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  1. We do! We don't have exactly 700 anymore as we used a couple of them but will adjust the price for however many remain.
  2. FOR SALE: 700 Mixologist Bottles (750ml) w/ matching cork Paid $1204 for bottle + cork Asking $700 for all Please contact kcurrie@southerntierdistilling.com if interested. Thanks! STDC
  3. Hi - extremely interested. Can you please provide contact information?
  4. Looking to purchase SaverGlass Distill'r Bottles if anyone has any available. Please contact me directly kcurrie@southerntierdistilling.com Thanks!
  5. For Sale: 20mm 20 plate stainless vodka column -20 plate stainless vodka column - 304 stainless steel construction - copper bubble caps INCLUDES: - Stainless column base - stainless dephlegmator - stainless product condensor - 8 additional seals $18,000.00
  6. FOR SALE: Artisan 200mm 20 Plate Vodka Column Condenser ... ATTENTION: WE HAVE DROPPED THE PRICE.... NOW SELLING FOR $39,000... originally $49,000. Two 165 gallon ported and insulated pots. Includes: - Platform with stairs & rails - (2) Radial gas burners - (1) Extra dephlegmator - (1) Extra condenser bottom - (1) Parrot - Interconnecting pipe More photos available upon request. For more information please e-mail kcurrie@southerntierbrewing.com Photo 8.pdf
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