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  1. Mashing technique and Brix degree

    Thank you Ironton. We will try a different malt this morning. Best regards.
  2. Mashing technique and Brix degree

    Both times, we got 13 deg. Brix.
  3. Mashing technique and Brix degree

    Thank you. We bought our grains from start-up malteries in eastern america. We got some from an old maltery and when grinding, it smelled more sweety, like more sugars. For the idodine test, it got brighter. From dark brown to orange. We tried one temperature step 62-64 then we tried double temperature step 62-64 then 72-74. Both for 30 minutes. Thank you.
  4. Mashing technique and Brix degree

    We filter the grain with our double bottom mash/lauter tun. This one is equiped with rakes and paddles.
  5. Mashing technique and Brix degree

    Thank you for your replies. What is b-glucanase and Amylo 300? Sparging water is at 78 deg C. We got a sparging arm on our mash/lauter tun. It does sparge with low-pressure, is that a problem?. We did iodine test. At the end, it was orange color. Do you think we should try multiple step temperature? Like 62-64 deg C to get the beta-amylase to work for 30 minutes, then increase the temperature to 68-71 to get the alpha-amylase into high gear? Thank you.
  6. Mashing technique and Brix degree

    oups. We are using 200 kg of malted barley and 100 kg of malted wheat. We mill both, barley fine, and wheat more groce.
  7. Mashing technique and Brix degree

    Hello fellow distillers, I have a question as we are experiencing some issues with our mashing technique. Here's what we do: We have a 1200 liters mash/launter tun. We use 900 kg of grain, malted 2 row barley and wheat, with 800 liters of water. We heat the mix to 62-64 deg C and let it sit at that temperature for about an hour. After that, while filtering the grains and moving the mash to the fermenters, we sparge the grain with 500 liters of hot water to retrieve any left fermentable sugars. During the mashing, we checked the ph of the mash several times. It was about 5.5. Once the mash have been transfered to the fermenter we add about 45 kg of dextrose and we do a brix reading. We get a brix of 13, which is quite low and unproductive. We are looking to get a brix of about 20-21. Anyone can advice? Are we doing something wrong? Thank you.
  8. Cleaning Run

    Thank you. The Chapel is right beside the sea.
  9. Cleaning Run

    No. Nothing run through the deph, 100% positive. Yes we run vapor through both column.
  10. Cleaning Run

    Our boiler have 587K BTU on the output side. Columns diameter is about 1 foot. Please see attached pictures.After about 12 hours, the temperature at the upper dephlegmentor is abour 95 celcius and it just stay there. It dont come out through the condenser. Please see attached picture. Also, can you tell me how frequently you do water cleaning run? Thank you.
  11. Cleaning Run

    Hi all, We are a startup. About cleaning run (water in a 600L 28 plates column copper still), we are unable to get the steam come out of the condenser, after 12 hours of boiling. We have a 600 000 btu boiler. Is it normal? How long can it take? Thank you
  12. Estimating steam heat utility costs

    Hi all, I am not sure I understand very well the calculation. Let say we have a 350 000 BTU/h boiler input. We have a 1200 Liters mash tun. We have a 600 Liters vodka still. We will run the mash tun once a week and the still twice a week. Propane gas cost 0.64$/liters. How can I evaluate the gas cost? Thanks to all!
  13. Boiler required BTU / Chiller HP

    Hi Mike, we have 120V/240V 60 hertz mono phase electricity in our building. 3HP is enough? We can put the chiller outdoor.
  14. Boiler required BTU / Chiller HP

    Ok. So for 600 liters, 200 000 BTU/H on the outpout will be good. Thank you for your answers. If anyone as other ideas, please share :-)
  15. Boiler required BTU / Chiller HP

    Thank you! What power do I need for our mash tun? 1200 liters.