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    I hope you all get the idea?

    Yes indeed, thanks Tom. Apologies HedgeBird (I thought it was common knowledge in distilling circles......) No photos or detailed specs. will be given at this time. A normal precaution in the case of a new market and un-launched products designed to exploit it. (There's a lot of IP in the design). I'm providing preliminary insight into the likely emergent market, and general discussion with those interested of this general method of addressing it. I fully expect and accept that some will doubt either/both the likely market or the viability of such a Product to satisfy it, and have no problem with that. I'm hoping that others here will easily envision what I'm talking about. To promote better appreciation of the design's goals, traditional pot still experts might ask themselves this: Could I produce a tiny pot still which could be used daily, loaded with less than a gallon of 10-12% ABV wine, and run slowly over 12 hours to deliver about 1/2 a pint of heads-and-tails-free azeo (or a larger equivalent volume of lower ABV product) each day? ( Of course I can!) Next, can I at least conceive that I or someone else could design a tiny continuous still to do the same job? It's really that simple. I'm not looking for pointless argument with those who cannot accommodate such possibilities. Maybe I guessed wrongly and there is no such interest here? If not, I will quietly and politely disappear to seek discussion elsewhere.
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    I hope you all get the idea?

    Thanks for your reply Southernhighlande. I am aware of such existing vendors and their Products, all of which appear to do what their makers claim, but which are of a totally different genre to my own design. I have taken a radically different approach to address the needs of ordinary Consumers who are unaware of most aspects of distillation. Especially if (in the wrong hands) using traditional, potentially dangerous equipment. Because of the need for Intrinsic Safety in a Consumer device, this has to take priority over all other design considerations from the outset. I keep the volume of alcohol - gas and liquid - at any one time, in any one place at an absolute minimum so that if the operator for example got careless, or even reckless with a naked flame, the consequences would be minimal and manageable from a safety perspective. A basic NanoStill design consideration was that a domestic purchaser doesn’t need more than a gallon (4.5l) of 40% spirit per week. Most people drink far, far less than this. Which, for a continuously operating still represents a necessary output of only about 5 drops per minute if the output is taken at 60% ABV. Over that week maybe 20 litres (~4 gallons) of wine feed will be needed. If the operator needs twice as much alcohol, he should buy and run TWO such stills! The power requirement per still is a mere 50 watts. For now, be aware that this is no “pie-in-the-sky” development. A prototype has been subjected to preliminary tests for output quality and quantity, and for explosion/flame risk. Some food for thought: IF you accept that such equipment is entirely feasible and would be in demand by Consumers, perhaps a bigger problem is that of producing (even in such small quantities) the necessary wine feed! 40 litres (20 l in use and 20 l fermenting) is an awful lot of liquid to store “around the house”! It just might be that there is an equally lucrative and new market for the continuous production of said wine feed? We can and probably should discuss that too!