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  1. We got into it know that in 2-3 months the big players would fulfill demand at a much lower price point. We did ours via GoFundMe donations and gave everything away. Looking around now it's not hard to get sanitizer at local stores now. I doubt that anyone our size will be able to be competitive price wise with the big guys.
  2. The process isn't fun. Basically you follow the document. There's a few parts that aren't super clear but you'll figure it out. The pain part is that you you do a couple things and validate which take a few minutes to a few hours. Then you submit which take a few hours to a few days. You do that many times. I was able to complete in 2-3 days while only half paying attention.
  3. In PA most people I know are selling out since the state stores were closed but we were allowed to stay open. Which, oddly enough, is where the only distillery to shutdown I know of happened: https://www.ydr.com/story/news/2020/05/12/bald-hills-distillery-dover-close-due-coronavirus-concerns/3120363001/
  4. You could probably have these guys create something custom for you. Kinda like a gin basket so the sides always have a path for the fluid. The top of the U of the drain line should be right at the top of /slightly above where your botanicals/fruit/whatever is. The idea of the soxhlet is to soak the materials in the solvent. I'm building one out of a StillDragon gin basket right now. It's easy to do. I need to work on the drain line. You can see how to change the vapor flow, drainage & condenser setup in the second photo. Larry was awesome and helped out with drawings of how to setup the hardlines for drainage instead of the silicon tubing in the image. https://www.utahbiodieselsupply.com/brewingfilters.php
  5. You probably have it there. The soxhlet works by vacuum created by the fluid moving back into the boiler. The fluid level has to be above the top of the U in the drain. If you don't have enough fluid to go over the top of the U then it won't work. Gravity pulls the fluid down creating a vacuum further back. If the fluid can't flow freely then it won't drain properly.
  6. So from Thermoworks: The two accreditation groups accept each other's standards. And it is traceable. We ordered one to go along with our analog one to back the other up.
  7. Yes - sorry I forgot about that. Don't remember where I got that.
  8. It's UKAS but not NIST. Would the TTB be ok with it?
  9. I'm looking for a digital thermometer that meets the TTB requirements. Any recommendations? I searched the forum and found one recommendation but it is no longer NIST traceable. I believe that the requirements for the thermometer is it has to be within 0.1 degree. I've found some that are NIST traceable though have a wider range.
  10. So it's not about efficiency for most of us per se. The If you're making vodka then yes a continuous still will likely be the best tool. If you're making a high ester heavy Jamaican rum then no, it's a bad idea. Continuous stills tend to pull a lot of cogeners out of the product. If that's not what you're looking for then continuous is not the right tool. Also continuous rigs tend to need higher input volumes of beer than most of us can make.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/HMC012507-Liebig-Condenser-Jacket-Length/dp/B010B9VFCQ
  12. I got these two: https://www.amazon.com/LabStock-Distillation-Glassware-Kit-1000ml/dp/B011CJEBS4 https://www.amazon.com/Mophorn-Magnetic-Stirring-Stirrer-Heating/dp/B075D9RZRW The heating mantle also is a stirrer. I've not had a problems with either one. I swapped out the Grahm condenser for a Leibig so it doesn't have issues with flooding.
  13. I have gotten a TON of spam from transport companies and many others - including for some odd reason a medical waste company.
  14. Would we trust a supplier from Ebay? I see Denatonium Benzoate in 10g packages there for $9. Not sure if the FDA would require vendor tracing or certification.
  15. Find a restaurant supply place. They wouldn't even flinch if you bought a pallet of sugar from them.
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