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  1. omidmcdonald

    XpressFill 4 Spout Filling Machine

    Does it have the gas sparge option?
  2. omidmcdonald

    Explosion venting

    Thanks for the feedback. What the inspector wants to know is how much ethanol vapor could be released by a still column if a sight glass or valve broke. They are concerned about the possibility of this released vapor being ignited before it dissipates by ventilation. Is there a method of estimating the amount of ethanol vapor in the column (we have a 450mm diameter, 5M tall 19 plate column on a 650L Carl pot)?
  3. omidmcdonald

    Explosion venting

    I'm in the process of building a new distillery in Ontario, Canada and the issue of explosion venting has come up. Has anyone encountered this before? Any guidance would be appreciated.