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    Barrel Aged Gin

    Thanks, dhdunbar! Your explanation is helpful.
  2. jb789

    Barrel Aged Gin

    In fact, the TTB told us exactly what you said. We need to state the composition as Gin Finished in Oak Barrels, according to our formula. However, we have to come up with a fanciful name that doesn't include "Gin" in it, and nowhere else on the label can it mention Gin. That's what I have a problem with. A fanciful name that doesn't include Gin could just confuse the customer more, plus it doesn't coordinate with our standard Gin label. On top of that, how are so many other distilleries able to include Barrels, Oak, Finished in Oak, etc. clearly on their Gin labels and we can't? It's really frustrating.
  3. jb789

    Barrel Aged Gin

    Update: Although the regulations don't say anything about aging/not aging gin in barrel, the COLA officials have told me multiple times that if a gin is aged in barrel, it's no longer a gin, it's a distilled spirits specialty. We tried to get our label passed with a formula attached, calling it Barrel Gin and including a statement of composition as Gin Finished in American Oak Barrels, but they said that "Gin" can't be in the fanciful name because it's not really a Gin, it's a DSS... So we're still working on the label. The thing I hate about some of these regulations is that they're trying to make it so the consumer isn't misled, but sometimes by doing that, the label ends up being more misleading (or at least confusing) than it was before!
  4. jb789

    Barrel Aged Gin

    Did you have to submit a formula for this? I'm trying to find this out for our barrel-aged gin. Luckily, the turnaround time for Formula approvals right now is 1 day, so even if I do have to submit a formula, it won't slow me down much. BUT, I'm worried that if I submit a formula, it will become a Distilled Spirits Specialty, and they won't even let me call it a gin at all... Is anyone else submitting formulas for their barreled gins?
  5. jb789

    Filtration Suggestions

    Hello, I'm a newbie at spirits filtration and have a few questions regarding filtration in general and also what's the best method to filter a cloudy gin in particular. Will a plate-and-frame filter out too much aroma/flavor? I've heard some use the Noryl plastic plates, but others recommend only using stainless steel plates to filter. Stainless steel is much more expensive and I'm wondering if it's necessary? Is a cartridge filter better or does it accomplish different goals than a plate-and-frame? Finally, what filter pad and/or cartridge filter manufacturers and types do you recommend? Thanks for the help!