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  1. Can we ship bottles to customers?

    Jo-el-Lo, Napa Valley and others who make grape based spirits, Brandy, in California, as far as I can tell are allowed to ship as it is treated as a wine by state law. That's a very coarse breakdown of the law, I would definitely read up on the law before using this knowledge.
  2. Lead Time

    Fire Marshal. Number one cause of delay for us. We talked to him twice prior to starting our project, then toured him through our space before we signed our lease and his response each time was "Looks good, it shouldn't be a problem." It then took him nearly 3 months to actually put his signature on paper for our permit, and once he did he added a good three months and $100,000 in costs to our build out. He had (has) no idea what to do with a distillery.
  3. Recommendations for freight forwarder in California

    We used Rotra just last week. We have no idea if they were cost effective or not, just that our still made it from Long Beach to us in a fairly short amount of time. This was our contact. Indira Ivojevic Ocean Import Associate indira@rotra.com T: (630) 274-2806 F: (630) 766-5753