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  1. indyspirits

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    I saw 150 gram bags (I feel like Im back in college) but nothing larger. Also that looks like grand but it's difficult to tell from the photo
  2. Anyone have a source for artemisia pontica they'd be willing to share? We've recently used the last of ours and I'm unable to find a vendor who has it in stock to tide us over until our harvest is ready in late June.
  3. indyspirits

    Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    I've thought often about this. When Arroyo submitted his patent in 1945 I wonder if he would have use blackstrap if a "premium" molasses had been available.
  4. indyspirits

    Corn Mashing Temp

    I dont know what the hell I was talking about. I meant don't add barley on the heat up as it is denatured at 170ish. We add HTA immediately after mixing in corn and adjusting pH. I remember once we forgot to add it and the agitator started to labor a bit when all of starch was disrupted. Quite amazing how quickly after adding HTA it thins out. So yes, I agree with you that it makes sense to add HTA early so the second starch is available liq. can start.
  5. indyspirits

    TTB Approved Shimmer?

    And to think I had such respect for you. ;-) http://www.pristinepowders.com/ https://www.globalsugarart.com/cake/decorating-dusts/luster.html
  6. indyspirits

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    I've had this debate with our marketing dept. Yet we keep the "moonshine" label. It's a travesty.
  7. indyspirits

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    I give up. You win.
  8. indyspirits

    Corn Mashing Temp

    So dont bother adding it. Corn doesn't gel until 175 ish. Add your HTA at 185 and be patient.
  9. indyspirits

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Were you graduated from grammar school? "Moonshine" is a fanciful name. Period. Full stop. I applaud your marketing efforts. Understand you can market anything as moonshine. Ignore the nay-sayers.
  10. indyspirits

    Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    Last sheet we got for a tote of their " Premium" was: Solids - 79 - 80% (I dont even know what this means honestly) Total Sugars 68 - 76% Ash < 3.5% I was going to gripe about the wide range of TSAI but saw your figures above. Is it possible for use to empirically determine the exact quantity of fermentables? We're having a slight yield problem I'm trying to run down and it's darn difficult if I don't know the quantity of fermentables I'm starting with.
  11. keepass is great. https://keepass.info/ Don't let the shitty circa 2000 looking website fool you.
  12. indyspirits

    Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    Digging up an old thread... Why do you say this? I assume because there is less ash and thus fewer dissolved solids to skew the density.
  13. indyspirits

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    As are all other distilled spirits.
  14. indyspirits

    Column Leveling

    Exactly what we did. Stainless washers to be exact. Drilled holes, insert stainless threaded rod. Epoxy in place.
  15. indyspirits

    Hello new here

    Welcome from a fellow Hoosier.