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  1. Hello Hudson bay distillers. Wash was at 20 plato before fermentation and 0 plato after.
  2. Hello fellows distillers, we would like to have advice about vodka yields. We ferment 2400 liters of grain mash and get about 10% abv. We distill our low wines, no cuts, and get about 400 liters at around 40% abv. We proof down our low wines to 30% and make the spirit run in our 600 liters still. We yield about 150 liters of alcool at +/- 95% abv, wich seems low to us. Any thoughts? advice? Thanks all,
  3. Hi All, we need to buy hydrometer. We are wondering what is he average alcohol % after the stripping run so we can buy the right hydrometer for this. Thanks you!
  4. Did you found still supplier in canada? I'm also looking for it.
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