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  1. Exactly. They take you to a fake museum and nowhere near the distillery. Barralito was closed to tours when I went: Currently, we are closed for visits due to construction on site. We are building a Visitor Center that should be available in January when we will have the facilities for tours. Sorry for the inconvenience, Edmundo B. Fernández, Inc.
  2. I would say avoid the Bacardi tour. The other distillery in San Juan didn't have tours operating. The Bacardi tour is fake. Honestly the best part was hanging out on Condado Beach. Costco is a good place to stock up on booze and food. Cuba was a lot more interesting. Actually, Old San Juan was great too.
  3. Slick! I've never seen something like this .Very inventive.
  4. The designer sells the design to fabricators. If you start fabbing these or something similar please send me a message. I'm been trying to convince my cousin who is a welder to try making me a few.
  5. The base was designed for Montanya Distillers by a company called Resource Engineering Group or REG. There another distillery called Bluewater in Washington that uses the design too. Dodson Harper, P.E., S.E. Principal Resource Engineering Group, Inc. Mail: Box 3725 Delivery: 502 Whiterock Ave., Suite 102 Crested Butte, CO 81224 USA Office: 970-349-1216 Cell: 970-209-3938 dodson@reginc.com www.reginc.com
  6. Montanya Distillers in Colorado has a copper alembic in a gas firebox you may want to look at. I tracked down the fabricator a while back. Could be converted for wood since the firebox is basically a stove. I like your idea and might be interested. I can send pics and the little info i have if you want.
  7. I am headed to Cuba and Puerto Rico in November. Does anyone have any rum distilleries, sugar producers or suppliers they would recommend visiting?
  8. Was this built by Buzick Lumber?
  9. A building collapse at the Barton 1792 distillery in Bardstown sent thousands of barrels of aging bourbon crashing to the ground. Bardstown fire officials said the collapse happened at Barton 1792 after 11 a.m. Friday. : Bardstown, Kentucky fire chief believes the #bourbon from a warehouse collapse @Barton1792 is running into a nearby creek; awaiting EPA arrival. https://t.co/DDfWsMLfb6
  10. I'm currently searching for a Trademark. The Patent and Trademark Website help pages aren't the most helpful. So Far here are my best tips. I'm not a lawyer. Please contribute if you have knowledge or experience to share. In general most people will say to hire a lawyer. I would think the best first step is to not waste the lawyer's time and your money by trying to trademark something you yourself could have determined is trademarkable. In general you don't want a trademark that is merely descriptive. It shouldn't be merely a surname. It shouldn't be a geographical place name indicating where you are(in most cases). The best trademarks are suggestive, arbitrary or fanciful. If possible trademark the name words only first (word mark). 1) Go to https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-application-process/search-trademark-database 2) Click "Search Trademarks" 3) Click "Word and/or Design Mark Search (Free Form) " 4) To search, enter this in the search box and click "Submit Query" 4) Google your desired trademark along with key words like brewery, beer, wine, distillery, whisky, etc. Unfortunately a company can claim a trademark infringement even if they did not register with the Trademark office. Additional info: CLASS 32 (Light beverages) Beers; mineral and aerated waters and other nonalcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages. CLASS 33 (Wine and spirits) Alcoholic beverages (except beers). CLASS 43 (Hotels and Restaurants) Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodations.
  11. Strange, they are working now. Maybe it was a network thing.
  12. Can you upload the pictures again? Picture links are broken.
  13. I was thinking something similar. His invention seems to be a doubler then a carbon filter then a botanical chamber. Still-->Doubler->Doubler->Charcoal-->Botanicals-->Plates or Perforated Disc-->Worm I Still II Doubler III Extra Vessel A vapor expansion to lose entrained foreign matter B space with perforated bottom or stacked dishes for charcoal or deodorizing C Conic Head/chamber D Water still d. is a faucet fill inlet funnel for D E F egg-shaped or double-conic head or vessel G Screw appendage to remove head to fill with botanicals? 1 2 vapor from still 3 vapor from doubler 4 return for redistill? 5 return for redistill? 6 pipe from top of chamber A to worm to draw off less refined vapor 7 pipe from top of B to worm? 8 pipe from water still to worm? 9 pipe from apex of conical chamber C to Worm with pet cock valve (primary vapor path) 10 conical head fill pipe IV Worm or Refridgerator (radiator)
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