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  1. Anti-Foam

    I've used patcote 376 with absolutely no ill effects.
  2. Anti-Foam

    What anti-foam did you use?
  3. Rye mash

    Well... I would advise it. Beta glucan rest on the way up just makes life more pleasant. More good stuff --> http://realbeer.com/jjpalmer/ch14.html
  4. Rye mash

  5. Rye mash

    What this guy says!!
  6. Rye mash

    Follow up question: raw or malted rye?
  7. Rye mash

    What are you looking at for your mashbill? 100% rye? It's unpleasant but far from wretched. beta rest in mid/high one-teens, gluco @ high 140s and bobs your uncle. Dont even consider lautering or you'll be thinking about giving up your first born to alleviate the angst.
  8. ACSA Convention

    I'm with you 100% on this.
  9. ACSA Convention

    $600 is bullshit considering what you get for it (read: nothing new). Are there any "offsite" gatherings planned? I'd certainly come for that.
  10. Bourbon

    Indiana as in a Lawrenceburg distillery??
  11. LP Boiler

    Do you mean $20k??
  12. Ever since I was a distilling noob I've heard/read "You dont want to collect lower than x% at the parrot because it's too expensive". The Distillers Guide to Rum says it well: What data supports this? What's cutoff makes the most financial sense? If my condensed vapor (assuming simple pot still / no reflux /trays) is 9% the contents of the kettle is roughly 1% ABV. If I have a 600 gallon kettle and I've vaporized 50% then I have roughly three gallons of etoh. If I reclaimed 50% of that we're talking 3 proof gallons or 15ish bottle of product at 40%. Say I put those into the 3-tier at $14 / bottle that's $210 in revenue. Our COGS is a about $5 per bottle (a figure is that much more art than science) so after all is said and done $150 in revenue. That's not exactly a glowing recommendation for collecting low into the tails! But what if we collect low and add feints to next strip? Is it a financially sound decision then? I suppose the question I'm asking is on a product-by-product basis how far into the tails are you collecting?
  13. How do you market your product?

    square root of fuck-all. You mean at the distillery or retail locations? We dont do tasting in the distillery but do them as frequently as possible in public. If ppl come to your distillery they are seeking out your product. At retail outlets, you have an opportunity to introduce them to your product. We do public tasting as often as we're able. Of course not. If you sell product, they still make money and they've done zero work. Not they they'll do more than zero very often. Do not fall for the line of bullshit you'll get from the distributor that they'll advocate on your behalf. Unless they're selling tens-of -thousands of cases they simply want to have you in their line-card in case you hit it big.
  14. Cooling Water set up feedback

    Questions: How many runs per day? Are you going to cool mash with this as well?
  15. What is everyone using for proofing?

    Thermopen Reference?