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  1. jrfalcon

    Vodka charcoal filtering

    Looking for a system to charcoal filter 20-30 gallon batches, any thoughts
  2. jrfalcon

    Proofing thermomiters

  3. jrfalcon

    Proofing thermomiters

    Who is a good source for proofing thermomiters.
  4. jrfalcon

    ABV of finished sugar wash

    Thanks, were can I find the conversion table
  5. jrfalcon

    ABV of finished sugar wash

    How does one find the ABV of a finished sugar wash, when both the brix and hydrometer both read 0
  6. jrfalcon

    TTB Certified hydrometer

    Any recommendations
  7. jrfalcon

    TTB Certified hydrometer

    In case I missed something, is a certified hydrometer required for proof when bottling, Thanks
  8. jrfalcon

    Digital ABV reader

    Can I get some ideas for a good digital ABV proof reader, Thanks
  9. jrfalcon

    SS Cooling Coil For 55 gal

    Clackamas Oregon
  10. jrfalcon

    SS Cooling Coil For 55 gal

    Will drop the price to $300 plus shipping
  11. SS Cooling Coil for 50 gallon barrels, made from 1" SS, has 2" ferulls at each end, $330 plus $110 shipping, lower 48 only
  12. jrfalcon

    Stripping Run

    Have been doing stripping runs at full heat, now seeing some saying reduce heat when near boil starts, any thoughts.
  13. jrfalcon

    Bad tasting gin

    Making our own, 50 gals
  14. jrfalcon

    Bad tasting gin

    When working on a gin recipe, if the gin is not to my liking , will redistilling it take out all the botanical flavors, or just dump it.