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  1. And it was approved. Given than yesterday was a federal holiday yesterday it took less than 1 business day. I guess the serial number wasn't an issue.
  2. Awesome thanks. That worked for the "Application for Distilled Spirit Plant (Beverage and Industrial)" Answer Yes to the question above and No to the rest. It will take you to the next screen. It will have a TON of options. Chose this one: Then the next screen will be the current details of your operation. I didn't change anything and only hit "Continue" The next screen will have the TIB. Serial Number - Looking at the original PDF I see serial number is YYYY-X where X is the number of TIBs you've submitted. So your first TIB is 1, etc etc. So I'm filling out my serial number as 2020-1. I'm not 100% sure on this so if this is wrong let other people know. I added the info and clicked "Submit". Then clicked "Continue" at the bottom of this page. It went to the "Attachments" screen. There's none required that I saw. I clicked "Continue". It went to the "Declarations" screen. I clicked the box, it added the date by itself. I clicked "Continue". It went to the "Review" screen. I looked at it quickly and then clicked "Continue". It went to the "Application package" screen. I clicked "Submit Application Package". Since I didn't have any bond required it went to the "Submission Confirmation" Hopefully this will help other people that are in my position. This is why we should share info even on the "simple stuff".
  3. The other one says this: Is it the last one here?
  4. How does one submit a Transfer in Bond online? I thought I did it but now I can't see it. I go to PONL: I see two records : "Application for Original Entity" and "Application for Distilled Spirit Plant (Beverage and Industrial)" I click "Create Amendment" None of these look right to me. Is there something I'm missing?
  5. Thanks. My OCD appreciates it... ha
  6. I have a couple things that I'm not completing but I can't figure out how to make them go away. Can anyone enlighten me? I have a need to be neat for these types of things.
  7. The issue is that it's about chemistry. No book will be able to cover what you want to know. You're going to be searching for scientific papers like Silk City posted or experimenting. The chemistry of your spirits and the wood of the barrel and the effect of environment will yield different results. Learn to record observations really well. Keep track of as many variables as you practically can. That book was the biggest let down I've had. It really was useless.
  8. For the big guys they aim for ~440ml per kg. Brian Zeno from the Still Talking podcast talks about it on one of the episodes (not sure which one).
  9. How do you make it? If you put in anything that's not a grain before you distill it then most likely you will not be able to call it whiskey. If you flavor it completely in post distillation then it probably can be called "Flavored Sour mash whiskey"
  10. Does it have any different aromatic or flavor qualities? If so it might be an infection of something. Seems like you would notice it though as that would be heavy to lose that much ABV and the pH is still fairly high. How long are you fermenting? Are you using a standard yeast or something funky or repitched?
  11. I'll vouch for Kevin - I was up there a couple weeks ago. I bought a couple bottles of the krupnik (honey liqueur). It has zero visual flaws and no sediment. It's clear and clean. Tastes great too!
  12. So you can look at it a bunch of ways, but there's two ideas that are the easiest to start from: You are your business or you are not your business. 1. You are your business: The business defines you. Without the business you don't have the skills/training/education or desire to do anything else. Your only option here is if you sell your business can you invest it in another distillery without signing a non-compete? if so would the person lower the money they would give you? 2. You are not your business: The business is a way to provide for you & your family. In this case would keeping the business be a better deal or would selling it be a better deal. Would you be signing a non-compete? If so can you limit it geographically? Or keep it fairly short? Can you get a job or invest that money in another business? Could you invest it in another distillery that you don't run, just invest in? What's best for you & your family? For me it would take a lot to sell what little I have right now but I would sell if the price were right. My family is more important to me than my ego.
  13. https://reason.com/2019/11/23/california-regulators-shut-down-a-distillery-for-serving-alcohol/
  14. Foreshot

    Fed Tax cut

    Ladies & Gentlemen - Let's keep this conversation to specifically to the FET & things we know about it. Please use other social media if you wish to opine on other political matters.
  15. If you haven't checked it out view here: https://www.accelevents.com/e/Distillingauction2019
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