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  1. Shipping big distilleries around the globe: https://istillblog.com/2019/08/16/shipping-huge-istill-distilleries/ Regards, Odin.
  2. Painting them little boilers iStill black ... Regards, Odin.
  3. We are building 36 more iStills Nano. If you want to start a gin school, they can help your visitors make their own bottle of gin in half an hour! https://istillblog.com/2019/08/13/building-more-istills-nano/ Regards, Odin.
  4. Hi there, We have two more distilling courses planned. One is in Denver! For more info, pls reach out to Veronika@iStillmail.com https://istillblog.com/2019/08/08/learn-all-about-distilling/ Regards, Odin.
  5. Hi there, Here are pictures of the iStill distillery on Bali, in Indonesia: https://istillblog.com/2019/08/06/istill-on-bali/ Regards, Odin.
  6. Shipping stills and fermenters to China and the UK: https://istillblog.com/2019/08/05/another-day-in-paradise/ Regards, Odin.
  7. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    If you use an 11% grain wash, you need both a stripping and a finishing run (vodka mode) to clean up your spirit. Then the third run, which is with the herbs. Regards, Odin.
  8. Earthy flavors indicate too late a cut from hearts to tails ... or too high vapor speeds. Increased column length will lower overall system's efficiency, lowering vapor speeds in the process, pushing third dimensional or earthy flavors back. A wider column (same power input though!) would be an easier solution to push those flavors back. Hope this info helps. Regards, Odin.
  9. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Our customer Old Pilot's Gin was selected best London Dry Gin of 2019 by IWSC. Congrats guys! Regards, Odin.
  10. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Hi Needmorstuff, This is a topic we deal with in our 4-day workshop. It ties into my theory on distillation and many other concepts I made both for gin and distilling in general, and branches out to still design. To try and answer such an important question without that context is close to impossible. And explaining all via a blog post would be close to me writing a book. It also ties in with what kind of gin you want to make. And there again, the answer isn't London Dry or Plymouth of whatever, but what gin you'd want to make according to the holy trinity of distillation theory. Regards, Odin.
  11. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Yes, you will Gulstavolima. Better to use a potstill for the gin run. Especially if you want to make a full bodied, three dimensional gin. To all, regarding the sulfur dried botanicals. On personal note: try to steer clear of 'm, would be my take on things. Regards, Odin.
  12. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Needmorestuff, Then you have a problem. Probably with the "GNS"? I put it between brackets, because I don't know of any GNS that I have ever used that had enough baseline sulfur to be able to concentrate it over during distillation. Sulfuric compounds are usually formed during fermentation. So if you do controlled fermentation, you never get the sulfur count up too high, resulting in smooth drinks. But for those that have issues with fermentation and do create (too much) sulfurs, we offer a copper catalyst that helps take care of that sulfur contamination, just like a copper column woud. But sulfuric content in a GNS? That's really unheard of. It's that or maybe you use sulfur dried ingredients in your gin? Like appricots or banana chips? Hope this info helps. Regards, Odin.
  13. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    We did a vodka run on the iStill 2000, last week ... https://istillblog.com/…/22/hitting-96-5-with-the-istill-2…/ Why this is interesting for the gin topic? Well, because this is how we can recover most of the gin heads and tails. Regards, Odin.
  14. We did a vodka run on the iStill 2000, last week ... https://istillblog.com/…/22/hitting-96-5-with-the-istill-2…/
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