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  1. I am being asked by a retailer to provide them a "swell allowance". I had never heard that term before and read that is some allowance for unsold product that would be returned. Anybody out there with first-hand experience on this that can explain what this can or should look life from a producer perspective?
  2. I will look for the plans and post them here... assuming I can find them!
  3. This sanitizer business sucks. At first I did not expect that flood of demand, so I had not purchased enough supplies. When I went back to reorder, they were out and back-ordered. Then I had to scramble to find containers and parts to meet the demand. That required re-pricing and retooling the process. Then those ran out and I had to use different containers. Now with my distillery stocked and the process of efficient production implemented, the demand seems to have died. I have noted in social networking a flood of offers for hand sanitizer from various sources. My sense is that the free market has resulted in the typical flood of late-comers trying to cash-in. It has been impossible to plan for this business and to execute the plan due to the crazy volatility of this COVID-19 political and media narrative. The good news is that we have benefited from a lot of local good will making this essential product for local first responders, medical and essential business. We have donated about 1/3 of what we made, and the margin we made on the rest helped fund the donations. But since I am sitting on thousands of dollars of supplies that appear to be no longer needed, this effort was a bust. Anyone else out there with a different experience, sense?
  4. Hi,

    I wanted to reach out because of a shared issue you posted about. I am in talks with a bottle manufacturer to procure small spray mist bottles. The minimum order is 25,000 so I am looking for other folks to split the order with because I do not need that many! If that is something you are interested in, shoot me an email at noah@mobbmountain.com and I can give you the details.



  5. I don't know about the rest of you, but we are facing a tsunami of requests for the product. I am pricing it so we are making a bit of margin. It is more expensive than commercial hand sanitizer (which cannot be found anywhere). The main challenge we are having is sourcing small containers. Also struggling to get some of the needed ingredients. I am getting calls from almost every local area first responder department and from companies that have field workers. We are providing a lot of free product to first responders and medical business. Letting the other business know that they are helping to fund that by paying for their orders. My biggest problem is employee burnout... we just decided to close on Monday and Tuesday, but now tomorrow is going to be a shit show of backed up orders and requests. I am going to have to find short-term help.
  6. Talking to an epidemiologist in my college town they say that 65% - 75% is more ideal because the alcohol evaporates too quickly if higher proof. However, the glycerin helps, and so does the H202. But I had the same question about the FDA standards... seems higher than it needs to be. I am using medical grade ultrasonic gel for the gel-type. Not too expensive. I can find it and it is really awesome how it emulsifies and blends well with the ethanol. Our little bottle filler pumps it fine. Today was our first day selling and delivering and we are all exhausted with the flood of people and businesses we provided sanitizer to. The challenge is getting supplies.
  7. Does anyone know what the rules are for shippers for hand sanitizer. I assume 70-80% alcohol of a certain quantity requires hazmat shipping. I cannot find anything definitive on this.
  8. Awesome information and ideas DrDistillation!
  9. Generally I see the game as a short and safe lift to a sturdy pallet and then lift the pallet with the forks. We use straps for the short lift.
  10. Might be a dumb question, but if a stripping run, why do you care? Are you sure 13% ABV? It sounds like you are starting the run with reflux building in the plates and eventually breaking through thus concentrating the heads and then ABV falls and your boil temp goes up pushing more water vapor and lowering your proof. Why use any plates in a stripping run? Try no plates and a slower boil. Just a guess.
  11. Based on your description I would consider a 2-pass with 10-micron and then .45 micron. We also use a 5-micron polishing filter in our bottle filler.
  12. After mash, you need to strain out some mash liquid to remove solids and then measure SG. Depending on your enzymes, you may get more some increased conversion in early fermentation, but not much. You should be close enough. Then do the same after ferment. We use a medium fine wire mesh strainer (kitchen style) and a wooden spoon back and forth to allow liquid to strain into a pitcher that we then pour into a graduated cylinder for measuring. Easy peasy.
  13. Yes, I forgot the 2-4 years age statement requirement for straight whiskeys. I think that is what we will do. A small sticker for now that covers the existing age statement.
  14. That should simplify things substantially!
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