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  1. Your SSR had catastrophic failure because it OVERHEATED. Paul has 140 sealed controllers, in distilleries. lol I built 140 already this year. If you have a vapor leak you have a bigger problem. A problem you should have provisions for. (I. E. Ventilation. ) If you have enough vapor to get into your controller and cause an explosion then you probably shouldnt be distilling. And. It is very easy to isolate the controller (recommended, especially since most distilleries ambient air temp is above 85F). Also easy to build the controller with the heat sinks on the outside so theres no need for a fan. However, most realize is far cheaper to put in necassary provisions that should be there anyway, rather than constantly fixing expensive controllers and covering down time costs. Good luck isolating gas flame which is used in the majority of distilleries. I'm done with the pissing match, your Chinese equipment will always be sub par.
  2. Speaking of dumb people. Then I guess others should be deleted as well huh Paul? Paul here bought a controller (note he is a supplier as well) He then took it to an electric company and had them COPY IT. Then he tried to return the one he purchased. Note he now sells them on his site, but needed one of mine ?
  3. Anyone want to give Hammer Spring Distillery a heads up as to why their deflag would be be keeping up? This is a screen shot of their video on their Facebook page. It's good to see that "underpowered pos controller " you've been using for two years, still over powers your column.
  4. The controllers are made with nema and UL parts. Show me a better one on the market. Pretty funny your distillery has been using them for two years.
  5. Let's get a couple things straight here. First the OP placed a deposit on equipment. He then backed out and was upset he couldn't get his deposit back. Second, the only thing Hammer Spring received that was Still Dragon (sold at Still Dragons cost mind you) were the boilers. Still Dragon directly sent used equipment to Hammer Spring. SD also handled it immediately. JP nor his electrician have ANY business handling the electrical part of the installation. Elements are elements and voltage is voltage. Theres no lack of power unless it's you or your power companies fault. Third. I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT short Hammer Spring on anything, nor was there an over payment. JP tried to say I owed him money A YEAR LATER. He isnt getting a lawyer because no lawyer would take his made up case. He signed off on every invoice and payment sent. He bounced a $10k check to me, and then a year later tried to negotiate more equipment, by stating he overpayed. So yes, I told him to go fly a kite. My deflags and controllers work perfectly, you are 1 of thousands and they are all built to the same specs. And just a heads up Jp, if I see this online again I will have a lawyer handle it. The comments you made here clearly show you have no idea how to use the equipment.
  6. Distilling is completely safe if YOU know what you are doing. Most the people "inspecting" writing codes such as 3ft off floor etc havent a clue about distilling. Flash arc will be an issue provided you have flammable vapor in the air. Having an emergency shut down, the knowledge to use ONLY the emergency shut down and the switch for the proper exhaust fan are things you should practice on a regular basis. As I posted in another post www.schnappstills.com is now making CERTAIN electric controllers, with explosion proof contactors that will shut the unit down. Nothing else other than the E switch and exhaust fan (located as far away as possible in the same room) and the switch preferably around the corner in another room) should be touched until the issue is cleared. Good luck and be safe.
  7. Electric is a ton safer than gas. Comparable if not cheaper than natural gas and almost always cheaper than propane by a ton. However, that said there are only a couple good controllers out there that will hold up. Message me if you need a link to one.
  8. ^ this is the only thing I would allow to be sprayed around my still. Too much liability of transfer. Earthy taste LOL!
  9. The yeast is producing enough CO2 that a hole (sized appropriately) and covered with cheese cloth is good enough to prevent bugs etc from getting in. Oxygen doesnt just mix itself back into your wash/mash. It has to be reintroduced. This is why you do not do anything but gently stir after 24 hours of the yeast is pitched. A 5 gallon bucket with a 1" hole is great. Sugar washes and turbo yeast will blow the lid off using only a single air lock, if you do not knock down the cap. Different subject altogether but one reason I stay away from air locks
  10. I recently switched to RO water in my house. I was considering using it for my mashing but wasnt sure if I would run into any issues using enzymes etc by using it. These are the enzymes I am referring to if it helps. There really wasnt any info on them other than a video how to use them. They have always worked great with my tap water. TIA http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sebstar-HTL-Sebamyl-GL-ENZYMES-Moonshine-still-brewery-mash-corn-grain-recipes-/191787403738?var=&hash=item2ca76b89da:m:mavG1_k6ge0jH4tDbilRRlA
  11. Decided to join and comment here. I have a still craft controller kit. Really a relabeled www.schnappstills.com controller. I ordered a column from still craft and had to cancel after several weeks of nothing. Decided to look up the company who was on the relay in my controller. After talking with them I purchased a 26 gallon boiler w/ copper perforated plate column and a small copper pot still boiler for test recipes. I have to say this is some of the best equipment I have seen. Very close attention to detail, built from copper here in the states, instead of chinese imported stainless. Anyone looking for copper units and/or stainless should check them out. Very nicely priced. Website was under construction, so I had to call to order, but Im glad I did. The manufacturer was very knowledgeable on distilling and helped me with a couple recipes I was having issues with and got me the equipment I was looking for, that isnt easily found on the web. They had anything I was looking for as they custom build most everything per your specs. The still craft controller is great, never had an issue after years of use, but it is cheaper to buy direct from the website above.
  12. Veteran distiller. Long time in the shadows, decided to join. Thanks for having me.
  13. Great company right next to you in St. Louis, if you need any equipment/advice etc. Give www.schnappstills.com a shout! Love my setup from them.
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