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  1. Selling 300 gallon still and Columbia boiler
  2. I am trying to get a post in the for sale section and it still shows pending. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong or how long it takes to show up.
  3. They are all different depending on the tank size. Each number is 32nd's of an inch of tank depth. You will need the chart for the tank to convert the dipstick reading
  4. Gamber container has what you are looking for
  5. I have used them. One had a cracked stave right in the middle of the bend but never leaked. I have a local cooper now so we are using their barrels. Very nice too.
  6. Here is my fairly unimpressive corker. Made it with old stuff I had. Only thing bought was paint. works great
  7. I also had dave do the whole thing and i kept working. Flat fee type
  8. Dave Dunbar makes it very easy on you to get you your permit. Worth every penny he charges. Nice guy too.
  9. James, Did they specify the material the sink was to be of? Did it have to be stainless?
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