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  1. I briefly talked to someone about making plum brandy and the fellow said that even 10 kilos of plums is too little to make a decent batch of plum brandy . Which is why Id like to ask how many kilos of fruit is required to make a relatively decent amount of brandy ( say 10 to 15 liters ) . Im asking for all types of fruit in general by the way , however I realize that different types of fruit may require different amounts , so feel free to correct me . Id also be interested to know if theres an online guide that deals with this topic . Anyways thanks ahead of time .
  2. Yup thats the thing . Ill have to look into how to fit one on my barrel , since it doesnt have a hole on it , into which a fermentationlock could fit .
  3. Ive been reading up on the subject of making spirits and I found an article which states that one should use a special type of tool ( one that I dont know the name of in English ) to release built up carbon dioxide from your mash while its fermenting , without letting in oxygen . Id like to know if this process is indeed necessary and Id also like to ask about how to fit a contraption like that into a 30 liter barrel , since mine doesnt have a ready made hatch or what have you into which a contraption like that could easily fit into . Thanks ahead of time -
  4. Id also like to ask if the quality of fruit matters when making brandy . In other words can inferior quality fruit be used to make decent brandy mash ? Im not talking about rotting fruit by the way , just inferior quality that most fruit merchants would happily give away to you for free .
  5. The bug net idea sounds good . Though Im not exactly sure how that would work out . At any rate thanks again for the answers everyone .
  6. Yup Im worried about keeping them out of my product and Id also rather not get a million bug bites . Im just worried about the chemicals from bug spray contaminating my product which is why Im asking .
  7. Is clawhammer supply a reliable source when it comes to information about distilling by the way ? They have quite a few guides about making homemade spirits which is why Im asking .
  8. I plan on possibly distilling outdoors , however Im worried about bugs because of the upcoming summer . Is it safe to use bug spray near your mash ? Or are there better techniques to keep bugs away ? Thanks ahead of time .
  9. Just a few barrels at the moment . Can the pits be removed before adding water to the pulp by the way ? Or is it important that they be removed only after water has been added to the pulp ? Anyways thanks for the answer .
  10. Im interested in all sorts of fruit but as of now I think Im going to stick to plum mash .
  11. Im pretty sure that the process involves grinding down the fruit and adding it to water , but I suspect theres much more to it than that . Id appreciate any sort of info . Thanks ahead of time .
  12. Ill probably look into buying some books about distilling spirits , but Im curious to know if there are any online guides available regarding this topic . Id greatly appreciate any sort of info or links . Thanks ahead of time . P.S. I apologize if this is an already existing topic , but this forum doesnt seem to have the option of searching for specific thread terms . This isnt meant to be a complaint by the way , just a simple explanation .
  13. Does whiskey mash go bad if you leave it out too long after its fermented ? In other words is it safe to let fermented whiskey mash sit for two weeks ?
  14. I apologize if this question has already been asked before , but Im not familiar with this forums search engine . Anyways Id like to ask how long it takes for corn whiskey mash to ferment . Some sources say three days , while others say three . Thanks ahead of time .
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