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  1. We are Starting a Distillery in Port Angeles Washington. I am looking for anyone who can direct me toward an Electrical Engineer that does Hazardous Locations Inspection. We need to have our electrical engineered for explosion proof before we can start operations... Any help on engineer contacts would be appreciated. Thank you, Paul Caudill 3604602810
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    TTB Permits online

    Thank you. I figured out the error I was having. I downloaded Chrome and was able to complete form. IE has a problem with some of the application. Thank you so much for the input Dunbar... P.S. I think I have met you before, I believe you knew my father when he had his distillery on Samish Island... Paul C
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    TTB Permits online

    Currently filling out my TTB permit application. I am stuck on the "Trade Names and Operating Name section. It is my understanding that since the name of my business "Example Distillery" (sole proprietor), it would be the same for Trade name and Operating name"... The application will not accept my input. Any help would be appreciated... Message Bar TRADE NAMES / OPERATING NAME Select "Add a Row" for each trade name you wish to use. Each trade name must be appropriately registered. Click here for general trade name rules. NOTE: You may only select one Operating Name(DBA). * Type: --Select--Bottling on Account ForLabeling Trade NameOperating Name (DBA) Who will you be Bottling on Account For?: If it is a "Bottling on Account For" name, please provide the name and permit number or registry number (if available) of the company for which you are bottling. You will need to submit a copy of a letter from the owner of that trade name showing that you have permission from them to bottle on their behalf using that exact name. You then need to list the name exactly as it was registered and as it will appear on the basic permit. * Name: * I certify that the listed trade name has been registered with my County (CA) or State (All States): YesNo Submit Cancel