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  1. Distilling equipment for sale

    You have a forklift for loading?
  2. fruity yeast strains

    Thanks guys! All of that sounds about like what I was planning. I have been making bourbon and rye for several years, but I haven't played with yeast strains in a while. I like the idea of reexamining my procedures and trying some new strains here and there. Started off with 15 and 30 gallon barrels, but now that I am using 53s exclusively, the oak dominates less and it makes me more curious to play around with yeast strains.
  3. fruity yeast strains

    You have a temperature range you like on the Nottingham and s-04 (high temp above the list range)? I have never played with an ale yeast because they are ferment so low temp wise. That said, doing a bunch of trial 120 or so gallon wash for malt (lautered), so keeping temp down should be pretty easy. Cheers!
  4. fruity yeast strains

    What yeast strain do people like for fruity esters for bourbon and or malt whiskey?
  5. Aging Options.

    Not sure on those alternatives, but perhaps you can either find a barrel broker for new American oak, so that they are taking full containers and shipping is more reasonable. Otherwise, I would consider using French oak as well, as it is pretty close to you and you cannot call it bourbon anyway, so maybe embrace this difference.
  6. Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Um, I don't recommend he adds backset from those past fermentations...
  7. Grain-in pump

    How well do the Impeller pumps work for CIP applications? I use a centrifugal, but my Letina's are so low to the ground it is a PITA in terms of priming if I want to use the fancy (though too tall) pump cart I bought with it. I have tried my Air Diaphragm pump, but it really doesn't get the spray ball moving as well with the pulsing action from the pump. Curious what people are using and how they have their CIP setup?
  8. Subbing out production

    I have to agree with Silk City. Unless you want to sell out of your DSP and do tourism, I wouldn't bother starting with the production facility. There are so many DSP in the US right now that I am sure you can find one that will make the product you want, or even let you do it on their equipment, that I don't think it is worth the investment and starting small.
  9. Bulk Juniper

    I have bought some from Woodland Foods (25 lb) sizes, but it is only one source. I think it is Bulgarian but I can't remember off of the top of my head. Cleaner than a lot of the other juniper bags I have bought elsewhere.
  10. Recommendations for used bourbon barrels

    Always have had good experiences with Rocky Mountain barrel. I have only ever had one leak, but I never even contacted them about it. I think they would tell you how to fix it, not necessarily switch it out for you. I believe they were starting to do direct shipments from Kentucky. I would imagine you could get some directly from distilleries too that are closer to you as freight would be high to California.
  11. Wheat Grain Seperation

    Pics Silk? The poly stand up to those temps?

    Presumably without the bourbon?
  13. Boiler Chemicals

    What are people using for boiler chemicals? Our original chemical company is not longer around and just ran out of chemicals a little while ago. Got a quote from a new company but seemed crazy high that a 5 gallon pail is quote for $800. I see Chem World listing boiler chemicals for $140 for 5 gallons. Anyone have a go to source and recommendation on what to use? I figure I can build a flow meter linked to a raspberry pi board that will auto-dose on water usage, but not sure precisely what chemical to use. All help is appreciated. I don't want to neglect one of my most expensive pieces of equipment, but don't feel like getting ripped off either. Cheers, Jeff
  14. Aged Bourbon

    Seems like it might be worth putting fill proof or average fill proof gallons. Just a thought.
  15. Continuous Still Video by Red Boot

    When will you have that up and running? Single pass with heads cut?