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  1. indyspirits

    oil in steam boiler

    Dawn detergent is what our boiler guy initially used. Some use TSP but it's verboten in some jurisdictions.
  2. indyspirits

    Forum malware?

    If(android){ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.adblockplus.browser&hl=en_US };
  3. indyspirits

    Label Design

    We've recently investigated this for short "single barrel" runs. Per label price quote for full color is about $.003 / square inch for ink only. You do have the ability to print onto blank, die cut labels. You're looking at about $3k for a printer. If you use an auto-applicator you'd need to either re-config your printer or re-roll the printed labels. We didn't care for the label stock either -- look & feel like what you'd find on a jar of preserves at the local farmer market -- either too shiny or too matte. We never got to the point of durability testing. For us, at least, it just wasn't worth the hassle. Our current label printer, @BlueLabelDigitalPrinting will do very short runs for a min investment of about $200 or a bit under a buck a label. Expensive? Yes, but when factoring in all the faffing around required to print in-house it makes the investment seem more worthwhile.
  4. indyspirits

    50ml Contract Packaging

    We're looking to contract out packaging of 50 ml containers. Any advice on where to start?
  5. Just FYI -- SR is not their rum yeast.
  6. indyspirits

    Calculating PPM of licorice root in gin formula?

    This is extremely odd... moreso since we got that exact verbatim request and our FOLA submission doesn't have licorice root in it...
  7. indyspirits

    Big Fish?

    This certainly doesn't seem compelling:
  8. indyspirits

    In House Label Printing

    Does anyone here user printers from Primera (or any other vendor for that matter) when printing short runs? We've started to do single-barrel programs with local chains who invariably request special labels. Short 300 label runs are cost prohibitive from our current vendor Blue Label (with whom we're very happy). Anyone?
  9. indyspirits

    In House Label Printing

    Excellent. Thanks for the advice!
  10. indyspirits

    In House Label Printing

    Can you run die cut labels through it? How durable are the labels in terms of color fastness?
  11. You can make your own gasket with RTV silicone. Simply apply a fat bead of RTV silicone to lid, a nice layer of petroleum jelly to the barrel and gently set the lid on. Let it cure overnight.
  12. indyspirits

    Filling Equipment & Different Spirits

    Sure. Wash filler appropriately. We do keep a distinct filter for each spirit type.
  13. indyspirits

    How many of each bottle size

    We didnt (and still dont) sell 1L or 1.75L. Rather we do about 90% 750ml and 10% 375ml. The number depends on the MOQ from your vendor -- probably a pallet of each.
  14. indyspirits

    Reverse Osmosis System

    I would encourage you to consider a semi-DIY approach. We made ours out of this RO system from US Water Systems, two HDPE totes piped together as the holding tank, and this stainless head shallow well pump to deliver the water throughout the premise. If we need more capacity we can simply add another RO system. Total cost was right around $1,800. The only gotcha we experienced is our water softener is undersized for the demand and local water hardness. We're soon to remedy that with a dual column softener. When the system was new we were about 2 ppm TDS at the points of use.
  15. indyspirits

    New startup question about setting up

    Other than cost, why on earth would anyone not go with steam, or at the very least bain marie? I can think of no other benefit other than cost. Not one. Someone help me understand.
  16. indyspirits

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    Following up to my own post... I got my pontica at absintheherbs.com. Good people to work with. I just wish it weren't so damn expensive!
  17. Anyone have a source for artemisia pontica they'd be willing to share? We've recently used the last of ours and I'm unable to find a vendor who has it in stock to tide us over until our harvest is ready in late June.
  18. indyspirits

    AlcoDens LQ on Linux

    PSA: For those non-window folks... I've been running AlcoDens LQ 3.3 under linux/wine (specifically Ubuntu 18.04 / wine 3.0 from the repo) without any glitches whatsoever. Remarkably good stuff! Edit: added AD version number
  19. indyspirits

    AlcoDens LQ on Linux

    A SaaS solution should have little, if any, impact on price and has real advantages -- hardware & OS agnosticism (Mac, PC, Chromebook, Android, IOS, Solaris, NeXT, Lisa -- ok maybe not), truly portable, zero-cost updating, zero-install for the customer, ability to collect usage metrics, and for the publisher a long term revenue stream. We're definitely going to buy the LQ version but I'd gladly pay $20 / month forever so we can run it on our Chromebooks throughout the facility.
  20. indyspirits

    AlcoDens LQ on Linux

    I'd love to see a web-based subscription model!
  21. indyspirits

    Glycol Loop Material

    When our mechanical contractor installed our glycol loop we were informed it was a thermostable / high temp plastic. It is not. Looking to see what others who have an open loop system (that is, the glycol is returned to a reservoir tank at atmospheric pressure). If you'd like, please complete this very short poll. What is your glycol loop made of? https://goo.gl/forms/zP0BQhlTe81Tqiqy1
  22. indyspirits

    Glycol Loop Material

    I've never seen 3" pex.
  23. indyspirits

    Glycol Loop Material

    Our story: mechanical contractor told us it was schedule 80 cpvc. We were on a budget. Clearly it's PVC not CPVC. We've had leaks, deflection, it's a mess. We're in the midst of replacing it now. We've had quotes for copper, cpvc, and black pipe w/ grooved (victaulic specifically) fittings. Bottom line: trust but verify the first time!
  24. indyspirits

    Blue tint

    sparkly blue or just plain translucent blue?
  25. indyspirits

    Thermocouple - Wifi Data-Logger

    They do some great stuff.