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  1. I'm planning on opening in Marquette, MI. The wildly optimistic plan is be up and running in one year. In reality, I'm probably looking at a May 2018 opening. As far as I know, we'll be the only distiller in the Upper Peninsula, but if some one else is on the ball, good for them, and for me, because it will give more visibility to the industry in our area. Where are you at, Shindig?
  2. Sugar meaning fermentable sugars, whether they need to be broken down or not. We have potatoes, corn, barley, sugar maples, rye, and other sources.
  3. I'm very early in the process of starting a distillery in northern Michigan. We'll be producing rum, gin, and whiskey, hopefully utilizing local sugar sources as much as possible. I'm hoping to do small batch experiments with single grain varieties and different yeast strains as well. I come from a brewing background and am hoping to take the lessons I've learned there and extend my knowledge into the distilling business. Cheers!
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