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  1. Some thoughts on continuous fermentation: https://istillblog.com/2019/10/15/continuous-fermentation/ Regards, Odin.
  2. Slug Magazine on New World Distillery and iStill: https://www.slugmag.com/food-features/new-world-distilling-bleeding-edge-tech-in-a-new-world/?fbclid=IwAR3fpuRRW3wnbPpZCBt1VvGHjKqwKMROPg59njEfWg1VMp3Pznw97l1jZfI Regards, Odin.
  3. Brisbane Distillery in Australia is about to open its doors. Congrats Jon! I love the modern design! Regards, Odin.
  4. Wanna learn all about distilling? Due to success, and the first training selling out in just weeks, we organize another iStill University Training in Denver! End of October. Go check it out: https://istillblog.com/2019/10/09/extended-due-to-success/ Regards, Odin.
  5. Most put the water in and then the grain, and mash with the goal of on the grain fermenting and distilling, Foreshot. For grain separation after mashing a separate lauter tun (I think it is called) or one of those spiral liquid/grain separators can be used. Regards, Odin.
  6. A 5000 liter masher for 50k? And it is fully automated and build to last: https://istillblog.com/2019/10/07/innovation-mashing-made-easy-2/ Regards, Odin.
  7. Here is a pic of the Earp Brothers Distillery, situated in Australia. They run an iStill 5000 with glas column sections and make rum. Regards, Odin.
  8. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    If you use the iStill programs you can bring down the 5 weeks resting time to around 2 or 3 days. Regards, Odin.
  9. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    The more power the faster the effects, as a general rule of thumb. Odin.
  10. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    The iStills that have an agitator and boiler radiator can function as fast aging machines. Heat, vibration and oxidation get you a long way in 48 to 72 hour programs, depending on the product you make. Working on a magic wand, but it is not sure we can realize it. I'll keep the forum posted. On another note, here is a nice video on a customer of us that makes gin in the UK: https://www.facebook.com/exmoordistilleryltd/videos/625165114636425/UzpfSTYyMjE3MzA4MTE1NzAxNzozMjczNTU5MTUyNjg1MDUw/ Regards, Odin.
  11. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Here is the info on the new course we organize in Denver, Co, end of October: https://istillblog.com/2019/09/20/new-distilling-courses-in-the-usa/ At the award winning 52eighty Distillery. Regards, Odin.
  12. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    BTW, even though the first October course in Denver is sold out, we are doing another one just a few days later. So if you want to learn about distilling, at a distillery, and learn (among all other things) how to make amazing gin, reach out to Veronika via Veronika@iStillmail.com for tickets. We are also sponsoring the London Craft Distilling Expo again. If any of you are in the UK, please come by our stand and lets share a drink together: https://istillblog.com/2019/09/19/istill-london-craft-distilling-expo-2019/ Regards, Odin.
  13. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Hongkong TV & Radio flies over to visit iStill HQ and to interview Odin on gin in general and Perfume Trees Gin especially: https://istillblog.com/2019/09/17/hongkong-tv-radio-interview/ Regards, Odin.
  14. In order to keep up with us contract distilling more and more spirits for craft distillers, we just installed an alcohol vault. A rental until the bigger one we ordered is ready. Here are some pics: https://istillblog.com/2019/09/13/installing-an-alcohol-vault/ Regards, Odin.
  15. Happy and proud to inform you we are growing rapidly around the world! Japan for instance ... https://istillblog.com/2019/09/11/istill-becomes-market-leader-in-japan/ Regards, Odin.
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