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  1. Hi fellow distillers, We have a vodka still with a whisky column (5 plates)and a vodka column (21 plates). When we make our low wines, we use the whisky column and bypass the vodka column. Should we bypass the whisky column also? So the run will be shorter. Will it affect the yield or final product? We usually make our low wine run with no cuts, and run it down until it reach 10 abv. Final low wines are at 45 abv. Any thought? Any advice? Thanks to all.
  2. Thank you MGL. Our ativated carbon is in bulk. How should we proceed? Make a pocket of carbon and proceed our spirit through it? Merci.
  3. Thank you Bluefish. We filtered our vodka with activated carbon. This carbon: https://envirosupply.net/shop/activated-carbon/ac/12x40-ultra-pure-prewashed-coconut-shell-activated-carbon-55-lb-bag.html We throwed carbon directly into our 40% abv vodka. We throwed about 1/4 cup in 300L of vodka and waited for two hours. Then we filtered through a .2 micron paper filter. The filtering didnt changed much the taste, maybe the texture of the spirit a bit. Are we doing things right? Regards,
  4. Silk city distillers, We use 660 pounds of grain in about 215 gallons of water. Then we sparge and add some dextrose. We mash at 62-64 for an hour. Grain out. Another question, when you make your vodka run, at what abv (+/-) do you make your tails cut? Thank you.
  5. Thank you. Can you clarify "brush less rechargeable drill"? Regards,
  6. Hello fellow distillers, Anyone use a manual pump to empty barrels? If yes, what type of pump do you use? We are looking for a more simple (and cheaper) way to empty barrels for bottling than the barrel gun with co2 injection. Thank you
  7. It was at 22 plato at the beginnning, was 0 plato after fermentation.
  8. Hi fellow distillers, We made a low-wines run. We have a vodka still with a 5 plate column and a 21 plates column. Both columns have defleghmentor. We did the low-wines run using only the 5 plates column, and we did'nt used the dephlegmentor. We distilled 1200 liter of mash which was about 10% abv. The run started, the distillate was about 85% ABV and we distilled until the ABV of the distillate was around 20%. The final yield was at 50% ABV. We were hoping to yield about 200 liters. The total volume of the distillate at 50% is about 125 liters. Anyone have an idea where the missing 75 liters went? Thank you :-)
  9. Ok. So, I resume: Here's how we should proceed: Make the low wines; Dilute the low wines to 50% ABV and make the vodka run (Safer for fire hazard and better cleaning of the distillate) Dillute the vodka to 50% abv and then filter it with Carbon Make the gin run with 50% abv vodka. Does that sounds right?
  10. Thank you Paul. Can you tell me more? Why is it not wise?
  11. Hello fellow distillers, We have been told that our vodka should be at 40% abv before filtering with activated carbon. If we want to use our vodka to produce a gin, can we filter it at a higher abv? We were considering doing a gin run with 65% abv alcool to be more efficient. Can we filter a vodka at 65% abv? Thanks all
  12. Thank you Ironton. We will try a different malt this morning. Best regards.
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