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  1. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Hi Jeff, We don't know yet. Still designing and upgrading some things. Will let you know when all is done. Thanks for asking. Odin.
  2. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Congrats to NC's biggest grain to glass distillery, Graybeard Distillery, for winning gold with Bedlam Vodka at the SF international spirits competition! Proud that you are running iStills 2000 and 5000! https://www.facebook.com/bedlamvodka/videos/1800323986692528/UzpfSTYyMjE3MzA4MTE1NzAxNzoyMTE1NzE5MDg4NDY5MDY4/ Regards, Odin.
  3. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Congrats James on winning Best Australian Distillery two years in a row. Very proud to have you as our customer! http://echonewspaper.com.au/old-youngs-distillery-the-best/ Regards, Odin
  4. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Here's some more gin magic. Here's where we don't just change the color of the gin, but also make it fizzle: https://istillblog.com/2018/04/13/more-friday-gin-magic/ Regards, Odin.
  5. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Finishing another 4-day workshop of training craft distillers in the noble arts of creating whisky, rum, gin, and vodka! https://istillblog.com/2018/04/12/meanwhile-at-the-istill-university-2/ Regards, Odin.
  6. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Here's a picture of Arjan picking up his new iStill 500 for the "Pronckheer Distillery" in Cothen, the Netherlands.
  7. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Wanna see some iStill Gin Magic? Check out the movie in the link underneath: https://istillblog.com/2018/04/06/friday-gin-day-gin-magic/ We'll teach how to do this during the Jersey City Advanced Gin School! Regards, Odin.
  8. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    I think we never finished it! Thanks for helping me remember. I'll pick up on it later this month and let you guys know when it is done! Regards, Odin.
  9. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    New World Distillery upgraded to the iStill 2000 NextGen: https://www.facebook.com/newworlddistillery/photos/pcb.2043714995895945/2043710612563050/?type=3&theater Regards, Odin.
  10. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    Congrats Jon, on winning another medal with your Canterbury Gin! Regards, Odin.
  11. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Testing the new i5. Still in development. Goal is to make an iStill that can be used as a lab size product development kit. We have found that the normal lab ware does not get to the exact taste profile the bigger units give us, hence this new really small still. It can hold up to 1 1/2 gallon. First indications is it makes a very good drop indeed. Today we tested its 190 proof capabilities and they are fully there! Regards, Odin.
  12. Odin

    Odin on Gin

    All right, lots of organizing is done. Here it is: the program, our approach, where & when, and costs: https://istillblog.com/2018/04/03/advanced-gin-school-in-the-usa/ Regards, Odin.
  13. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    New manhole to the 26 gallon iStill 100 ...
  14. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Does #iStill help Portland to go Dutch? https://istillblog.com/2018/04/01/is-portland-going-dutch/
  15. Odin

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Here's a time lapse movie of us assembling the i2000 at the ADI Convention in Portland: https://istillblog.com/2018/03/31/new-istill-movie-its-as-easy-as-that/ Regards, Odin.