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    That's what I'd be interested in. Should these work to dewater a grain-in ferment?
  2. indyspirits


    I want one!
  3. indyspirits

    Botanical storage best practice?

    We store in plastic bins from the local big-box store.
  4. indyspirits

    Culture growing in my bottled rum?

  5. indyspirits

    Blending spirit tank specification

    I would strongly encourage you to consider this option. I'm certain others will chime in here.
  6. indyspirits

    Blending spirit tank specification

    Is that due to some regulation???
  7. indyspirits

    Return line Above or Below? that is the question

    Our return line is internal below the liquid level. We never experience any backup into the bottom of our column due to slow flow.
  8. <soapbox> Now I may be speaking only for myself, but when I access this site I get a list of unread contents. I always go to: http://adiforums.com/discover/unread/ When I see the identical post in three different fora it does nothing but irritate me. We'll see your post, no need to spray it all over </soapbox>
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    Potato Vodka - HELP

    Who'd you buy through? That seems excessive. I know there are places online that buy enzymes and break them down into reasonable sizes (let's face it, you only need a few tenths of a ml / gram of starch) and ship USPS.
  10. indyspirits

    Potato Vodka - HELP

    After much experimentation, we've started using DAP, MgSO4, and Vitamin B complex. There are a number of commercial products out there that have effectively this -- take a look at their patent filings. You were told correctly! Certainly that's true. I've found 100% cane sugar to have something of a "twangy" flavor. Shrug. Maybe that's just me. Regardless, I don't think "Distilled from Potatoes and Cane Sugar" is the worst thing.
  11. indyspirits

    Potato Vodka - HELP

    Ahh common!! In all seriousness, it's a term coined (I believe) by the folks at homebrewdigest.com describing the smell from cider fermentation with less that optimum amounts of nutrients. It smells, uhhh, unpleasant.
  12. indyspirits

    Potato Vodka - HELP

    I don't believe that is accurate. Anyway, 8 - 10% is pretty good. It'll be a real slog waiting for 13% ABV to ferment dry. Where 7% may go dry in a week 13% might take two weeks. 1060 - 1070 is your friend for a sweet spot between yield and ferment time. Google "rhino farts". Are you adding any nutrients? Check the temp range of your yeast. Many distillers yeasts do fine at 90F but you're at or near the top end of the temp range. Do you have the ability to actively cool? Re: 25% -- again, that's in the normal range -- a bit low perhaps but we've had worse. At what ABV are you stopping collection? All in all, a reasonable effort. Well don't and congrats on having the cojones for making potato vodka!
  13. indyspirits

    Odin on Gin

    Did you conduct a triangle test immediately after US treatment or just a few years after?
  14. indyspirits

    Boiler Installation Costs

    We have a 2M BTU Columbia and our bids were around $100k for steam and glycol.
  15. indyspirits

    Odin on Gin

    I would suggest that's a purchase you should make sooner than later.
  16. indyspirits

    Odin on Gin

    It certainly can. But that's not always such a bad thing. Many gins (martin miller comes to mind) louche slightly upon dilution.
  17. indyspirits

    On stating botanical loads

    Relating to macerated gins: I have always stated my botanical (henceforth "bot" or "bots") load as total grams of bots / liter of spirit at which the bots are macerated. For example: 23g/L indicates a total of 23 grams of bots in a liter of neutral spirit at 63% ABV (the strength at which we macerate) I have read here and other places two versions of this. First, some state their botanical load as g/L of botanical at kettle dilution - that is the ratio of bots per liter of NS immediately prior to distillation (after water has been added to the mixture). What I find odd about this is that the mass of botanical seems quite low -- 23 g/L of 35% ABV (where we dilute ours to prior to distillation) is barely perfumed NS. 23 g/L at 35% corresponds to 41 g/L of bots at 63%. In my experience that would have serious louching problems. Others ( @Silk City Distillers -- correct me if I'm off base here) states their botanical load as g/L of finished product. Is this correct? We stop collecting product (I prefer not use the term "tails cut) after the distillate takes on a muted/dusty/dirty smell). Even then there is some flavor left in the "pot ale". This being the case, how can one determine the quantity of bots in the finished product? I ask this because of a challenge we've has scaling our recipe. I want to ensure we're in the realm of what's considered normal which I've always thought was between 20 and 35 total grams of botanicals per liter of macerate-strength neutral spirit.
  18. indyspirits

    Formula approval for Spiced Rum Required?

    It certainly will. Generally speaking, if you do anything to a spirit after it comes off the still, other than barrel aging, you'll need a formula.
  19. indyspirits

    carbon monoxide

  20. indyspirits

    Forking Forklift Questions

    Oh one other thing, Our charger is 208 three-phase which everyone may not have. It's fairly large -- think of a 30"-sided cube.
  21. indyspirits

    Grounded Fermenters?

    We're getting pushback from our insurance carrier that our fermenters should be bonded to our facilitiy's ground loop. Has anyone else been asked to do that?
  22. indyspirits

    Grounded Fermenters?

    Please stop, you're applying logic! Our local insurance carrier requested that we ground our fermenters. I tried to explain they contained less than 10% etoh. Fortunately we ran a grounding loop around the perimeter of our facility and it took only $20 in claps & copper to ground them. Thank goodness. Disaster averted. 😐
  23. indyspirits

    Forking Forklift Questions

    Hey, remember I said I was 86% certain! Maybe it had to do with the size of our original building ( much smaller than our current ). Or maybe it was that since propane is heavier than air it could settle with ethanol vapors. I simply don't recall. Our tires are hard, not air-filled. We have a 3,500 lb Hyster. Seems to do what we want. Get fork extensions so you can carry two barrels.
  24. indyspirits

    Forking Forklift Questions

    Pretty certain (say... 86%) there are regs requiring electric forklift. The whole combustion engine thing and all that. We have battery. The charger sits where we park it nightly and has never been a big deal. We leased ours, FWIW.
  25. indyspirits

    Welding question

    Just spit out my coffee laughing so hard! Clearly they haven't heard of or were too lazy to back purge.