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  1. Southern Tier Distilling

    Bubbleplate Vodka Column FOR SALE - Artisan Still Design

    Still Photo 1.pdf Still Photo 2.pdf Still Photo 3.pdf
  2. For Sale: 20mm 20 plate stainless vodka column -20 plate stainless vodka column - 304 stainless steel construction - copper bubble caps INCLUDES: - Stainless column base - stainless dephlegmator - stainless product condensor - 8 additional seals $18,000.00
  3. Southern Tier Distilling

    Experienced Lead Distiller and Brewer

    SunnyDistiller, We are currently looking to fill an opportunity for head distiller with our company. Please contact me if you are interested. My e-mail is kcurrie@southerntierdistilling.com.
  4. FOR SALE: Artisan 200mm 20 Plate Vodka Column Condenser ... ATTENTION: WE HAVE DROPPED THE PRICE.... NOW SELLING FOR $39,000... originally $49,000. Two 165 gallon ported and insulated pots. Includes: - Platform with stairs & rails - (2) Radial gas burners - (1) Extra dephlegmator - (1) Extra condenser bottom - (1) Parrot - Interconnecting pipe More photos available upon request. For more information please e-mail kcurrie@southerntierbrewing.com Photo 8.pdf