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  1. Vendome Mash Tun 500 Gallon

    Agitation is aggressive enough that cooked on grains has never been an issue. Cleanup can involve getting inside the tank after your mash week and scrubbing. Takes about 20 minutes to do a thorough job, depending on the product going into the tank.
  2. Vendome Mash Tun 500 Gallon

    We are using steam through the coils to heat. Average heat up time with a 500,000btu boiler through a 2" line is about 45 mins.
  3. Works like a charm. We moved to a much larger system and have no use for this ol girl. Looking for $10k OBO. Call with questions. Jordan 952-250-2014
  4. Vendome Mash Tun

    Breckenridge Distillery is selling our 500 gallon mash tun made by Vendome with internal heating/cooling coils and a 5hp agitator. See attached photos and please call Jordan Stielow @ 952-250-2014 with inquiries.