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  1. SchieferP1

    Looking for this camlock adapter...

    Sorry, I provided the wrong link. https://www.mcmaster.com/#6795k57
  2. SchieferP1

    Looking for this camlock adapter...

    Could you use one of these and reduce the MPT? https://www.proflow-dynamics.com/products/camlock-fittings/stainless-steel-camlock-fittings.html Otherwise https://www.mcmaster.com/#2084t153
  3. SchieferP1

    Wooden rickhouse design

    Hey Jason, Just curious if you are able to share your progress. Thanks!
  4. SchieferP1

    DYE China?

    What were you using as a heat source?
  5. SchieferP1

    DYE China?

    Just curious if you could describe what we are looking at. Did you attempt to clean the equipment prior to your first distillation?