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  1. In this week’s News from ADI ~ February 20, 2019 https://conta.cc/2E17JrJ Chilean pisco: Cocktails ‘fundamental’ to global growth; Maryland Rye Whiskey Has Finally Returned. But What Was It in the First Place?; The Illinois Craft Distillers Association introduces bills aimed at parity with Illinois wine-makers and brewers; Bullish outlook: Brexit uncertainty could benefit spirits; distillery expansions, openings, new releases, events and more!
  2. https://conta.cc/2Dd6nJT Former Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper to Deliver Keynote Address at Conference; New logo rolled out for ADI; US whiskey exports to UK double in 10 years; United States and UK: Distilled Spirits Trade Commitment Reaffirmed; Remembering Kris Berglund, Michigan State University; Legislative support: Arizona Craft Distillers Guild; NABCA Control State End of Year 2018 Results; USDA Awards Distilled Spirits Council $815,000 In Agricultural Trade Promotion Program Funding; Constellation Brands Makes Minority Investment in Rochester Craft Distiller Black Button Distilling; new releases, events and more!
  3. In this week’s eNews: January 9, 2019https://conta.cc/2Fj6cj3LAST Day for ADI Annual Year-End Survey of Craft Distillers; Whiskey sour: U.S. craft distillers say Trumptrade war with Europe is killing export plans; Terroir in whiskey 'does exist', distillery study finds; Navigating Craft Distilling Association Memberships; Know your 2019 Malting Varieties; How to Crack the Code of Cruise Ship Beverage Programs; Connecticut craft distillers say tight laws holding back industry's growth; Could changes be coming to Virginia's alcohol laws?; TTB affected by US Government shut down; new releases, events and more!
  4. In this week’s eNews: November 28, 2018 https://conta.cc/2Rs0vSQ NABCA Control State Results for October 2018; How two Baltimore distilleries are bringing rye whiskey back; Florida the Latest Battleground for Interstate Shipping; 17 New American Distilleries and Tasting Rooms You Need To Visit; Gin maker Death's Door Spirits declares bankruptcy; Craft Bourbon Craze Is Over in Europe Thanks to 25% Import Tax; new distilleries opening, new releases, Deadline for International Entries THIS FRIDAY, November 30 2019 Judging of Craft Spirits, and more!
  5. In this week’s eNews: November 21, 2018 https://conta.cc/2R1rGE5 Turkey chase: Happy Thanksgiving from ADI; Inaugural Distilling Research Grant Auction a Great Success; In Memoriam: George Racz, Las Vegas Distillery founder and Pioneer of Nevada craft distilling; An Alchemist Tries to Save the Soul of Rum From His Boston Kitchen; California's Pisco Trail; Potent History Comes Full Circle at Dutch's Spirits; Distiller Profile: Chris Fredrickson at Traverse City Whiskey Company; new releases, events, and more!
  6. In this week’s eNews: October 24, 2018 https://conta.cc/2O2Flsj California brandy is better than ever; Virginia's distilling industry continues its rapid growth, despite regulatory challenges; Industry Veteran Chris Swonger Named CEO of Distilled Spirits Council and Responsibility.Org; How to Do Business in a Franchise State; Distillery profiles, such as Matchbook Distilling and Warrior Liquor; less than 1 month left of the new Distilling Research Grant online Auction; new releases, events, and more! Also: track Bill Owens’ trip around the world…
  7. In this week’s eNews: October 17, 2018 https://conta.cc/2EAXC0q Distillery profiles, such as Buffalo Distilling and five from NJ; Your New Favorite Brown Liquor: American brandy; Collaboration Over Competition: The Women's Distillery Guild joins Women of the Vine & Spirits; They Are Women, Hear Them Pour: 2018 "Siposium" Steers Even More Women to Bourbon; Supreme Court to Revisit Case of Interstate Wine and Spirits Shipping; Lyft announces Ride Smart Maryland Initiative; only 1 month left of the new Distilling Research Grant online Auction; new releases, events, and more: track Bill Owens’ trip around the world…
  8. In this week’s eNews: October 3, 2018 https://conta.cc/2IEJZf2 New California Law Gives Small Distilleries a Bigger Shot; Distilled Spirits Council applauds trade deal; Bourbon slowdown on the way says UK analyst; 150 Bars you must try before you die; Botanical library to aid Scottish gin producers; Craft Distillers Guild of BC update; new distilleries, new releases, events, and more: track Bill Owens’ trip around the world…
  9. In this week’s eNews: September 26, 2018 https://conta.cc/2Q82Cds Diageo invests in Westward American Single Malt; Infused with passion: New Riff Distilling; The states that drink the most alcohol in America; Scottish Craft Distillers Association rebrands as Scottish Distillers Association; distillery profiles; new releases, events, and more: track Bill Owens’ trip around the world…
  10. In this week’s eNews: September 19, 2018 https://conta.cc/2D9xU1Z Distilling Research Grant Auction 2018 launched; Virginia is an alcohol-control state: friendlier to its distillers or are Virginia's spirits laws stifling a craft distilling revolution?; Whiskey fuels growth in Iowa; Grand Rapids venues not to miss during Michigan's ArtPrize; Interview with Paul Case of Kolani Distillers; Blackwater Distilling Redesign - Case Study; new releases, events, awards and more!
  11. In this week’s eNews: August 29, 2018 https://conta.cc/2Pj94yd Deadline for Speaker RFPs for 2019 ADI Conference: September 9; Early Bird Pricing Extended until Monday, September 10th for Craft Distilling Expo in London; It's 5-o'Clock for 30 Days - September is Virginia Spirits Month; The world's most beautiful bars ; Distillery profiles including: Silver Tree Beer & Spirits, J. Rieger, Peerless Distilling Co., Cedar Ridge and Fort Worth's craft distilleries; Bill Owens 80th Birthday Celebration and Suburbia exhibition; new releases, events and more!
  12. In this week’s eNews: August 22, 2018 https://conta.cc/2BA2Esh Jim Harrelson Memorial Whiskey to fund scholarship program; How could tariffs help local craft distillers?; Control State Results for July 2018; Distilleries draw on local ingredients to put personal twists on craft spirits; Washington craft distillery profiles; Arizona Distilling Co. opens new Cocktail Lounge and Tasting Room; Niagara College distillery boasts local expert; Bristol distillery to sell spirits via blockchain technology; new releases, events and more!
  13. In this week’s eNews: July 25, 2018 https://conta.cc/2JU93gK ADI's Eric Zandona selected for IWSC Spirit Communicator of the Year 2018 shortlist; Worldwide Whiskey Associations Joining Together for 1st Ever 'W8 - Spirit of Collaboration Summit’; Pennsylvania Distillers Guild announces Health Insurance offering; Giving liquor a bad name; Still Austin Whiskey Distillery Fills Its 1,000 Barrel; Help your fellow distiller rebuild his dream after the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico; Local spirits rise from the ashes; 7 Indianapolis distilleries, new distilleries, new releases, Events and more!
  14. In this week’s eNews: July 18, 2018 https://conta.cc/2L4UZGY ADI Tasting events at Tales of the Cocktail; Seattle distillers make a spirited case for barrel-aged gin; Delaware's liquor industry growing through collaboration; Distilled spirits post another year of volume increases, per the 2018 Liquor Handbook; Does a Whiskey Brand Need to Do Its Own Distilling? Also, new distilleries, new releases, events and more!
  15. In this week’s eNews: July 11, 2018 https://conta.cc/2KPnmIX Colorado Distiller feeling the pain of trade war; Distilled Spirits Council statement on China's 25% tariffs; Asheville [NC] craft spirit boom; Intro to Working with Co-Packers; Blogging tips; Micro distilleries are taking Australia by storm; new distilleries, new releases, events and more!
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