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  1. jeffw

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Roger and I seem to have the same thought. Baffles give the steam a path to follow from the inlet to outlet that ideally maximizes heat transfer. If there are no baffles (my honest suspicion), with your inlet and outlet right next to each other, there us not a ton you can do because the heat transfer just isn’t going to happen. Maybe putting a new steam inlet at top opposite end will get you going, I am not sure, but cheapest bet. Corn being cheap, losing this mash shouldn’t be the biggest concern, but you could pump water into your still and back and use your still like a RIMS, or just pump it all over and mash in the still. If your outlet on the mash tun is plugged, trying pumping in reverse to push the plug out of the way and get things moving.
  2. jeffw

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Is it possible they didn't put baffling in the steam jacket? Also, have the steam input at the bottom seems very strange. I would expect you get hot water coming out when by passing the trap, not steam (at least until you tank is at higher temp). The jacket should knock the steam down to liquid...Perhaps it is flowing in and back out with a very short path...if this is the case though, I don't really have a solution other than switching to direct steam injection.
  3. jeffw

    Mash Tun not Heating

    Is your return line hot? It is possible that the float valve in the steam trap got bumped out of place or something. Try running it without the steam trap (and no return) for a bit. Had a brief issue when upgrading equipment, took trap apart, put back together, and then it worked...
  4. jeffw

    Enzyme Disposal

    Use them at a higher dosage?
  5. jeffw

    Two Used Fermentation Tanks For Sale ($1,500 each)

    Might want to post some interior pictures...
  6. jeffw

    What size hoses/pipping do you use?

    Ruptured a diagrapham on my AODD pump and he been using my centrifugal with a 2” hose of 22 gallon beer bourbon mash without much trouble. I have a little t before pump with a ball value in case I need to burp air out. Actually working pretty well and a hell of a lot quieter than my aodd.
  7. jeffw

    Continuous Starch Cooking

    Only one I have heard of is Jet Cooker. That said, are you not concerned about get lots of moisture in your hammer mill? Trying to picture how I would implement what you are talking about at my place. Have the milled grain drop into an open pipe with running water that hits a steam injection later down the line? Going to somehow air gap the shoot down? Otherwise, you get a backup in that line and you are going to flood your mill...super intrigued by your idea, just don't know how I would try to set it up to get rid of dust...I have a grist hydrator to the mash cooker to get rid of dust in the air, but it does nothing for dust in the auger...
  8. jeffw

    Continuous Starch Cooking

    Agree that it was a cool article. I looked into it a little bit. The process was to use a high shear mixer. My downside was I already had a mash cooker en route and this would have entailed some substantial modifications. At the same time, the sales rep I was dealing with for the high shear mixer did not give me great confidence in the whole process. If you get serious down that route silk, I would fly out and see McKee's. Side note, the high shear mixer place makes a "high shear pump" that will mill in line, but I am skeptical that it would be able to handle corn. It was also 50k...
  9. jeffw

    15 gallon new top load heavy char barrels

    I imagine you could ask any cooperage to give you a top bung instead of side and they will be happy to do it.
  10. Where are you located?
  11. jeffw

    What still should I purchase? I need your help. lol

    still dragon and distillery-equipment.com are too good choices.
  12. jeffw

    Barrel Grabber Thingy

    This guys were selling one that seemed decent, but is around $1800. https://barrelsafe.com/ The racks are also great looking, but cost 2x as much as a regular rack.
  13. jeffw

    Boiler Installation Costs

    Really hard to say without know what your space looks like and the scope of work. In general that sounds pretty damn high though. Paid 20k on my install and thought that was high. At this point I feel like I could do it myself for a few thousand.
  14. jeffw

    Warning-Atlas Barrel Fraud

    Received my Atlas barrels. They were definitely late but they did come and appear to be in good condition. Hopefully they clear their backlog soon. Cheers, Jeff
  15. jeffw

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    Angel's Envy is not bourbon or rye, lookup the COLA. You will need formula approval and realize you are not bourbon or rye.