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  1. whaleShark


    Irons, did you try the pump - it looks great on paper and the price is right...except that they don't ship to the US
  2. whaleShark

    bourbon mash question

    Shane, ever experiment with different types of malted barley (Otter vs Optic vs ??, roasting level, etc)? whaleShark
  3. whaleShark

    Grassy, vinyl flavor

    I've done (honey + molasses-A) with MW and purified water, no noticable off-odors.
  4. whaleShark

    DAP and Molasses

    I've had good luck with DAP @ 1g/L but I'm using grade-A molasses & MW yeast, starting brix around 16 with temp around 33.
  5. whaleShark

    Best still design for rum?

    Sudzie, Thanks for the photo. I'll shoot you an email offline..
  6. whaleShark

    Dunder vs Backset vs Stillage

    So, probably all means the same thing - thanks... Charleston, haven't been there but used to get close. Had family in Coos Bay, would make the drive from Long Beach 'cross the bridge and then head down the coast...good memories...
  7. whaleShark

    Best still design for rum?

    Are there any distilleries out there still using an actual pot & thumper? As you say, it doesn't seem possible to make the cuts. I have not had the chance to play around with lots of different equipment, so I'm repeating what I've read: For pot still produced whiskeys/etc the size & shape of the vapor chamber significantly affects the flavor of the product. I'm assuming that it would be the same for a heavy-ester rum (either the double-pot or the column-then-pot). If true, shouldn't there be a number of the equipment suppliers offering various shaped chambers? Or is everyone just doing a rectifying column light rum?
  8. whaleShark

    Dunder vs Backset vs Stillage

    When producing rum, how are Dunder, Backset, and Stillage different - or are they?
  9. whaleShark

    Research set-up (scalable)

    I'm looking for a recommendation on a pot still and rectifying column small enough that I can perform R&D, but that is scalable to production size while maintaining (roughly) the same flavor profiles. Product: relatively high ester rum Variables: type of molasses, fermentation time/temperature, yeast strain, etc. Budget: $3-5k
  10. whaleShark

    hello from Clackamas Oregon

    jrfalcon, what type of still are you using?
  11. whaleShark

    Another from Maryland

    Moc11 - as someone in a similar condition, may I ask what resources are you using for formulating your business plan? What types of equipment have you decided upon? Any idea how much the TTB surety bond will cost? How are you planning on marketing your product? etc. etc.... :-)
  12. Odin mentioned your facility as a place to see the iStill 50?

    I'm looking for a relatively small still for R&D efforts on rum, trying different yeasts, types of molasses, head cuts, etc. His 50 Base unit is quoted at around $3k - which seems pretty reasonable for a complete unit. But maybe I'm missing something, or maybe the shipping is outrageous, or maybe the unit is unreliable (there seem to be a number os messages on the board, etc, etc).

    What light are you willing to shed on the iStill and is it possible to arrange a visit?


  13. whaleShark

    Hello From Maryland

    I'm in Orlando, so it's mid 70's - just beautiful! I'm originally from Washington State, beautiful in the summer there, beautiful in the winter here :-) What products are you planning on producing? I'm about 2-3 years behind you. I'd like to produce rum, I've met some of the smaller distillers here in Florida but they have financial backers, so I'm basically doing some R&D and looking at various types of equipment that I might be able to afford. I don't yet have a location, or any equipment. This forum looks like a great place to learn from.... bruce
  14. whaleShark

    Hello From Maryland

    Hello smac105 - How is the weather in MD? I just joined this forum today myself. DO you have a specifi interest?
  15. whaleShark


    Hello to all, I'm familiar with small & large scale brewing of beer but interested in learning about spirits, specifically the production of rum. Looking forward to leaning from the experts and learning from making mistakes (it is unaviodable).