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  1. Whoa pump the brakes @bluestar. Nothing I posted was incorrect nor was it intended as anything other than additional information about age statements. The article discusses the use of the following age statement “perfectly aged for up to six to eight years”. The article also supplies reference to other areas in the CFR on age statement.
  2. In addition to the webinar: Tater-Talk: Age statements on straight whiskies are now meaningless
  3. Sorry, I provided the wrong link. https://www.mcmaster.com/#6795k57
  4. Could you use one of these and reduce the MPT? https://www.proflow-dynamics.com/products/camlock-fittings/stainless-steel-camlock-fittings.html Otherwise https://www.mcmaster.com/#2084t153
  5. Hey Jason, Just curious if you are able to share your progress. Thanks!
  6. SchieferP1

    DYE China?

    What were you using as a heat source?
  7. SchieferP1

    DYE China?

    Just curious if you could describe what we are looking at. Did you attempt to clean the equipment prior to your first distillation?
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