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  1. jeffw

    What still should I purchase? I need your help. lol

    still dragon and distillery-equipment.com are too good choices.
  2. jeffw

    Barrel Grabber Thingy

    This guys were selling one that seemed decent, but is around $1800. https://barrelsafe.com/ The racks are also great looking, but cost 2x as much as a regular rack.
  3. jeffw

    Boiler Installation Costs

    Really hard to say without know what your space looks like and the scope of work. In general that sounds pretty damn high though. Paid 20k on my install and thought that was high. At this point I feel like I could do it myself for a few thousand.
  4. jeffw

    Warning-Atlas Barrel Fraud

    Received my Atlas barrels. They were definitely late but they did come and appear to be in good condition. Hopefully they clear their backlog soon. Cheers, Jeff
  5. jeffw

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    Angel's Envy is not bourbon or rye, lookup the COLA. You will need formula approval and realize you are not bourbon or rye.
  6. jeffw

    Lessons in Barrel Aging

    Just to be clear. Bourbon put into used cooperage (even after aged in new cooperage) is no longer bourbon. If bourbon touches anything other than new cooperage it is now whiskey or a distilled spirits specialty (per frustrating conversations with the TTB).
  7. It is fully adjustable, so it shouldn't consistently under-fill...
  8. jeffw

    International Shipping

    Random note, you need special pallets. Many countries require treated wood or plastic pallets, not the standard stuff you get things on...
  9. jeffw

    Warning-Atlas Barrel Fraud

    We have been slow to get our barrels from them (if they are coming). That said, we ordered from them last year and our barrels are great. Hopefully it all gets sorted out. Cannot say that I am not a little nervous. They have or had a real production facility.
  10. jeffw

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Would love to get a sample of your bourbon for sale. jjwalsh01@gmail.com
  11. jeffw

    Filtration During Barrel Harvest

    https://www.gwkent.com/tc-long-sock-screen-gasket.html I use this through a 1.5” x12” spool connected to my hose. I simple barrel wand from tcw in front of it. Dump the last bit directly into tank through a collander.
  12. jeffw

    Filtration During Barrel Harvest

    You can get a tri-clamp mesh sock at a lower mesh and then that problem disappears. Assuming you are just talking about protecting the pump. GW Kent has one that I have been using. I tried going 100 mesh and had a similar problem, just gave up and went to 40 (I think).
  13. jeffw

    Bourbon and Rye Whiskey in barrels

    Who are you buying 50 gallon barrels from? I see you said ISC on the 53s but you have 50s with 62.5 pg listed on your sheet. Cheers, Jeff
  14. I heard that the shear pumps couldn’t handle corn (though it was suggested if you soak it for a few days it could). That threw that out the window. The shear mixer sounded cool, but when I spoke to the company rep from the artisan article they just didn’t have the knowledge of our industry to get the requirements dialled in to my satisfaction.
  15. jeffw

    Proofing....hydrometer vs Anton Paar

    Snap 50 is also not precise enough. The snap 50 is .1 v/v%, they told me it needs to be .01 v/v%, though I think it would only need to be .05 v/v. Nothing cheap and easy, cough up money or use a hydrometer and thermometer.