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  1. I think you will need to rely on an attorney to answer that. But I believe the answer is no. I think the tied house rules flow to a spouse... but not other relatives. I know of situations where distillers in states without self-distribution options had a relative become a distributor to help them move products... but they have to be separate entities without any cross ownership.
  2. Patio29Dadio

    Distilling Area Classification?

    1.2MM BTU/h.
  3. Patio29Dadio

    Greetings From Texas

    DON’T DO IT! Just kidding. Well sort of. Plan for it to take longer and cost more than you expect... and then double that. And remember that you are starting a business that needs to at least break even at some point... unless you want an expensive hobby. Congratulations on having a facility. That is the hard part for many... finding one and then getting it ready. But welcome to the community. Love Orange Texas area. Beautiful country.
  4. Patio29Dadio

    Hill Billy Stills

    Go see Paul and Susan at Affordable Distilling Equipment.
  5. The Trump administration appears to be implementing a change to the allowed practice of the mostly large alcoholic beverage distributors for filing drawback claims to lower their excise tax on imports offset against their exports. https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2018-26793.pdf?mod=article_inline In Treasury’s view, that is a “double drawback” because the companies effectively get to avoid excise taxes on the exports anyway and then get refunds for taxes attributable to those same exports. This will result in about $60 million in additional federal tax revenue per year... paid by companies like Diageo. Now this quote in opposition to the proposed changes seems disingenuous to me. How does preventing large importers from offsetting the excise tax paid against their exports harm U.S. manufacturers in the global market? I don't get this point being made by DSC. It seems to me that this change would help level the playing field for American craft distillers as these large companies no longer get a $60 million per year tax break to import foreign beer, wine and spirits. What am I missing?
  6. Patio29Dadio

    Distilling Area Classification?

    Take a look at Sussman electric boilers. They have a lower cost, lower power consumption line that goes up to 600 BTUH that uses 200 amps. This should handle heating about 600 gallons of still operation concurrently. Depending on the length of your steam header, the cost of this over the electric Baine Marie heating system might be close to a wash, but will likely be another 25%-50% higher cost. However, it might be what you need to prevent the C1D1 hit around the still drain. What is killing me for my gas-fired steam boiler is the cost of installation that is largely related to the 60’ 4” steam header where the joints have to be welded. The C4 certified pipe fitters in my area are billing at $150 per hour. I have a ProPress tool for my copper plumbing that goes up to 1.75” fittings for iron pipe and 2.5” for copper. The MegaPress tool will handle up to 4” for iron pipe fittings but is another $10k investment and it is backordered. And my building official and engineer don’t have enough experience with it to accept it (worried the pressed fittings would fail). Hopefully this type of technology gains traction over time and allows distillery owners to do more of their own steam system plumbing, or at least saves some labor cost.
  7. Just posted a comment to not restrict the type, size or shape of a barrel.
  8. Patio29Dadio

    On Grain or Off Grain

    You might be able to do that while running a stream of water in your drain while you slowing drain the mash, but it depends on your locality and their waster water treatment capacity. I ordered a self-dumping de-watering hopper for our start-up. Plan is to fill it with the spend on-grain stillage and let it drain overnight. In the morning we should have minimal waste material to deal with. It might be dry enough for cattle feed at that point. But composting people will take it if not... assuming you don't find any pig ranchers to take it. Someone else on this forum posted the idea of big filter bags for $25 each that would do the same as a de-watering dumper.
  9. Patio29Dadio

    Exogenous Enzymes

    Novozymes : Breckenridge Technologies
  10. Patio29Dadio

    Electric Heat Controller

    Contact Paul at Affordable Distilling Equipment. They will build you a simple controller at a good price. However, not sure about a temp-controlled switch... that is getting into semi-automated controls which is another can of worms, IMO. However, maybe these guys can help... http://distillerycontrols.com/
  11. Patio29Dadio

    Hoga Stills for Sale

    Really happy I got to see and taste that operation when you guys were using these. Love to have one for brandy production, but direct fire would send my fire marshal over the top.
  12. Patio29Dadio

    Distilling Area Classification?

    Wow. I feel for this customer. I have not complete my full CofO so I should not count my chickens before they hatch. My fire official is also prone to spontaneous requirements in the extreme. It seems the most advantageous lever that I have is that everyone likes the project, likes whiskey, and wants to see the project come to fruition. I also did quite a bit of political friendly stuff with the city manager and the city council. I keep telling the building official and the fire marshal that I am completely ready to comply, but I will challenge things I think are too extreme if I think they are also highly costly. Otherwise I will just do what they say. I let them know that up front, and I think it helped. For example, they wanted three new fire hydrants installed on the property and we challenged it down to two. But I am not there yet. If they go Class-1 Div-1 on me, I am toast.
  13. Patio29Dadio

    label Printing software

    Will - can you share details of this process? What sized labels? 1, 2 or 3 panel. Do you use a template, or just make it up yourself? I need to do the same to start before we settle on all of our products as pre-printed boxes are very pricey except at significant quantities.
  14. Patio29Dadio

    Distillery Floor Treatment

    Thanks all for the assist. After reading all your comments and doing more digging into the pros and cons of different treatments, I am going with a Benajmin More Corotech sealer (V155) and epoxy finish (V430). Expensive stuff... over $100 / gallon and I will need about 20 gallons just for the tank area. But I don't ever want to do this a second time! The alternative to epoxy coatings is that aliphatic urethane. We are going to consider that for the tasting room and other areas as it will be a bit cheaper and epoxy tends to amber over time if the sun hits it though a window.
  15. Patio29Dadio

    Distillery Floor Treatment

    I am where I need to decide on a floor treatment for our facility. I believe aliphatic urethane concrete sealer is what I need. I just want the concrete to show through... no color. What is the experience and recommendation from others. Epoxy takes too long to cure at the point, and seems a pain to work with. However, I am told it might be the better choice. In my experience, the epoxy floors start to look bad with tire marks and scratches, but maybe a darker color would work better there. The section of the floor where my tanks and stills are located with the 60' slot drain was completely demolished and replaced. That is what I need to finish first. The rest of the floor can be dealt with later. Just interested in what others have learned and experienced here.