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  1. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    We store in HDPE totes as well and have had OSHA in who never mention that this wasn't allowed.
  2. PID Temperature Reading / Cooling Water Controll

    I dont think you're going to be that price. Make sure the operating pressure differential is appropriate for your setup. Also what happens on valve failure -- open or close?
  3. How to keep cooling water from going bad

    Look into UV water sterilizers. Start here perhaps: https://www.cleanwaterstore.com/ultraviolet-sterilizers.html
  4. Wages for production assistant?

    Gotta love them millennials!
  5. Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    Reference please?
  6. Call all Belimo Valve Experts

    I have a call into the vendor to ensure this isn't the case. There's no charge for any of few-dozens of options. I assume that they program it for you prior to shipping. I'll reply to myself when I hear back.
  7. Call all Belimo Valve Experts

    That's the one. Interestingly enough it appears they do now offer a PWM (amongst others -- click on the link below then on the "Seleft MFT Control Code" droplist) . That previously wasnt the case -- only prop. current. As for the valve body, the 231 in the link up to doesn't have a characterizing disc. This: https://034a59d.netsolstores.com/Belimo_B231NRQX24-MFT.aspx one does. I'm about to pull the trigger, most likely with (assuming I understand what's going on) the P-20005 control code as I can drive that directly from an Arduino. Thoughts?
  8. Call all Belimo Valve Experts

    Thanks to many here we successfully automated deph control on our small 600L still. Omega PID w/ prop current output + Belimo LRGB24-MFT worked wonders. Now onto our larger still. I'm looking at this valve/actuator combo: https://034a59d.netsolstores.com/Belimo_B230LRQB24-MFT.aspx Questions: Should I get spring return so that it fails open? I want to control w/ PWM via microprocessor but am uncertain on which PWM signal time period to order. .10sec to 5.2 sec? Is this user-settable without their programming kit? Has anyone used PWM to control these valves?
  9. Collection Tank

    Warning: Thread hijack. The issue is postmix vs. premix. Corny kegs held the mixed soda --- if you have ten 5 gallons kegs you had 50 gallons of soda. With the post-mix approach, the bag-in-a-box holds concentrated syrup which is "post-mixed" with carbonated water. Just a much more efficient means of serving soda. (Hey, it's soda here in Indiana, or just "coke").
  10. Cleaning Run

    Im curious... where are you located?
  11. Collection Tank

    Only because it's a pain in the ass to maintain a mix of the two. I settled on ball-locks only because that's what I started with 20+ years ago. You only bottle a few times before declaring, "To hell with this". No damn clue why they seem to be more popular.
  12. Cleaning Run

    Are you running coolant to your deph? And if you say no, are you 100% positive? For this cleaning run, are you running vapor through both the shorter and taller column?
  13. Cleaning Run

    That is a massive boiler for 600 liters. Be prepared for short cycling. Let just assume you're 500k BTU on the output side. You should be able to bring the contents of the kettle to a boil in about 40 mins. Is your distillyer cold? Too much (as in an infinite amount) of passive reflux? Tell us more about your still. I'd like to know about column diameter. Can you post a few pics?
  14. Collection Tank

    Ah yes. Those are cheap. No idea why pinlocks ever took off amongst the homebrewers. Totally unrelated: are you open Thanksgiving week? Heading out with the fam to watch the parade. Appears our hotel (48th & 11th ave) is about 15 mins from your place.
  15. Collection Tank

    You must have been out of the homebrewing game for a while. They're about $50 for a ball lock in good condition. I buy new ones for $100 each. Notwithstanding, you're spot on in that they're great to collect spirits in and frankly even $100 is cheap in the grand scheme of things . Gotta make sure you replace the seals on lid and posts with silicone. OK yes you can get them on craiglist for less than $50, but then you have to drive to the closest Holiday Inn parking lot to pick them up and then you gotta worry about getting shivved. ;-)