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  1. Starter Still / Bench Still Suggestions

    Just catching this thread.... We are starting up in Canada and an it would be extrememly helpful to our Fire Commisioner, who has never dealt with a distillery if the equipment was certified to a standard recognized in Canada.. I'm curious if the Genio Stills are Canadian approved... Or if the CE approval would count in Canada.. Thanks MAtthew
  2. 66 to 122 gal. automated GENIO Still

    Do these systems require a boiler and glycol chiller?, Are they just directly heated electrically?( what voltage, 3 phase, etc...)... If the quality of product is good, then these seem to be incredible value... Who else is using these in their distillery?, I'd love to see one in action. Thanks
  3. 150L Eduard Holstein Still - $30,000

    Is this still for sale still?... Does it require a glycol chiller?... What is the diameter of column, volume of kettle. just trying to get an idea of size, because it does look bigger than 150 l... thanks