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  1. Read this: https://twitter.com/KingsCoWhiskey/status/1070453422153854976 We need to emphasis consumers have no understanding or expectation of what size a barrel is. It's not understood the way that the age statement is. We don't want to be forced to have "barrel" statements. If we do expect the big players to have advertising that emphasizes the bigger the barrel the better, and really dig at craft producers using smaller than ASB barrels. As craft producers we don't have the lobbyist the big guys do. We have numbers though, so we need to use them to let the TTB know we don't want to be forced to use a specific barrel size or have barrel statements.
  2. I will give them the benefit of a doubt here (as I tend to be overly optimistic anyhow). They themselves haven't enforced that a barrel is anything to this point yet other than wood. We've been able to label products as bourbon/whiskey/etc in much smaller than 50g casks. I think & hope they are asking the industry as a whole to help answer this question - what defines the characteristics of a barrel. I'm not totally blind that the larger industry players and related industries would like to establish that the barrels need to be new/charred/ASB size to reduce competition. So it behooves us to get our voices, and our industry organizations, heard.
  3. Foreshot

    ELI5: The Birectifier

    I was hoping you would volunteer. I think you're best candidate for this. Stephen - please take him up on this offer.
  4. Foreshot

    ELI5: The Birectifier

    The short of it: The biggest thing that the BiR does vs CGMS is that the BiR gives you a magnified experience of your spirit and not just an ingredients list. I've been following Stephen's work for several years, much like I assume other have also. Based on that this is my take on this without owning it: The BiR magnifies the organoleptic qualities of your spirit. I think that if you produce the same spirit repeatedly you could use it to notice drift. You could also use it to magnify differences if you were to change variables in your protocols - raw materials (vendors?), yeast, fermentation time/temp, cuts. I think to best realize what the BiR can do is for you to work with a craft distiller to setup experiments where you do minor changes to variables and record the results. Right now it's too amorphous and too many people don't understand what it can do since no one other than you has done anything with it significantly since Arroyo. First up - brew the same wash with 5-6 different yeasts and everything else stays the same. Can you tell the difference in the final spirit? Can you tell the difference in the BiR output? Is it easier to tell the difference?
  5. Foreshot

    How to make cuts in moonshine distillation

    Hi Nicola, Try these links: https://homedistiller.org/wiki/index.php/Beginner%27s_Guide https://homedistiller.org/wiki/index.php/Cuts For the jars have 20-30% of the original volume on hand.
  6. Foreshot

    Ultimate New Distillery Guide

    Man I've been wondering what you've been up to, now I know. Kudos! I'll be reading it in greater detail over the next couple days and I'll give you some feedback.
  7. Foreshot

    Sediment in finished bottles

    yeah, that's probably why I had to google every third word in your reply. Keep that coming! We need more science to help us make better products. You're probably picking up contaminants from both the water and the concrete (including salts). Carbon won't fix all of it.
  8. Foreshot

    reusing feints

    day or two.
  9. Foreshot

    To filter or not to filter...

    The more I think about it I think phase separation might be your best bet for the least effect on the flavor profile. I would suggest a couple tests on a small still. Phase separation takes a few days to work properly. Try low wines without separation, 30% ABV and 17% ABV. I posted this link in another thread but I am also including it here for convenience: https://homedistiller.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19169 When I dilute my low wines: 1. Flavor is diminished a bit. 17% ABV low wines would worry me. I've never gone that low. 2. The final product ABV may be lower than normal, especially with 17% ABV. Probably not a concern with a column, but it is for a pot still. It's definitely not a perfect solution but it may be the least worst option.
  10. Foreshot

    reusing feints

    It's also called phase separation. We were just talking about it in another thread. If you search the forum you'll see details. It's exactly like Adam said. It will help remove the really late tails. Full info here: https://homedistiller.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19169&start=12
  11. Foreshot

    Checking if maceration is complete

    I don't believe that you're going to find that there is an objective and quantitative way to do want you want. Taste is the only way to go to get a consistent product. That being said you would probably have to do a multi factor analysis to get close: SG, pH, TDS, and any other test you think you can throw at it. It still might not provide anything useful. You may be able to do better if you did each botanical separate though I don't know if even that would do it.
  12. Foreshot

    Best way to neutralize a barrel

    Thanks guys. Keep'em coming if you have anymore. I like the steam one - I will try that.
  13. Foreshot

    Best way to neutralize a barrel

    Thinking of some ideas to for aging. I want to age out some product without really oaking it or having previous product change the flavor. Not solera but similar. So how can I reduce barrel contribution with somewhat used but not really old barrels? I would love to find 10-20 year old 10-30 gallons barrels but I doubt I would be able too. Most probably will be 2-4 years old and still have a fair amount of flavor to influence the product which I don't want. And @Huffy2k, I'm not doing this to the barrels I bought off you. :)
  14. Foreshot

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    Another member graciously reached out to me and I accepted their offer. Thanks though.
  15. Foreshot

    Help! Artemisia pontica..

    if you're willing to sell some rhizomes I'll buy.