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  1. Quick Edit! Still looking for the right candidate.
  2. ABOUT Balcones Distilling is a full grain-to-glass production distillery in central Texas. Specializing in malt and corn whisky, we operate a 250 hL brewhouse and fermentor batch size with wash and spirit distillations running every day Monday through Friday. POSITION We are currently looking for someone to fill a position that will work on all facets of our spirits production from mashing and distilling operations to warehousing and packaging in addition to palate development. Candidates MUST be serious about safety, quality, and attention to detail. A good candidate will also need to lift up to 60 pounds, be able to twist and turn, be able to reach over your shoulders, and work in a standing, walking, or crouching position at a steady pace. Candidates must also be available to work Monday through Friday in the morning and during the day as well as some evenings. The candidate will work with and report any mechanical issues to the Plant Manager. An ideal candidate would have: An eagerness to learn and accept direction Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills The ability to work in hot and/or slippery conditions Strong written and verbal communication ability A flexible schedule as help will be needed both as early as 6AM and as late as 8PM with a possibility of split shifts on some days. The ability to operate a forklift and pallet jack safely A willingness to perform other jobs and help other employees in the distillery as needed A college degree in chemistry, microbiology, or food science; or applicable experience in a related field. Production brewing or production distilling experience of some kind. COMPENSATION Competitive wage based on previous work experience and expertise. (Cost of living is rather low here as well!) TO APPLY Send cover letter, resume, and references to: jobs@balconesdistilling.com
  3. Recreating a rye recipe

    Howdy Tallman! I definitely agree that you've got an interesting project ahead of you, but I would encourage you to continue to seek out opinions of folks in the industry around you to try to actually recreate the flavor profile of something that genuinely interests you. To think of yourself as "not in the distilling business" might be a great way to sell whisky but it's no way to contribute to an industry that's already bombarded with marketing noise. The end product is of the utmost importance. Best of luck!
  4. Do these cut #'s look right?

    3d0g made some good points. There's a lot of talk about distillation on this thread, but a major problem here is the fermentation as well. A 1.075 OG Wash being pulled at 1.022 seems problematic from a total yield standpoint. How old was the fermentation? Did it stall out?
  5. What is it?

    Agreed. Corn oil! Tasty stuff!
  6. Cloudy Sprit

    I would assume it's a proofing issue rather than mashbill, cleaning, etc. We've settled on leaving everything at 46% or above, because we have zero interest in chill filtering. Best of luck!
  7. Peat smoked malt whiskey - is it harder to make cuts?

    I would rely on the same aroma qualities that you would for your other products. A lot of times, the ends of our runs will turn a little "artificial" smelling at the end. Dryer sheet or rubber hose-ish. Obviously it will be a little different for everyone but at 15-20% peated malt, it's not going to have a HUGE impact. That said, you might not notice much of the peated character at all in the beginning of the run. We tend to get most of the impact in the aroma towards the end of the day and that's with 100% peated malt. Best of luck!
  8. Howdy! From Texas!

    Welcome to Texas! Whereabouts are you located?
  9. Lees - in or out?

    *Chanting* IN THE STILL! IN THE STILL!
  10. Lees - in or out?

    Obviously any fermentation will have some amount of diacetyl, but I can't imagine what effect carrying the lees into the still would have on diacetyl perception specifically. In my experience, the time to minimize diacetyl is during fermentation. Clean it up prior to distillation and you won't have to worry about it. Curious to hear how your experience goes when/if you decide to add the lees back to distillation. Best of luck!
  11. Floor drains and fire sprinklers

    Fair enough. I've chosen to ban it entirely as there are many other options for cleaning that are safer for us across the board. Also our facility only produces distilled spirits though, so I'm sure our cleaning requirements are very different. Cheers!
  12. Floor drains and fire sprinklers

    I definitely agree, but I also think it's unwise to assume that anyone is immune. This was an outlier of a case for sure, but the take-away is that chlorine has no place in a distillery!
  13. Lees - in or out?

    Howdy there, quick question: Are you referring to diacetyl in the wash or in the distillate?
  14. Floor drains and fire sprinklers

    Doesn't have to come from corks. It can be formed in the spirit and become noticeable in the barrel. Entire distilleries have been mothballed because of TCA in barrels well before packaging. Real stuff. http://nyloveswhisky.com/lost-spirits-update/
  15. Floor drains and fire sprinklers

    Maybe the missing link here is in reference to cleaning floor drains with bleach? Chlorinated Bleach + any organic material (grain, barrels, etc.) becomes a serious TCA infection very easily. https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/FS/FS-50-W.pdf