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  1. jeffw

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Would love to get a sample of your bourbon for sale. jjwalsh01@gmail.com
  2. jeffw

    Filtration During Barrel Harvest

    https://www.gwkent.com/tc-long-sock-screen-gasket.html I use this through a 1.5” x12” spool connected to my hose. I simple barrel wand from tcw in front of it. Dump the last bit directly into tank through a collander.
  3. jeffw

    Filtration During Barrel Harvest

    You can get a tri-clamp mesh sock at a lower mesh and then that problem disappears. Assuming you are just talking about protecting the pump. GW Kent has one that I have been using. I tried going 100 mesh and had a similar problem, just gave up and went to 40 (I think).
  4. jeffw

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Who are you buying 50 gallon barrels from? I see you said ISC on the 53s but you have 50s with 62.5 pg listed on your sheet. Cheers, Jeff
  5. I heard that the shear pumps couldn’t handle corn (though it was suggested if you soak it for a few days it could). That threw that out the window. The shear mixer sounded cool, but when I spoke to the company rep from the artisan article they just didn’t have the knowledge of our industry to get the requirements dialled in to my satisfaction.
  6. jeffw

    Proofing....hydrometer vs Anton Paar

    Snap 50 is also not precise enough. The snap 50 is .1 v/v%, they told me it needs to be .01 v/v%, though I think it would only need to be .05 v/v. Nothing cheap and easy, cough up money or use a hydrometer and thermometer.
  7. jeffw

    What ever happened to iStill?

    That lab still is pretty bad ass. What is pricing like for that?
  8. jeffw

    minerals in mash water

    Mash Bill: 1400 pounds corn, 300 pound wheat, 200 pounds rye, 150 pounds malt; 800 gallons of water and 350 g of calcium chloride, 500ml sebHTL, 200ml sebFlo, 300ml sebGL. At 35 ppm, it seems like the calcium in the grain would bump you up to around 80, which should be fine. I guess I have been doing it because I would when home brewing to balance chlorides to sulfates. In brewing, however, the boil would dissipate most of the chlorides (I think). In distillation I suppose it might come over as a medicinal taste (though I haven't noticed this). I don't think bumping up the calcium would be necessary (maybe even harmful), just checking with smarter people...
  9. jeffw

    minerals in mash water

    What are people using to bump up their calcium? People bumping up this number or fermenting as is? Local water is 35 ppm calcium. I run a sediment/carbon filter before mash cooker. I have bumped up with calcium chloride and not and can't say I see any difference one way or the other.
  10. jeffw

    fruity yeast strains

    Thanks guys! All of that sounds about like what I was planning. I have been making bourbon and rye for several years, but I haven't played with yeast strains in a while. I like the idea of reexamining my procedures and trying some new strains here and there. Started off with 15 and 30 gallon barrels, but now that I am using 53s exclusively, the oak dominates less and it makes me more curious to play around with yeast strains.
  11. jeffw

    fruity yeast strains

    You have a temperature range you like on the Nottingham and s-04 (high temp above the list range)? I have never played with an ale yeast because they are ferment so low temp wise. That said, doing a bunch of trial 120 or so gallon wash for malt (lautered), so keeping temp down should be pretty easy. Cheers!
  12. jeffw

    fruity yeast strains

    What yeast strain do people like for fruity esters for bourbon and or malt whiskey?
  13. jeffw

    Aging Options.

    Not sure on those alternatives, but perhaps you can either find a barrel broker for new American oak, so that they are taking full containers and shipping is more reasonable. Otherwise, I would consider using French oak as well, as it is pretty close to you and you cannot call it bourbon anyway, so maybe embrace this difference.
  14. jeffw

    Possible Mash Infection, Need Help

    Um, I don't recommend he adds backset from those past fermentations...
  15. jeffw

    Grain-in pump

    How well do the Impeller pumps work for CIP applications? I use a centrifugal, but my Letina's are so low to the ground it is a PITA in terms of priming if I want to use the fancy (though too tall) pump cart I bought with it. I have tried my Air Diaphragm pump, but it really doesn't get the spray ball moving as well with the pulsing action from the pump. Curious what people are using and how they have their CIP setup?