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  1. Electric Boiler

    Cool! (pun intended) I don't have anything short term, but it's good to know this is an option down the road. I could see a system where you have a 190F hot liquor tank, suitably sized so you can use it to preheat a wash from 75F to say 140F+ as you load the still. This is, of course, in addition to using the hot water for mashing. As a mechanical engineer, I certainly can appreciate the efficieny of this type of setup over spending money to heat and cool separately. Reminds me of my uncle who had a swimming pool heater that was run on the home's air conditioner's waste heat.
  2. Electric Boiler

    That's very interesting Mike. Tell us more!
  3. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    WT, believe me, I tried that. Once you get away from a major metropolitan area, small industrial spaces that have access to enough water for a sprinker system gets extraordinarily difficult, or impossible. I could not find any location for lease under 5000 sq.ft. that had utilities (water, electricity, gas) that wasn't near a church, school, or public hospital. Sure, I could lease a small space and get a a tiny still. But, it's not profitable when you can't store more than 120 gallons. Banks don't like business that loose money either. At this point, I'm neck deep into this property, and am even considering purchasing the small house next door for a tasting room / office.
  4. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    Fortunately, Mike, slide rules were out by the time I got to college. We all had HP48's with RPN. Initially, the reverse Polish notation took some getting used to, but turned out to be great for Engineering work. Loan #3 fell through. I'm done dealing with individual banks and now have two brokers working on my case. It may turn out that I have to purchase the property without any capital for startup. This would mean I get the property and a really small still (~50 gallon) just to apply for the license. Once I get the license, then I get another loan for upgrading equipment for bigtime production. Sucks, but that's sort of what I'm looking at now.
  5. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    No problem...I'm an Engineer and can fart 10MB at will!
  6. Proofing barrel and bottle filling

    Just curious, how do you guys feed your bottle filler? I'm trying to understand how the best way to setup a bottling line. Do you pump your proofed liquor into an eleveated tank that gravity feeds into the bottle filler? Or do you simply elevate the proofing tank? Do you use a pump to feed the bottle filler? What about fire code issues of electrical equipment near flammable liquid? Thanks VB
  7. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    I found another bank to work with, submitted 35MB worth of files on Thursday. Let's see what they say this coming week.
  8. Hey Sherman, I saw an old post of yours.  I'm trying to get a bank loan and they want one of the owners to have 5 years experience, that I don't have.  But, if I could get a 5% owner, that would satisfy the condition for the loan. Do you have any recommendations for consultants down here in Houston / Texas area?

  9. Distillery Consultant / trace ownership?

    I just spoke with the bank today and one of their requirements for an SBA loan is that at lease one of the "principles" had to have at least 5 years experience in the industry. Are there any consultants out there who could serve as a 5% owner and provide distillery consulting services? Where to start looking? If this doesn't work, then are there any lenders (Texas) that are amiable to new Craft Distillers? Cheers, Van Bartletts Distillery, LLC Montgomery County, Texas
  10. Steam Control

    Thanks for all of the responses. Brian, the website is quite helpful. What is everyone's take on fire tube vs water tube boilers? I've got quotes from two vendors, each with a different type?
  11. Steam Control

    Thanks for the replies. Can someone post / email me some pictures of their boiler setup / piping? I'm trying to get my head around boilers. I'm a mechanical engineer, so boilers are within my realm of understanding, I've just not been exposed to them much...yet. Cheers, VB
  12. Steam Control

    Simple question for those of you with low pressure steam boilers: How do you control how much heat is going to the still if the boiler has only on/off operation? Can someone please describe their setup and how it works? I've only been exposed to direct heating with electric elements and steam is a different animal. Cheers, VB
  13. Combination mash tun and stripping still

    Hey Paul, I sent you and email inquiring about that exact setup, 300 gallon. Cheers VB
  14. SBA versus TTB

    OK, here's an interesting one. We've found a location, and have just signed a contract to start our feasibility period. Now I find out from my lender that in order to get an SBA loan, they require that "all licenses be in place prior to close". As you all know, you can't get a TTB DSP license without a location. This seems like the SBA (Small Business Admin) and TTB have conflicting requirements. Have any of you run into issues getting a Small Business Administration loan to purchase a property? Cheers, VB
  15. State Environmental Agency Difficulties

    It looks like I may have a local path through this issue. Montgomery County has a Departmnet of Environmental Health Services which oversees On-site Sewer Facilities. http://www.mctx.org/departments_d-k/departments_e/environmental_health/on-site_septic_facility_(ossf).html So, I won't be dealing directly with the TCEQ, but the County instead. If I get a permit through them, then I should be good to go.