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  1. Right, but if a product like that was produced with the plan to distribute, what would it need to be called. It couldn't be called a vermouth, right?
  2. I have been looking through the TTB chapters and I am curious about something. If one was to do as @bluestar mentions, what would the liquor be classified as according to the TTB definitions? Based on the class and type designation, would it be a Flavored Brandy with XX% wine added? This is based on the following quote from https://www.ttb.gov/spirits/bam/chapter4.pdf. Flavored Brandy: "Wine may be added up to 15% by volume of the finished product provided at least 12½% of the wine is derived from the base commodity that corresponds to the labeled flavor of the product. If not, or if the wine addition exceeds 15% by volume of the finished product the classes and/or types and percentages (by volume) of the wine must be stated as part of the class and type designation"
  3. I have been wondering this myself. Which section are you seeing that?
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