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  1. I'm selling my wonderful Italian super heavy duty bladder press. I used it mostly for berries, apples, fruits and such and is the perfect size to supply a 60g barrel with about 20 gallons of juice per pressing. I am going to move up to a larger size but will certainly buy another Enotecnica because they are simply indestructible as opposed to many of the cheaper, lighter models. Some cideries use 2 of these in series so that one is always pressing while the other is being filled or emptied but that necessitates enough workers to keep up. I can do 4-6 pressings per hour by myself assuming a simultaneous crush into a separate bin depending on how hard I push it, generally, the yield suffers a little if you rush it. This design is far superior to other press designs as I commonly get an apple juice yield of 58-68%, depending on ripeness and variety and can drastically surpass that using things like raspberries, strawberries etc. It works on just about any fruit or berry without pits or with the pits removed as pits can harm the bladder membrane. The bottom outlet is 1.5 Tri Clover and the unit is in like new shape minus perhaps a scratch or 2 and I will provide a brand new strainer sheet upon sale. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, which I can arrange LTL or is free to pick it up. It is located in Phoenixville, PA 19460. This is a good opportunity to get a best-in-class unit for the less than the price of a cheaper, lighter one. I'm asking $1500.00 but will entertain reasonable offers. Feel free to contact me at ezcyseratgmaildotcom or PM. Thanks for looking and have a great day. Link to Where I bought it from: http://www.fvwsupply.com/Z_ProdDet_Presses.asp?MM_PartNumber=BP080SSR Link to directions and manual/specs http://www.zambellienotech.it/index.php/en/products/fruit-processing-equipment/item/water-press
  2. Just dark mahogany wood grain
  3. Yeah, sending out samples out this week. I'll shoot you an email
  4. Sent. Even with international shipping you should see them by the end of the week. I PM'd tracking info. Thanks.
  5. Got your email Erica. I'll send out the samples on Monday. Thanks
  6. Mahogony T-tops with synthetic cork I have 14,000 new Mahogany T-tops with synthetic corks from Tapi USA lying around from a past project that I won’t be needing anymore. They are factory sealed in in unopened bags of 1000 that weigh about 30 pounds each. -14,000 of them are 19.5mm stopper, the wood top is 36.5mm wide and 14mm thick total height is 33.5mm. (pictured) I’d like to get $.25 each or $250 per bag because I paid twice that for them but honestly, they are just taking up space and I’d be open to any and all offers. If you think these closures may be suitable for you, I would be happy to send some samples out of already opened bags at my expense to make sure they are a good fit for you. One or 2 bags may be worthwhile to ship UPS etc.. but much more than that may be better off LTL. Buyer pays freight. I can arrange shipping FOB 22949, Lovingston, VA, or you can pick up at my brewery. I'll consider paying shipping with your deposit on any reasonable offers PM or Email Chris at Ezcyser@gmaildotcom, thanks.