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  1. Hayduke

    Pot Distillation

    Robert, Thanks for reading though my poorly worded questions and getting back to me on that. Was very curious if perhaps if heads/hearts/tails were harder to cut if that would mean a greater loss of capture. Looks like you managed to read though my poor wording though, and sounds like its relatively straight forward though. I did do one very small run on an experimental still and found proof for a double pot distill to come out at around 130 proof, guessing that may vary a bit once we bounce it up to the production still or where cuts are made. Are you using any unmalted barley in your grain bill at all in keeping with more traditional Irish pot recipes or sticking to a malted only? Thanks for the info!
  2. Hayduke

    Pot Distillation

    PeteB, Long time reader, first time poster. Guess the easiest way to explain my question is this. Was under the impression that the traditional Irish pot still distillation was distilled, generally, three times without the use of a reflux column, only using a traditional pot still and condenser to get the mash up to proof. With our hybrid still we are able to set it as a pot still for stripping runs but have always used the reflux set up for spirit runs. Since we have access to both set ups I was curious about trying to run whiskey via (what I imagine) were the old Irish style of doing it without reflux. There is more to doing a traditional style Irish whiskey then just the distillation style but was curious if anyone had experience doing it that way. Are heads, hearts and tails much harder to make cuts on? Is there a greater or lesser volume of spirits captured then passing through a column? What could someone expect for final capture proof if distilling in this style? We do have a lauter tun. Still in a very conceptual phase so if that helps, even better! Thanks for checking in on this. Foreshot, videos are very good and helpful, thanks for posting those!
  3. Hayduke

    Pot Distillation

    So I am interested in doing some traditional Irish Style pot distillation with whiskey. Obviously there will be some major differences between this and hybrid still production, so the question is, is anybody out there done this before? Any advice on what to look for or look out for? Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Cheers!
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