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  1. brian 73

    Corn Whiskey Occasionally Cloudy After Dilution

    dear C.D. ,,,,,,,,,have seen this problem before many moons ago and we fixed it by running the FORESHOTS longer ,,,try taking a FORESHOTS sample every now and again , add a little water to this small sample and when the solution ceases to turn cloudy do your cut from FORESHOTS to HIGH WINES also in conjunction with the above test smell the FORESHOTS on a regular basis and you will soon notice the difference between pre-cut and post-cut many regards ,,brian 73
  2. brian 73

    Horizontal Fermentation

    G'DAY GMDINY ,,,,,,,excellent idea , been using secondhand MILK VATS for some 30 years for receivers , wash backs and mash tuns , very economical re capital outlay and if you plan to have paying visitors and want to "flash up" the equipment a single skin of copper is a good look re the pressure / ester question , the type of yeast has a bearing on this too , but do you mean does a shallow / wide washback assist in creating more esters as opposed to a tall / deep washback ???????? attenuation rate and wort temp. have a minor "hand" in this as well I believe we used to give priority in purchase to double skinned milk vats so that we could have cooling or heating as required especially to wash backs regards ,,,,,,,,,,brian 73
  3. greetings and salutations from TASMANIA , AUSTRALIA,,,have lurked here for some years as our family were contract distillers / maltsters and I didn't want to compromise our I.P. which was often transferred to clients now retired , started in 1963 as a junior chemist / trainee brewer , 1980 trained in malting , then in 1985 started to seek "seed" $$ to start a whisky distillery , registered the name CRADLE MOUNTAIN DISTILLERY,,,,,,,in 1989 a major investor was found but TASMANIAN $$$ , STAFF and I.P were lured to the NORTHERN TERRITORY with a promise of huge investment..........and the DARWIN DISTILLING co. was formed,,,,,,,,,,in the AUSTRALIAN tropics ,,,we set up a pilot plant and distilled lots of WHISKY and tropical style LIQUEURS now here's the "one" most of you have probably heard ,,the $$$$$$ isn't available [ later we found it was never there ] ,,pity as we could have run the stills for free off the steam from B.S. we were fed so we hightailed it back to TASMANIA and in 1993 started in a potato shed with single malt WHISKY ,,,fortunately successful ,,,saved our bacon 1995 became P+E designers and contract distillers ,,,,,operating in 4x countries ,,,within the ASIA / PACIFIC region ,,,,never made much $$$$$,, but had a very productive life something the ADI members who post can look forward to ,,,,,,,,the CRADLE MOUNTAIN WHISKY co. is now in very good progressive hands ,,,, am currently , as mentioned , in retirement [ allegedly ] but have just trialled a CHINESE FIVE SPICES liqueur,,,,,,,,,sensational !!!!!! especially after 6x shots LOL !!!!!!!!! am trialling smoking malted barley with native hardwoods ,,,,,loving it , never a dull moment good luck to everyone , thankyou for your very professional posts , a delight to read and thankyou to the STAFF in the ADI office who have assisted me with various matters that this silly old bastard stuffed up many many regards ,,,,,,,,,brian 73
  4. brian 73

    Spirit strength for fruit infusion

    good evening MEERKAT and good morning MECHWARRIOR,,,,,,,,,the second paragraph of your questions depends on what type of fruit and the season , maybe if you GOOGLE "brix readings" or speak with a WINE MAKER this will put you on track re your 1st paragraph ,,,,,I may be very helpful if you tell me , is the infusion to be used as a TINCTURE added in or will it become your SUBSTRATE / BASE starting point ? here is a hint for your consideration why not use a JUICE extractor for your trials rather than steeping fruit in ethanol , chances are your readings will be more "stable" each time,,,,,,many regards , brian 73
  5. brian 73

    Getting < 190 off Still, Having Issues.

    the greater scrubbing effect whereby the ratio of volatiles to non-volatiles changes causing a more effective reflux ,,,,can you run the POT [ boiler ] a little slower ???? had a good look around the net to find something a little more "TECHO " for you to read and probably "fry" your brain if you GOOGLE ,,clean binary break during distillation ,,,then click on volatile solutes and distillation -chem 1 ,,next down the google list ,,,distillation pdf ,,,,then next down the google list again ,,separation of azeotropic mixtures -tools for analysis this will certainly either make you wiser or send you "round the bend" LOL ! many regards and keep up the good work,,,,,,,brian
  6. brian 73

    Getting < 190 off Still, Having Issues.

    DistillaMI ,,,,,,,,,greetings from TASMANIA , AUSTRALIA,,,BLUESTAR and INDYSPIRITS have made brilliant suggestions , but try this simple action first , no "skin off your nose" if it doesn't work ,,,,I noticed you are loading with an ABV of between approx. 63% - 67% , try cutting this to circa 45% - 50% , you should get a "cleaner" binary break plus a greater scrubbing effect during reflux ,,,,,,,,,,many regards , brian , retired distiller OLD but not necessary WISE ,,,LOL !!!
  7. brian 73

    Microns...a tiny question(S)

    spirited ;; greetings , just be careful if there are 2x levels of micron identification in your country , as there is here in AUSTRALIA , absolute and nominal 5x microns nominal will not knock the flavour out and is easily the most common filter size in the BEVERAGE industry for general use here in TASMANIA certainly takes the elephants ears out anyway ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,brian