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    Craft gin - 5 questions, please don't beat me up

    Do you not have a louching problem? That seems like quite a bit of juniper.
  2. indyspirits


    Insuranceman is no longer with his previous company. NFC where he is.
  3. indyspirits

    Getting absinthe to louche properly

    The magic louche oils are way the hell down in the tails -- well more accurately the stuff with a high BP. A general place to start is to start with X volume of neutral spirits, macerate. Add X/2 volume of water. Distill collecting X volume of distillate. In a new receiver collect as much of the X/2 volume as "tails". You'll end up with a damp mass of botanicals. Dont scorch it or you'll screw up the entire batch. To say it's unpleasant to clean is an understatement. Add those "tails" + enough water to get to X/2 in the next distillation. Rinse, repeat. Absinthe is the most difficult but most enjoyable spirit to master.
  4. indyspirits

    Tax on Spirits Transferred in Bond in Bottles

    Bubbling an old post to the top. Has TTB issued any detailed guidance on this?
  5. indyspirits

    GNS Cost and Availability

    Saw it. Thanks!
  6. indyspirits

    Water Softener

    We've outstripped (pun fully intended) the capacity of our water softener. Looking for a twin alternating system max 50 GPM. Any recommendations (or horror stories)?
  7. indyspirits

    Water Softener

    That's exactly what we bought! 3 bags of resin / column (why aren't the columns full of resin). It is a Fleck valve. Thanks for the manual offer. It came with a valve and programmer manual and the Google led me to PDF versions.
  8. indyspirits

    Barrels for distillations

    Food grade barrels are usually made of HDPE which is fairly chemical resistant. Have scrubbed with a degreaser like TSP? SS barrels are nice but never under $100. We collect all feints in HDPE barrels and in the early days collected final spirit.
  9. indyspirits

    Water Softener

    Pentair? I was complete mistaken on flow rate as we're using the water only for our RO system and boiler feed water.
  10. indyspirits

    Water Softener

    We ended up getting a dual 96,000 grain system from amazon and installed it ourselves. Works a dream. About $1,700 all in.
  11. indyspirits

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    Now you tell me! I did nothing except kill the wild yeasts (did so immediately upon filling the cornies).
  12. indyspirits

    Is it worth using sugarcane in rum production ?

    A few year back I was at our state fair and saw a farmer juice sorghum. I asked him if I could have some to ferment and distill. A month or so later when it has fully matured -- about 12 brix IIRC -- (that which he was juicing at the fair was for show only -- about 2 brix) I brought down three corny keys and some sulphite to kill the native yeast. I generally treated it as I would cider -- healthy dose of nutrients and some SO5 yeast. Fermented out dry. Ran in our small test still.... As @JustAndy said, it ain't going to be catching on soon. I found it rough and "disjointed". Granted the yield was about a gallon of spirit and cuts are notorious difficult in small batches, I just don't see this being a thing. Here's a pic of the juicer. I love our State Fair!
  13. indyspirits

    American Single Malt Whiskey

    I'm a big single malt scotch fan and I think this is the single most annoying aspect of the spirits craze. I dont care if it ages 36 months, but I want to know it's aged 36 months. I simply can't figure out why it's not a rqeuirement in the scotch regs.
  14. indyspirits

    American Single Malt Whiskey

    That will have the crafties throwing a fit.
  15. indyspirits

    American Single Malt Whiskey

    Pedant mode on: And from 100% malted barley in a pot still aged for three years. At one low point in my life I read through all of the regs. Enthralling. Bottom line, as you said, no equivalent in the US
  16. indyspirits

    Precipitate in triple sec

    Maybe? Im a bit surprised USW didnt give you at least a cheapy TDS pen. You can get them on amazon.
  17. indyspirits

    Precipitate in triple sec

    Just to properly flog this dead horse... you've checked conductivity on the out side of the RO system?
  18. indyspirits

    Chilling Needs on Mash Tank

    Have Paul build you a cart-mounted "foldback" style wort/mash cooler . You can build one for yourself out of copper for about $1,500 if you're willing to permanently affix it to the wall. I'd by lying if I said it wasn't a PITA.
  19. indyspirits

    Mashbill in pounds

    I know Caleb, we've worked with him before. I'll give him a shout today. Thanks!
  20. indyspirits

    Mashbill in pounds

    He farms about 5,000 acres. I know he puts up beans and corn but discs under the cover crops (if that's a real term). I'll drop him a line and find out.
  21. indyspirits

    Mashbill in pounds

    Oh I understand how it works, but the corn remains viscous and easily worked when adding enzymes as the temp is on the way up. Stirring 800 lbs of corn as it gels without enzymes can be a challenge.
  22. indyspirits

    Mashbill in pounds

    OK makes sense. We have been in conversion with a farmer near us who plants both barley and rye as cover crops. Were he to harvest this grain, how much work is involved in cleaning it up up to the point where we can truck it to a local maltster (admittedly I'm a city boy)?
  23. indyspirits

    Cane sugar

    We've tested our product from 25 to 35% ABV and anywhere from 190 to 350g/L and never experience crystallization. As for figuring this all out, I would strongly advise using AlcoDens LQ -- it's greatly streamlined our process.
  24. indyspirits

    Grapefruit Liquor

    beet powder perhaps?
  25. indyspirits

    Mashbill in pounds

    How does field barley (I've honestly not heard the term) differ from unmalted/raw barley?