suppliers I've been able to get in touch with have a 50,000 minimum order....I need like 5k at most. Also, the neck of the Tennessee is curved and the straight wine bottle capsules don't exactly fit as the should, nevermind they have an image of grapes pressed into the foil button on top. At any rate, I'm looking for a supplier of these capsules. Please help! cheers, Van Bartletts Distillery, LLC
  4. Bartletts Distillery

    Tennessee 750ml

    We get ours from All American Container.
  5. We found an independent guy that is awesome. Very reasonable too (compared to the $20 plus thousand most of theses design shops want). 

    Graphic design background. Responsive, quick and great creatively. Email him. See if he's taking on more clients.



  6. Bartletts Distillery

    WTB one 10-30 gallon used barrel

    PM Sent.
  7. Bartletts Distillery

    WTB one 10-30 gallon used barrel

    I need one used whiskey barrel for "Whiskey stored one minute in reused cooperage". No joke...that's what the TTB had me put on the label of my White Dog Whiskey. I need a barrel that I can put the spirit in, then dump it out. I'm located near Houston, Texas. Van Brackin Bartletts Distillery, LLC Conroe, Texas
  8. Bartletts Distillery

    Dephlegmator Control

    Which valves do you use? Type? P/N?
  9. Bartletts Distillery

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome Eddie! I'm working on opening a distillery in Montgomery County, just north of Houston. I've got a location, my federal TTB permit and my state TABC license. Now, I'm working on the local issues, namely getting city water and sewer to the building. Apparently, this is bass-ackwards of how you're supposed to do it. I.e. you need to get the local issues ironed out 100% first, then move on to state and the feds. Best of luck! Van https://www.bartlettsdistillery.com https://www.facebook.com/bartlettsdistillery
  10. Bartletts Distillery

    spirit scales

    What CFR limits you to scale weighing up to 55 gallon containers? Also, is the scale holding the container for finished spirits being bottled considered to be in a Class I Division 1 or Division 2 area? That is, do these scales need to be "explosion proof"?
  11. Bartletts Distillery

    How to get a response from TTB?

    DONE! 100 DAYS!
  12. Bartletts Distillery

    How to get a response from TTB?

    They responded today...not with a phone call, but an email with a request for about five things. I've spent the last few hours working on a response and am about ready to upload the files. HLS, this is getting REAL.
  13. Bartletts Distillery

    Label Design

    So, I'm just a couple months away from production and need to start on my label design. Did you guys do for your first label design? I've got some ideas and have seen what's required on the label, but don't really know where to start for the design.
  14. Bartletts Distillery

    How to get a response from TTB?

    I applied for my TTB license on 10/7/17 and it was logged in on 10/10/17 and assigned to "TBD". And there it has sat ever since. I've tried calling the TTB and left my third message today. How long does it take them to call you back? Is there another way of getting some information on the status of my application? Van Brackin Bartletts Distillery, LLC Conroe, TX
  15. Bartletts Distillery

    Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Bartletts Distillery, Montgomery County Texas. Submitted: 10/07/2017 10:00 AM CST , registered into TTB on 10/10/17 Approved 01/18/18 100 days