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  1. jrfalcon

    heating element

    Question, is a 2000 amp element to much for a 10 gallon reveeneer reflux still, and please serious answers only
  2. jrfalcon

    making gin in a stripping still

    Thank you, its nice to talk with a person that doesn't treat like S##T
  3. jrfalcon

    making gin in a stripping still

    Making Gin in a stripping still, would a stripping still work if you infused the engredents and soak them over night if you use your final run of vodka, than run it as a stripping run?
  4. jrfalcon

    cooling sugar wash

    Interesting, I will give that a try, Thanks
  5. jrfalcon

    cooling sugar wash

    Any thoughts on a way to cool a sugar wash from 140 to 60 degrees without spending a lot of funds
  6. jrfalcon

    wash chiller used

    Looking for a small wash chiller for taking 150 degrees to 60 degrees in 150 gallon batches
  7. jrfalcon

    50ml miniature bottles

  8. until all the problems over the last 6 months are fixed, I will not make any specific items or coments
  9. jrfalcon

    50ml miniature bottles

    groups pf 100. glass, round or square, mvaldrow@comcast.net
  10. jrfalcon

    50ml miniature bottles

    groups pf 100. glass. round or square
  11. Hi Guy, would you sending me a price for 50 ml square and round glass bottles with caps per 100, thanks , mike

  12. jrfalcon

    50ml miniature bottles

    ri, mvaldrow@comcast.net, looking for glass, thanks
  13. jrfalcon

    Vodka charcoal filtering

    Looking for a system to charcoal filter 20-30 gallon batches, any thoughts
  14. jrfalcon

    Proofing thermomiters

  15. jrfalcon

    Proofing thermomiters

    Who is a good source for proofing thermomiters.