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    Source to heat the still, electrical, NG, propane?

    Our distillery was on a street with city steam... approx $125k to connect (it did require closing the street during connection along with all of the regulators & equipment to get it to LP steam) and then you had to contract with the city to purchase steam, the minimum amount was WAY more than we needed. Even when used for heat in the facility the initial outlay simply wasn't economically logical. It certainly sounded like a great approach initially.
  2. indyspirits

    Source to heat the still, electrical, NG, propane?

    If you don't have a doc you'll need a forktruck You can run the math for all of these. In the midwest NG is less than anything else. I believe they mean literally directly fired -- as in an open flame beneath the pot. Less efficient than any other method of heating, and yes, I think it would be difficult to gain approval from your local permitting folks. If you can afford steam, go with steam. There are folks here that will sing the virtues of the water bath. Just pull our your high-school physics book and calculate how long it will take to heat up. Time is your enemy in the distilling world.
  3. indyspirits

    utility costs as percentage of costs of goods sold

    what water wuold you get that's cooled down?
  4. indyspirits

    Fermenter Explosion

    My money is on "not true".
  5. indyspirits

    Sovereign Flavoring

    Bought a gallon of this. Decided to go a different route. Yours shipped for $75. About $125 shipped from sovereign.
  6. indyspirits

    Grounded Fermenters?

    We're getting pushback from our insurance carrier that our fermenters should be bonded to our facilitiy's ground loop. Has anyone else been asked to do that?
  7. indyspirits

    Pump type for transferring pure ethanol

    We went with a smaller yamada with an aluminum air motor, stainless bits & pieces, and teflon seals & balls. Handily enough it came with an attached grounding strap. We paid about a grand on ebay after shipping. It was the NDP-20BST. Great little pump.
  8. indyspirits

    Help me understand these reviews

    For starters, Taylor, doesn't need to be a douchebag. Second, the most valuable comment is: More than anything this tells me the tails cut went too deep. If that is in fact the case (and god knows there are so many whiskey "experts" out there, Taylor evidently being one of them) then his other comments have merit. However, I have never, ever heard of "puddle water". That's him trying to be cute. Reviews like this couldn't be less helpful.
  9. indyspirits

    Cleaning Copper

    My question is.... why bother? There are so many other time consuming tasks. We just let it go and now it has that nice worn-penny patina.
  10. indyspirits

    Bonding Wires

    I need to pick up a couple of bonding wires. Those offered at Amazon or Grainger are crappy with small clips or very expensive. 29 CFR 1910.106 advises stranded wire for temp connections. I see nothing preventing me from using a standard battery cable -- they're heavy duty (well at least for static dissipation) at 6 gauge and long enough to be of use. I can't think of any reason why these wouldn't be acceptable as long as you have an SOP covering continuity testing. Thoughts?
  11. indyspirits

    "Angels Share"... What are you seeing?

    I've always read: Small barrels experience much greater loss than large On the average and in the long run 53s lose 4% in year 1 and 2% per year thereafter That's not exactly what we're seeing. After two years we're seeing about 20% loss in 30 gallon barrels and 11% (both on a proof gallon basis) in 53 gallon barrels. These are Kelvin #3 char. Barrels are stored vertically, four to a pallet in the midwest. We do get some weeping through the bungs which stops after some time or with liberal whack from a dead-blow. Our prod facility is not climate controlled and drops to 60F in winter and high in the upper 90s (with humidity to match -- yes, it can get oppressive) in the summer. I'm displeased with this rate of loss. What are others seeing? Edit:Spelling
  12. indyspirits

    Short stem proof hydrometer alcometer for parrot

    OK.. Im dying to see a parrot pic.
  13. indyspirits

    Mash Separation Senior Design Project

    I dont know of a single large distiller that lauters except for single malt. Of those that do, 100% are direct immersion. There's no value in lautering if you dont have to OR if the product quality suffers because of not doing it.
  14. indyspirits

    "Angels Share"... What are you seeing?

    But I don't think it's leaking -- on the majority of these bbls there is no visible leaking, so it must be evap or loss into staves.
  15. indyspirits

    "Angels Share"... What are you seeing?

    We're right there with you. Kind of screws with production estimates.
  16. indyspirits

    "Angels Share"... What are you seeing?

    We stopped soaking about two years ago. For us it became a time thing but perhaps we need to revisit it.
  17. indyspirits

    Small pump for bottle washing station

    Got it. That's the one I was referring to. Thanks.
  18. indyspirits

    Small pump for bottle washing station

    I assume you offer the quad in your bottle rinser for wine?
  19. indyspirits

    Thoughts on Quinoa

    Thank you sir for taking one for the team!
  20. indyspirits

    DIY defoamers

    Or just use patcote 376. relatively affordable considering how little you need to use.
  21. indyspirits

    Mashing raw barley

    So @Silk City Distillers got me wondering about taste differences between raw and malted barley. So think, "self, just make ten gallons of beer from both malted & raw, run them through a simple pot and see if you can tell them apart". Then I realized I have no idea how to mash raw barley. I guess I'd start like I do a cereal mash with corn except at 150 not 190. Adjust pH, add alpha and gluco? I'm stumped on this.
  22. indyspirits

    50-60 gallon still realistic?

    Ain't it the truth!
  23. indyspirits

    Noob enzyme question.

    I find the entire process (gel / starch - > dextrines) is faster when the corn is ground finer. Never really noticed a difference regarding viscosity.
  24. indyspirits

    Noob enzyme question.

    Funny story... We normally pitch our HTAs at low temps and them let the heat up with the corn. Once we forgot and when the starch gelled (185ish ?) you could actually hear the difference in the agitator. Pitch our normal HTAs and within a few seconds it started to thin out. OK, we thought it was funny.
  25. indyspirits

    Still design - copper heads/domes

    making source spirit or purchasing?