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  1. So you can look at it a bunch of ways, but there's two ideas that are the easiest to start from: You are your business or you are not your business. 1. You are your business: The business defines you. Without the business you don't have the skills/training/education or desire to do anything else. Your only option here is if you sell your business can you invest it in another distillery without signing a non-compete? if so would the person lower the money they would give you? 2. You are not your business: The business is a way to provide for you & your family. In this case would keeping the business be a better deal or would selling it be a better deal. Would you be signing a non-compete? If so can you limit it geographically? Or keep it fairly short? Can you get a job or invest that money in another business? Could you invest it in another distillery that you don't run, just invest in? What's best for you & your family? For me it would take a lot to sell what little I have right now but I would sell if the price were right. My family is more important to me than my ego.
  2. https://reason.com/2019/11/23/california-regulators-shut-down-a-distillery-for-serving-alcohol/
  3. Foreshot

    Fed Tax cut

    Ladies & Gentlemen - Let's keep this conversation to specifically to the FET & things we know about it. Please use other social media if you wish to opine on other political matters.
  4. If you haven't checked it out view here: https://www.accelevents.com/e/Distillingauction2019
  5. You can also macerate and remove the botanicals that go stew-y before distillation. You'll still get the essence. Botanicals that stay in get dumped in for maceration, botanicals that are removed beforehand are bagged to make removal easy.
  6. We plan on using it for Rum and testing it for other things for the very reasons you mentioned. Lance Shaner from Omega yeasts was giving a talk to a local homebrew group about Kveik. I said everything he said about esters/heat/ABV was exactly what a distiller wanted. He said he was going to work with some of the local Chicago distillers to test it out. Not sure if he did or not.
  7. Looking for bulk peat for a local maltster. Anyone here have a good source?
  8. You can get a gin basket from Still Dragon: https://stilldragon.com/index.php/search/?cat=0&q=gin
  9. Your image links aren't working. You may also want to post where this is located so people can have a rough idea of shipping costs.
  10. Can you do grain in/out? If so is it easy to switch?
  11. If anything you use is not on the FDA's GRAS list you'll need to submit samples. https://www.fda.gov/food/food-ingredients-packaging/generally-recognized-safe-gras Also a good list: https://www.cocktailsafe.org/
  12. Any pics of the area? I was thinking of getting one, would like an idea of the issues I may have to deal with. Thanks.
  13. Ethanol, especially at cask strength, is a very strong sanitizing agent.
  14. Thanks to Dave Dunbar! He submitted my TTB application today. He guided me through all the hoops. Now I'm working on PA and Allegheny County Health Department. I'm not too worried about the state. ACHD is what I am worried about. I have zero clue what they will want. I've never been in the restaurant industry before so I don't know anything about the requirements. I know it will cost me $$, but I'm hoping not $$$$. I'm hoping to be open in November/December. I've been studying, reading and talking to distillers for years now. It's starting to feel real. I'm still building my space out. It should be done by early October.
  15. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade-whiskey/u-s-whiskey-exporters-struggle-after-year-of-eu-tariffs-idUSKCN1V80DN
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