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  1. Solid advice guys, thanks.Ran the water test, worked like a charm!
  2. I've seen this mentioned a few times in threads, but how would I go about preforming this test? Thanks! Holstein still, 1200 liter, 16 plates, with dephlegmator.
  3. Initial stripping run pulls about 155-160 proof in the hearts using 4 plates a mild reflux, second run hits 186 or so using 15 plates, 3rd round hits 15 plates coming around 188 or so. Been loading the still around 135-140 proof. Will try 90-100 proof next time. I've tried a fast stripping run with no plates, but it's so much cleaner using the plates that first round, and It doesn't take much more time to run it that way, plus I get a great heads cut on that first pass taking my time during heat up. Is time the primary concern with using plates on the first run, or is there another reason?
  4. Brian, thanks for the links! Some of it went over my head, but a lot of great info there and definitely will help me in the future!
  5. Thanks for the quick responses everyone. Adding plates is not an option at this time; although I do only have 15 plates I'm using multiple passes. I strip with 4 plates, hit a second round through the still with all 15, then hit a final round with another 15 plates. I do have removable windows, I will try packing the top few plates, with SS scouring pads, see if that helps. As for finished product off the still, I'm using a portable density meter, the DMA 35, which is a very accurate unit that auto corrects for temps, to proof the finished spirit, so I don't think that is the issue. Brian, what do you mean by a cleaner binary break? I will run the proof lower next time, but (pardon my lack of knowledge) why would that help?
  6. Hey guys, Any advice on getting < 190 on a 15 plate reflux still? It's been such a pain for me, but I would like any tips on making it a bit easier to achieve. I normally add about 315-330 gallons at around 125-135 proof, heat ups are about 2.5-3 hours, all plates active and bubbling, easy to pull 188, that last few points though are a pain, any advice?
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