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  1. Saludos from Peru

    @Ginto I cannot believe I am just now seeing this reply! I had never heard of Inca Distillery, but thanks for passing mi la voz. I will definitely take a look at their products. Thanks for the hook up!
  2. A Craft Distillery that is not a "Craft Distillery"

    To all, Thanks for all of your solid input and advice. This has helped me greatly! Best, Craig Martin
  3. A Craft Distillery that is not a "Craft Distillery"

    Man @dhdunbar you dropped some fire on that post! That was definitely the word that I needed to hear. You were so right by telling me to focus on: 1) what goes in the bottle 2) not letting other people define me or my business 3) stay honest with the story I tell I really appreciate the straight to the head shot of information. Muchas gracias senor! - Craig Martin
  4. A Craft Distillery that is not a "Craft Distillery"

    Thank you for the reply's. I was simply gonna name the business XXX Macerados Artesanales (XXX Craft Macerados) but the thing is down here this whole craft industry or movement does not exist. I will be a trailblazer for sure in this regard. I recently saw this definition within the forum: So, basically I will be a craft blender of liqueurs?
  5. My name is Craig Martin and I currently am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru with only a few weeks of service left before I am done. I have been working for the past two years down here and there are so many opportunities in this country that I have decided to remain in country to open up a "craft distillery" which specializes in macerados de pisco (Pisco is a Peruvian brandy distilled from grapes). The thing is that at the beginning of production, I will be purchasing Pisco in bulk from a supplier to make my macerados / infusions. My long term vision is to purchase a stake in this supplier after I raise / save enough capital so that I can vertically integrate my business into a legitimate "craft distillery". My question is this: what do you call a business which buys spirits in bulk and then creates their own macerados / infusions? I know the term "craft distillery" does not quite cut it but I am at a loss for words. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  6. Saludos from Peru

    Buenos dias!, My name is Craig Martin and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru with only a few weeks of service remaining before I am done. This country has a ton of opportunity and I have decided to move back to Peru after I finish my service to open up a craft distillery specializing in macerados de Pisco. I have been working for two years down here building my concept, perfecting my formula, and making moves to prepare myself for what is to come. I have a long journey ahead (immigration, lawyers, ton of paperwork, etc) but this is my dream and I will bring it into fruition. It is a Godsend that I ran across this forum as I am a sponge and I love / need to learn more about this business. Gracias, Craig Martin