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  1. Find a restaurant supply place. They wouldn't even flinch if you bought a pallet of sugar from them.
  2. The one thing I couldn't find is what type of containers are safe with it. I bought a 55g drum of 35% to share with other local distillers to make sanitizer. I plan on diluting it down to 3% for them. Is a regular plastic bucket ok or do I need to use metal or specific type of plastic? I agree that site is a bit cheesy/dramatic, but it's all I could find.
  3. https://abc13.com/worker-with-blender-sparks-blast-at-vodka-distillery/2609609/
  4. Someone posted this on FB. Seriously be careful with this stuff. Website posted has info on it. If you google "handling and storage of hydrogen peroxide" you'll see a bunch of PDFs. Even at 3% it still can be dangerous. Most of us looking at getting it are looking at the 32%-35% concentrations. https://www.using-hydrogen-peroxide.com/Concentrations-of-hydrogen-peroxide.html
  5. Legal denaturants: https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/27/21.151 I'm starting this thread for people denaturing their product for use as hand sanitizer. I heard that the TTB is taxing GNS put in the WHO formula hand sanitizer unless it is denatured. Given that glycerin is on the list I don't understand that but it's not my call. I personally have no experience with this so I do not know what to use. If there's someone out there than can share this info please do. We do have to watch that whatever denaturant is used that it's as odorless and colorless as possible, not an allergen, and is safe on skin at whatever % is required for legal denaturing. I would rather use the FET money to buy more raw materials for hand sanitizer.
  6. Fixed - @Silk City Distillers Please try it now to verify. I put in 8.333 L of 96%abv GNS and its come up spot on with the same numbers as the WHO doc.
  7. Ah ok - I see what you mean. The WHO guide is correct but confusing.
  8. Oh shit - the WHO guide is wrong. The Hydrogen Peroxide and Glycerin are backwards on the two pages. He must of based his calcs on the v/v and not the absolute values on the first page.
  9. is it wrong or is it a rounding error?
  10. For even easier math: http://letsmakesomesanitizer.com/
  11. FYI: For every 55g drum of GNS you can make ~400 16oz(~.5l) bottles My math could be wrong so if someone could check it please do. I should be close though. 55g GNS : (How to submit a TIB through PONL" http://adiforums.com/topic/11486-ponl-how-to-submit-a-tib/) - My approval was one day. 5g Glycerin: https://www.chemworld.com/Four-Gallons-ChemWorld-Glycerin-USP-p/cw-glycerinusp-4.htm 1g of 32% H202 (hydrogen peroxide): https://www.chemworld.com/Hydrogen-Peroxide-p/cw-54-5.htm (this is to be watered down to 3%) You now have everything you need to know and sources. You just need to hit up a bottle supplier. I called around and most are very picked over or have holds for medical/government. You can get them but it might be ugly.
  12. 190 proof. Not distilled as it's for an amaro.
  13. I'm assuming it's saponification. But I've never seen it in a sweetened liqueur before. Normally it's a whiskey with wide cuts. I figure I would throw it out there to see if there are any other opinions on possible origins.
  14. Not my product. It's from a craft distiller. These were not present when purchased. I've had the bottle at least 6 months. We've tried some and it's a great product. It is fairly sweet and has juice added post distillation. Grape and peach brandy base. If I shake the bottle they do not dissipate and will be be at the top again once it calms down. No off flavors or odors. I tried to catch a couple with a straw but can't get one to examine closer. Thoughts?
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